Chapter Twenty Seven:Heavenly Armor

Wait for Lena to assemble the armor for them,Xin Zhao and others felt that they were tall and tall,Even facing aliens is nothing。
In a word,This group of people now have their self-confidence swelled to the extreme,I really thought to bring armor,I am a hero。
“what,Angkor,Where’s your helmet?”Xin Zhao looked at his handsome heroic appearance,Then look at Wu Xing,Found that the opponent was not wearing armor,Can’t help but feel a little strange。
Xin Zhao’s words caught everyone’s attention,When he found out,Looking at the presence, only Wu Xing has no armor,Suddenly,All looked at Lena in doubt。
Now Liu Chuang Leina gave it all,Wuxing shouldn’t be without,They are curious why the other party did this。
“amount……That one,Your armor is not ready yet。”I saw everyone looking over,There was embarrassment on Lena’s face,Very unnaturally。
She can’t wait to slap herself now,So hi,Distribute all the armor in advance,it’s good now,I don’t know if the other party will misunderstand me。
really,Lena’s words fell off,The scene fell into embarrassment。
People who were originally happy because they had armor,I’m not embarrassed to show off at this time,Qiangwei directly used the micro wormhole transportation technology to take the armor back。
Play,Noisy,But everyone came to Super Seminary,Will be all comrades in the future,If because of this,Cause mutual grievances,That’s serious。
Qilin wanted to take off the armor too,But she doesn’t use the wormhole transport technology,I can only try to take it off one by one。