“What?You agreed?So fast?”Wei Xiaoxing heard what Cao Wen said,I didn’t expect it to be ironic,I just feel that happiness comes a little too soon,Too unreal。

“roll!”Cao Wen expresses in the simplest and most direct way。
“what?”Wei Xiaoxing was stunned,I thought this woman had such a bad temper,I really want to be together from now on,I’m afraid it’s not easy to get along with!
“Get back!”Cao Wen said again,The tone and words used this time are very straightforward,Make everyone laugh constantly。
All the students in Class 16 are suffocating a smile,Everyone is laughing miserably!
“Wei Xiaoxing!You cow!”
“Our study committee is too strong!I served!I’ll serve it in the future!”
“You deserve to be a student committee member,Please take my knee!You are my honor!”
The classmates in Class 16 are screaming,Laughing to fly,Don’t care that Wei Xiaoxing is suffering from the pain of losing love。
And these laughter,Also deeply stimulated Cao Wen,Her eyes wide open,Can’t believe it,Class 16 in front of me,It’s just a bunch of hooligans!Such a group of hooligans,How could he be a military student carrying glory,Take on the responsibility of defending mankind?
“enough!Shut up all!Hear me out!”Cao Wen furious。
The freshmen of Class 16 saw the head of the beauty department get angry,They closed their mouths obediently,After all they are just naughty,Not really stupid,Except for Wei Xiaoxing that nympho,Who would touch the head of the department at this time?!
“Don’t you think you can go to the red zone??Then I will tell you now,All wishful thinking!Absolutely impossible!”Cao Wen said loudly。
suddenly,All the students in Class 16 are silent,Even the laughter stopped completely!
They have a strange look,Staring at Cao Wen who said this。