Jiang Wan’er walked out of the bathroom,Ask wonderingly,“How did you find me?”

“Remember your amulet?That’s why i found you!”
Fang Yu explained。
“This thing……”
Jiang Wan’er gave Fang Yu her amulet for the first time,Special water treatment,Close-fitting。
did not expect,This time it really saved her life!
“but,Can this thing be positioned??Flirty……”
“Leave it alone……You just need to know,This thing can’t be taken off,Otherwise I can’t find you!”
Fang Yu is serious。
Also going to take a bath……
“That one……Sorry!”
Watching Fang Yu’s departure,Jiang Wan’er is very sorry。
It’s not that she is too self-righteous,Maybe won’t be caught。
Although the ending is good,But she also suffered a lot。
White arm,Has a lot of rust,She finally washed it off。
I finished washing up in Fang Yu。
Jiang Wan’er has been waiting for a long time。
“You are now like a schoolboy doing wrong!You are not wrong……I thought it was okay,But what is the intention of the other party,We still don’t understand!Still have fun with us?”