“Could it be that this time the Sedum group members shot?”

Nezha asked with a smile,See how Sedum is safe and sound now,It’s not like the look of a tragic battle,Nezha Conjecture,It should be Jingtian,So I can end it easily。
“Nezha group members look at me high,I also want to try,Results for the first attempt,Was cut to pieces by that boy,Then I didn’t continue to try。”
“After all, fate is yours,Can’t take risks,I can only use the life-saving jade talisman given by Xu Xian to solve the crazy boy。”
“This time I can really see what is cause and effect,What is sluggish luck,Then I went straight back to the world I was in,It’s impossible for me to go to the city of heaven。”
Jingtian said with a smile,He has never seen so many people in trouble,therefore,He was scared away,Maybe if he hesitates for a while,There will be other accidents,Then he has no choice,I can only find a backer for help。
“Sedum’s group members are persuaded?Absolutely persuaded?”
“Sedum, don’t persuade you,Take out your domineering son of a thousand world luck,Swept away,Overwhelming City of Heaven,Then start a live broadcast,Let me wait to see the heroic figure of King Sedum。”
Nezha said with a smile,It’s rare to see Sedum so bluntly,He feels very novel,In his impression,This is the first time I have seen Jingtian so scared。
really,People can’t look,Unmatchable sea water,And Sedum is the son of luck in a thousand worlds,So embarrassed,Really good?I’m afraid I didn’t want to laugh him to death?
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Six Monkey King’s mission
“Nezha group members laughed,I’m just Mingzhe to protect myself,Knowing that the city lord of the heavens is entangled in cause and effect,I won’t stay in the quagmire。”
Jingtian said with a smile,He has a plain personality,A stable life is most important,Provoke right and wrong for no reason,But not his style。