Xia Jian quickly laughed and said:“President Hu’s arrangement is reasonable,I totally agree”

Lu Xiuli faintly felt that the atmosphere between Hu Huiru and Xia Jian was a bit wrong,But she didn’t dare to ask more。But Xia Jian suddenly asked Lu Xiuli:“Hey!Mr. Lu!Why haven’t you seen Mr. Wang??”
“You say Wang Wei!He is in Qingshan County。Which side of the few projects are particularly tight,He has been supervising the office”Lu Xiuli took a peek at Hu Huiru,Said to Xia Jian with a smile。
Hu Huiru snorted coldly:“Mr. Lu!You can listen,Mr. Xia is our biggest potential commercial competitor in Pingdu,Something that shouldn’t be said,Better not tell him”
“Ha ha!President Hu wants to draw a clear line with me!”Xia Jian said embarrassedly。No matter if Hu Huiru is joking with him,Still come true,Anyway, he feels very uncomfortable。
Lu Xiuli laughed,Rush to say:“how could be?Who doesn’t know that you Xia and Hu are always best friends”
“is it?”Xia Jian said,Deliberately glanced at Hu Huiru。
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Hu Huiru asked with a cold snort:“What does Xia mean??Aren’t we good friends?”
“It must be counted!”Xia Jian said that,But in my heart, I have more defenses against this woman。In case she is unhappy,Then he will be miserable。
Hu Huiru’s treat this time is not a big hotel,It’s a restaurant across the road from their company。But the repair is pretty good,Gives a sense of class and elegance。
The three of them just sat down and ordered the dishes,Feng Yan hurried in。She smiled at Hu Huiru and Xia Jian:“There was still a traffic jam today,Didn’t it waste your time?!”
“No!Just ordered”Hu Huiru’s words are concise and concise,Just say so casually。Xia Jianchong and Feng Yan smiled slightly,Did not speak。
Feng Yan glanced at Hu Huiru,So he sat down next to Lu Xiuli。Hu Huiru has a look,Busy talking to Feng Yan:“Coming from Xia Jian,Your task today is to accompany you。from now on,You two have a lot of dealings,So we must fix the relationship first”
“Hi!This is unnecessary,I, Xia Jian, are always right and wrong。It’s easy to say everything when things are done,Things are not done,It’s no use accompany drinking”When Xia Jian said this,,Deliberately looking at Hu Huiru。
Feng Yan sat next to Xia Jian very obediently,She laughed and said:“Easy to say!We have the right temper。Don’t worry about your project,We will definitely finish it for you,And it’s quality and quantity。It’s just that some factory drawings need to come in faster”
“All right!Let’s eat and drink today,Don’t talk about work”Hu Huiru suddenly said something like this。This makes Xia Jian very confused。
Dishes and wine on the table,Hu Huiru took the lead and started drinking。Xia Jian doesn’t know what medicine this woman sells in the gourd,So he has been on guard。
There are not many opportunities to eat with Lu Xiuli,Xia Jian’s memory,This woman doesn’t seem to drink much,Unexpectedly, she played the leading role today。Alone with a glass full of drinks on the table,And drinking round after round。The two bottles of liquor soon reached the bottom。