Chapter 904 Very upset
These funds seem to be a lot,But who doesn’t know if Qin Feng is willing,It is normal for the funds here to increase tenfold immediately。
Lin Qianqian looked at everyone and asked without understanding:“Did I said wrong thing?”
“Ha ha,You are not wrong,But there is a sentence,We also want to ask you,Do you think,This thing is as simple as you think?”
Have you ever thought,If Qin Feng changes the price of vegetables to 30 yuan,How much you might get that day?
Huang Junjie stood up and said,He wants to know if Lin Qianqian knows these things。
Lin Qianqian really doesn’t understand,So she said hesitantly:“Estimated to be hundreds of thousands?”
“Ha ha,Do you think too little,I tell you,The vegetables here are normal for tens of thousands of catties a day,do you understand me?”
And the vegetables everywhere,One more dollar a day,Those are incredible numbers,Not to mention multiple times。
We told him not to have such a low price,Otherwise this thing shouldn’t be like this,But he has always insisted on letting the profit to everyone,unfortunately……
Huang Junjie is also a bit angry,Not to Qin Feng,Just to those who benefit。
Those people haven’t been troubled by Qin Feng,But after something happened here,Those people are not only not willing to help,Most are still cynicism。
Qin Feng didn’t hear those words,But Huang Junjie’s news is so well informed,He naturally knows many such things。
Lin Qianqian fell silent suddenly,She suddenly realized,I seem to have done something bad here?
It’s just that Lin Qianqian won’t admit her mistake,Because she thinks all this is Qin Feng’s fault。
If it wasn’t for Qin Feng,How could she turn things into this step??
“Thank you Mr. Huang,But something has appeared,Then we have no meaning。seriously,For Qingshui Village,I did what I was supposed to do,As for the extra stuff,Really has nothing to do with me。”
Cloud leadership,You also know that I originally wanted to make Qingshui Village develop smoothly,But those people think they can develop,and so……
Qin Feng is telling the story of those people getting the fields back,This incident also made Qin Feng very upset。