First586chapter It’s a bit different from what I thought

? For Chen Geng’s arrival,China has given a very high standard of reception,Not only the leadership of the Civil Aviation Administration,Leaders of foreign economic and trade departments、It will soon be reorganized as the leader of the Third Aircraft Department of the Ministry of Aviation Industry、The leadership of the central office、State Administration of Radio and Television Industry, which has a cooperative relationship with Chen Geng、State Administration of Computer Industry、The leadership of the Fourth Machinery Department that is about to be reorganized……The leaders of almost enough departments are here,The banquet hall of the huge State Guest House is full of dangdang,Also because there were too many big leaders,So that the leaders of those units that have a cooperative relationship with Chen Geng,Not even qualified to appear in this hall,All sat in the side hall on the other side。
“boss,Why do I think they look at our eyes as if they are looking at the Flying Sheep??”Rosemary whispered to Chen Geng,The eyes of everyone wishing to swallow their boss made her feel anxious。
“Ok,Yes,In the eyes of many of them,We are big fat sheep。”Chen Geng smiled and nodded。
Have no idea,Looking at the four machine department、State Administration of Radio and Television Industry、State Administration of Computer Industry、Modu Automobile Factory、Departments or units such as Chang’an Machinery Manufacturing Plant,Relying on the cooperation with Chen Geng to earn a lot of money、Eat brain full of intestinal fat,Look at yourself again,I can’t scrape two or two oils out of my empty stomach,Who is not greedy?See fat sheep now……Oh,Do not,The Lord has appeared,How could everyone have no idea?
Chen Geng is not afraid that they have ideas,I’m afraid they have no idea。
Looking at the confident expression of my boss,Rosemary nodded:As long as you have a good heart, boss。
Said it was a banquet for Chen Geng,In fact, it can also be said to be a preliminary contact before the formal negotiation、Find out,Like this moment,Deputy Director Li of the Civil Aviation Administration spoke with Chen Geng on the basis of a toast with Chen Geng……
“Mr. Chen,How much do you know about our China Civil Aviation?”
“Don’t know much,”Chen Geng nods slightly:“I only know that78When the reform and opening up,The elderly are just civil aviation management with an economic point of view;At the beginning of last year,The old man made it again‘Civil aviation must be corporate’Instructions;And after a month,The Chinese government made adjustments to the civil aviation system,Decided to separate civil aviation from the military establishment,Changed the Civil Aviation Administration from being under the Air Force to directly under the Cabinet,Implement enterprise management。
As for the specific situation of China Civil Aviation,with all due respect,The situation is not very good,As far as i understand,As of the end of last year,China Civil Aviation has one and only140Transport plane,And more than80%The models are all made by the Soviet Union in the 1940s and 50s.—14、in—2Waiting for the obsolete propeller-powered airplane,The passenger capacity is basically20People to40Between people,Even in terms of the classification standards of contemporary international civil aviation,These planes are also standard regional planes.。
And looking at the entire China,Passenger capacity can reach100The number of medium and large planes with more than people is pitiful,Only inconvenient17frame,The airport is only79A,1980year,The annual passenger traffic volume of the civil aviation system is only343Million;The total annual transportation turnover is even ranked in Singapore、India、Behind countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia,Ranked No. 1 in World Civil Aviation35Bit……”