Amei asked Taozi because it is because Taozi is closely related to Lin Shangyun and Xiao Xiao.,May has a good impression of Lin Shangyun,Get along well for some days。

Ami prepared steak for dinner,I ordered a few candlesticks in the restaurant,The temperature in the restaurant is carefully controlled by Amei,During decanting,She talked about the history of the winery with great emotion,And some stories about wine……
Chen Wenjin couldn’t help but think of what Wang Shuai said,When getting along with May,Her style and taste are very interesting,Ritual preparation,For Ami, it is a sense of ritual itself。
May tells the story behind the wine,Taozi listened very carefully,At the end,Learn the wine tasting steps of others,Drank。
“The fruity aroma and vanilla aroma of this wine are charming。”Lin Pinjian’s words remind Chen Wenjin of a friend in memory。
“The thick taste is also good。”Xiao Xiao added her opinion。
Amei looked at Chen Wenjin,He had to say seriously:“My taste is stronger,Appreciate the mature black currant fragrance more。”
A smile flashed in Lin Shangyun’s eyes,Chen Wenjin caught it when he looked at him instantly,But just continue to pretend to be serious。
May is very happy with the taste of the three of them,I didn’t want to ask Taozi,I’m afraid she minds,Just asked:“Do you like peaches?”
Taozi liked it after hearing the story,But don’t know how to say,Just want to say something delicious,Lin took the sentence:“Peach has been observing the wine,I should really like the beauty of this wine’s dark ruby red。”
“Ok,Is pretty,Taste good too。”Tao Zi didn’t have the right silence because of Lin’s relief,Such sincerity makes Amei feel that her mind is simple and good。
May introduces the prepared steak……
Chen Wenjin expected this meal to be insufficient,May has always been exquisite style,Deliberately prepared more,But it only scored three or four points。
Finished eating,Watched another movie at May’s house,It’s almost time,Thank you so much。
When Chen Wenjin sent Lin home,Big Bear drove and waited at the intersection of Jinhu District,Picked peach away。
This time,Lin didn’t say anything to get off at the intersection,Obviously feel that there is no need to hide。
Send it inside,After polite farewell,Xiao Xiao looked at Chen Wenjin,said laughingly:“Let’s go,Go to dinner with you,I must not have enough to eat at night?May I can’t guess your appetite。”
“Then thank you。”Chen Wenjin drove back,The few sips of red wine in the evening were taken as alcoholic beverages by him,A few sips of drinks said it could affect his driving?Anyway, he would never believe it if he didn’t run into a drunk driving check!
“Amei just told me,Surprisingly you still like wine tasting,The taste is very accurate,I don’t know you have this hobby。”Xiao Xiao naturally cares about Chen Wenjin’s preferences,But only heard him say with a smile:“I just say something like that,I vaguely remember that your tasting words with Lin were used with that word。I mostly don’t pursue refined style in eating and drinking,Thanks to Ami for his meticulous hospitality,Respect her preferences。Look back and find an opportunity to help let Ami know the truth,So she doesn’t get me wrong,That was a waste of her treasure。”
Xiao Xiao couldn’t stop laughing for a while,Thinking of Chen Wenjin’s serious appearance at the time,And the number of tasting words just right,Take Ami’s stunned moments and moments,I was so excited that I found a soulmate,I know the truth later,Afraid of being angry and funny。