Leave the traces left in black spider and Wei Wei,Take more mountain roads more,I saw a slightly flat boulder on the cliff.,Sweeping Murongbo and Yuanshan beads、Friendly appearance,At the same time,Behind the two……

Chu Dee,Can’t help but smile——I remembered what I was in the ancient tomb.,certainly……At this time, Murongbo and Yuanshan are wearing clothes.。
Otherwise, Murong is certainly not saying two words.,Put the stone on the spot……
The ancient tombs did not come together this time.,Let Chu Deirers are surprised slightly,The dragon head has always been so quiet.,Original Chu Deee thought,Li Mozhen is likely to make a lively,Who knows that I have never seen it.。
Sweeping the land is also very skillful,Although I have just been in the sea, I have just been defeated.、This is not good.,Put another……fail,Big brotherpiafly,I have slowed a lot when I have a light power.,Wei Si smile and black spider can fall on him,But there is still a power at this time.,Come into two people……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Seventy-seventh chapter Dharma resolution
“Four hands,Cellular,Yin Jiyang,Inyang……Wang Baoxiong,Blood sea hate,Light,Dispense!”
Everyone only listened to the scene.,at the same time,Yuanshan and Murong,At this time, it took a burst of black smoke.……
Then I only saw two people who have already saved all.,At this time, I opened my eyes.,First is a confusion,I am laughing。
“father!”Two sounds sound from the side。
Qiao Feng and Murong Jiusi busy,See your respective father,Seeing Yuanshan and Murongbo fell down to the sweeping,The two are also accompanying,Murongjiu may have forgotten to blame Qiao Feng Yin Yang.。
“Grandmaster!Qiao Feng is dull,Unconfolio you are deeply,Rank,Hope Master forgiveness!”Qiaofeng worses the way。
“Qiji is not guilty……”I didn’t think of sweeping,I am actually born in myself.。
At this time, he is not annoyed.,Instead explain:“Two older lesions have been depressed,Ordinary method,Hard to treat,The old man will make them first,Have a life,Conditional。”
Chu Deiren listened to this,Focus on the heart——Just this sweeping“Yin Jiyang,Inyang”Time,Chu Deirers feel strange,Once the internal force of the two,There is no greatness or the nature of the Qiyang。
And two big men,Murongbo,Some of the chest,Obviously, no ancestral woman dress up men’s clothing……
Where is the yin and yang??
Now it seems,Old monk said,Not yin and yang,Yin Yang“road”,Also or……Life and death!
Just this、Kung Fu to the Yin Yang……
How do the Chu deer 着 着 是 门 手 手?This is one of the Buddhist’s foundation logic“Reincarnation”,Faintness!
Therefore, the Chu Deirers speculate in the heart.,This is likely to be a half-way home.……
“You two are born to death、Walking by death,What else can you do??”Sweeping the floor asked two old men。
“The disciples have been in the Shaolin Temple for 30 years.,But no one half of the Buddha disciples,I ask Master to include。”
The two are all ready to open——kindness,I want to open in the meaning of Buddhism,In fact, think about it.、Still a depression,It is the view of each person.,Did nothing with Chu Deirers。
Love Xinjue Luo Yuanshan thinks that he kills people is also a lot.,Among them have their own enemies,Is there any hanged?,He wants to revenge,The others also want to revenge,Murongbo also thought,Qinhuang Hanwu、And even the three emperors,The emperor will be more,Zhu Yan is just one of the people of the sea.,Love doesn’t pay……
So sweeping the land of two,Great relief,Survey,Monk、And even in other rivers and lakes,I have heard it.——No hespentable,In order not to see the group、No horizontal,Also a deputy sensation。
Chu Deirers also a pair“This is reasonable”Look,Smile with thumbs up——When he was not there before him,Just raise him one hand,At this time, he saw his waist.、Also a plain-style look,All in your heart,This old monk is really savory.、Still?
There is also a non-puzzled,智,I heard the halfway.,Turn straight……
After that, Yuanshan and Murongbo,Also stayed in Shaolin Shaving。
Since you have a home,Grudge,Naturally, it’s not cheap——Even if I want to investigate,Think about that big Luohan、So fierce dragon 18 palm……It’s also bigger.。
In fact, their crux,Chu Deirers can also cure,But……Chu Deirens really don’t want to add this trouble!