Six parenting principles summarized by novice moms

Six parenting principles summarized by novice moms


It is very important to hold as little as possible without crying, let them lie more, and never have so much energy.

  In the first three months, Yiyi was very coquettish and always hugged. She woke up when she fell asleep, so her grandfather who hurt her always hugged her. Many neighbors also advised us to hold our children less, which is good for them.Development, so if the grandfather often wastes when he doesn’t cry, he will hide Mei Mei’s severe criticism. Now I want to come very sorry for his elderly, that is, his parents can accept their own scolding.


Feed your baby when he’s hungry, don’t feed him when he’s not hungry, don’t force every meal interval.

  Instead, the babies use their own conditions to eat more regularly. From the fourth month onwards, they eat milk for 4-5 hours during the day. The amount of milk is usually 130-150 ml of water and 6-7 spoons of milk powder (approximately 150-170 ml); two ton is usually added to about 200-250 ml from 6.30 to 8 or 9 in the evening, so that they can fill their little belly smartly and sleep peacefully, usually this feeling can last8-10 hours, so adults rarely wake up since the 4th month, and usually wake up for breakfast at about 5:30 to 7 the next day.

  If you wake up hungry before 7 o’clock every day, you will sleep after waking up until about 7 o’clock. At this time, you will usually yell for a while, seeing the adult’s face will laugh excitedly and talk to you.An hour later you start crying without dressing him, as long as you start picking him up and dressing, he will grin.

  Yiyi wakes up relatively early. Generally, she will wake up from 6 to 6:30 to open her eyes and look at the bright spots. Her mouth will be sloppy. When she sees an adult, she will kick and talk with you jubilantly, but usually it is 7I would fall asleep at about 6:00 and wake up again at about 8:00, at which time we would dress her.

So they open their eyes every day with a happy mood to face the new day, hoping that this is inherited the optimism of their mother.

(Unfortunately, since returning to Shanghai, Grandpa and Grandma returned, Yiyi became more and more attached to her mother. She cried in her sleep several times in the evening, hoping to restore her optimistic character in the future.

) 3.

Swimming once a week (plus touch, bathing), Tianyi and Yiyi are already famous in Meimei’s mother ‘s children ‘s gallery, and the aunts also like them very much. They wash each time very carefully and patiently.Shop swimming, feel a lot of poor quality.


In addition to windy and rainy days in the year, 2-3 hours a day out of the cart or driving for a drive, so that they can touch this colorful world, meet more strangers, and pave the way for future social skills.

However, the disadvantage is that they will cry after leaving the house and stop as long as they are held outside the door. Unfortunately, Shanghai ‘s own home is on the fourth floor, which is far from the first floor of her maid ‘s house. It is also dense and has a small commercial street.Meimei and her grandmother pushed the two little hair children to open their eyes, and at the same time, they could find the clothes they needed.

Coupled with the dragon and phoenix walking on the road is very eye-catching, all the way to accept everyone’s envious eyes and praise, adults and children are equally happy.


From the fourth month onwards, add fruit juice and complementary food (egg custard or porridge with custard) once a day.


Wear 1-2 more clothes than adults. Don’t wear too bloated.