“Straight,I can understand your taste……”Zhang Song, who had already grayed out, finally found an ally。

“Bang bang bang!Bang bang bang!”Lu Yi could not determine the exact location of the opponent,I could only fire a few shots in the direction where the sniper guns were heard。
“Tutu tutu!Tutu tutu!”Cao Anna also shot violently in that direction。
“Worthy of being a dragon fruit player,I don’t know when I changed my main weapon,I used the sniper rifle to take away those who wanted to go to the tunnel to supportShunzi!”Haruno Sakura explained。
“I have a document here,It shows that the firearms that dragon fruit players are best at are‘SIG550Sniper rifle’。This gun can also be said to be an unpopular firearm in the game,As a weaker sniper rifle,Need a strong shooting rhythm to control,When he uses this gun,Does it mean he is taking the game seriously?”Asked Mr. Sakata。
“Hehehe……A bunch of pig teammates who can only pull me into the water!it’s good now,As if the whole world is quiet……Look at,By myself,Can take them one,One,One,Kill all……”Pitaya said fiercely。
Obviously know that the other party must be hiding in a tunnel corner,But Lu Yi did not get a grenade。
“Do you have any grenade??”Lu Yi asked to Cao Anna。
“No,No more,Only the one just now……It basically blows you up……”Cao Anna is still embarrassed about the incident that injured Lu Yi just now。
“It doesn’t matter,I’ll lead him out,Shoot when you see the opportunity。”Lu Yi said。
“it is good,Ok……”Anna Cao agreed。
“not good!Get away!!!”
Cao Anna suddenly heard Lu Yi’s shout。
I saw a large red burning fire bottle flying in mid-air,After drawing a beautiful arc,Bottom of the bottle,Oil fire splash,Detonated in front of Anna Cao。
In an instant,A sea of flames spreading to the surroundings was ignited in the tunnel……
And Cao Anna is like an isolated island in the sea,Will be swallowed by the hot sea at any time……