How to eat oat in the summer health breakfast

How to eat oat in the summer health breakfast

The weather is getting hotter and people’s diets are getting lighter and lighter. Many people are not as active about breakfast as usual. Part of the reason is that people are not happy to burn their own breakfast or eat hot food.

The busy living environment also makes people ignore the existence of breakfast. The first meal in the morning is actually the most critical meal.

In an age of stress, white-collar workers will work harder and return to their families and careers sooner or later. Balanced nutrition can replenish physical strength and bring vitality to the day.

So what should I eat for breakfast in the summer?

Nutritionists tell us that it’s best to eat oats.

Oats are personally satiated and long lasting.

  Oat is rich in nutrients, ingested carbohydrate metabolites and supplemental fiber, and the unique micro fiber β-glucan will prolong prolonged digestion time, which can continuously and stably provide energy, and can bring sufficient energy throughout the day to ensure healthAt the same time, it can provide long-lasting energy and prepare you for the coming of summer. Even if children exercise a lot in the summer and consume a lot of physical energy, they can also energize you and your family and perform well in study and work.

  The medical value and health care of oats have been recognized by the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign medical circles.

According to 1981-1985, five rounds of animal tests and three rounds of 997 clinical observation studies of 18 medical units including the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Beijing Cardiocerebral Vascular Research Center and Beijing Haidian Hospital have proven that naked oats can prevent and treat hyperlipidemia.Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

That is, taking oatmeal for 3 months (100 g daily) can obviously reduce the plasma, triglyceride, β-lipoprotein in cardiovascular and liver, and the total effective rate is 87.

2%, the effect is not significantly different from Guanxinping, and there are no complications.

It has the same obvious effect on secondary hyperlipidemia caused by liver, kidney cancer, diabetes, liver cancer and so on.

Long-term consumption of oatmeal is beneficial to the control of diabetes and obesity.

  Summer health of oats in summer is the highest season of the year. The metabolism of the human body is very strong. Many people often suffer from general weakness in the hot summer, loss of appetite, easy sweating, dizziness, upset, lethargy, etc.In order to spend the summer, experts recommend a light diet and balanced nutrition.

Due to the reduction of gastric acid secretion in summer, coupled with drinking water concentration, dilute the gastric acid, resulting in weak digestive function of the body, you should eat more nutritious, light-scented products, avoid greasy, fried and hot food.

If it is easy to process oatmeal with egg and milk products, and breakfast made of vegetables and fruits, it can provide long-lasting energy while maintaining balanced nutrition. For example, Quaker’s new ready-to-eat oatmeal is basically fast-food oatmeal.Add different types of ingredients or fruits through different cooking methods to present another fashionable way of eating.

  Control blood sugar, beauty and beauty Modern food is more refined, and busy urban people are more likely to suffer from dietary diseases such as hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia.

Consuming 3 grams of supplemental plasma fiber provided by oatmeal every day for 30 consecutive days can effectively reduce cholesterol in human blood.

Plasma glucose fiber absorbs plasma like sponge and supplements it to replace the body, reducing the chance of diabetes being absorbed in the large and small intestines, thereby helping to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, which in turn lowers blood lipids, lowers cholesterol, and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Consuming 100 grams of oatmeal (or oatmeal) per meal can supplement 9 grams of fiber, which is very effective in controlling the sharp rise in blood sugar after a meal and preventing diabetes.

Dietary fiber can cause food to stay longer in the stomach, prolong the digestion and absorption of starch in the small intestine; gradually accumulate fiber to form an adhesion coefficient in the intestine, wrap the food, prevent the small intestine from absorbing starch, and make the postprandial blood glucose rise tend to ease and moderate.Therefore, it is rationally used to help control the effect of regulating blood sugar and preventing diabetes.

Trace element chromium participates in glucose metabolism in the body and has a better complication effect on diabetes.

Not only that, oatmeal is high in fiber content, strong in water absorption, swells and increases in volume, and prolongs the residence time of food in the stomach. It has a feeling of fullness and can be eaten less, and oats are resistant to obesity and laxative, so it has a weight loss effect., Do environmental protection for the human body.

Long-term increase in dietary fiber intake can eliminate the effects of toxins and beauty by sliding the bowel; vitamin E, linolenic acid, copper, zinc, selenium, and magnesium in oats can remove excess free radicals in the body and fight aging; oatsContains melatonin, which can remove dark spots, make the skin white and greasy, and also induce sleep, rest well and refreshed.

The variety of oatmeal on the market is dazzling. Careful selection of high-quality oat foods ensures the health of yourself and your family.

  How to choose good oatmeal?


It is best to choose oatmeal, which are all about the same size, so that the degree of dissolution will be the same, and it will not cause discomfort on the taste.


Do not choose oatmeal in transparent packaging, which is prone to moisture and some nutritional value will be lost. It is best to choose oatmeal in tin foil packaging.