“Hahaha, my brother,That is not to say it.,I can do this 100%.。”

“Hey-hey,Since you can do it,I have been waiting for a few days, I will give you a real estate license.,By the way, you will be repaired.,Let me see your level,if it is possible,I will give you the whole village.,Just give me a lot of hardships,But I will definitely not have less benefits of Ye Big Brother.。”
Li Hui Feng’s guest,Ye Shuangzhou is considering。
“Oh, let’s go.,Want to give me the benefits,Come to the actual,For example, give me a whole dinner in this evening.,It is best that I haven’t eaten.,How about it?”
“Hey-hey,Row,Guarantee you have not eaten,But my craft is not very good.,Don’t blame me when you eat.。”
Haven’t waited for the leaves,Li Hui is directly to take out the mobile phone to Zhang Song’s call.。
Let the other party pack three fields,Then follow the price of 30 yuan per catty,When he will give money to each other。
Zhang Song heard that Li Hui’s words,Nature is also very happy。
I have to know that I will be a pound of twenty-five.,Now Li speaks from the wind to thirty,Nothing is to help pack up。
It’s just not black.,He caught one day during the day.,This is to let him be a hard。
But very quickly,He also went to another greenhouse to ask.。
A matter of query,Finally, three fields were,Then give Li Hui Feng to Li with the cleanliness.。
And Li Hui is a bonfire with the rushing ceremony in the yard.,By the way, buy the fruit charcoal in the best.。
I still have a bit cold in the early spring.,But with the rise of the bonfire,Ye Shuangzhou and leaf doubles are surrounded by the whole body warm。
Zhang Song brings Li Hui with the wind.,It is a hurry back.。
After all, catching the field in the evening, now there is one of their work.,During the day, I will take the time to sleep for a while.,Strawberry is now a mature period,The problem of catching insects is now basically no need to manage。
Li Hui also took a nine directly to find a few soaked bamboo sticks to put the nice.。
Then put the salt in the field,It is directly roasted on the bonfire.。
Soon, the oil slammed from the nice.。
The fragrance is also a fast four。
Ask the taste of the roast field,Ye Shuangzhou and Ye Shuanghuang are both eyes。
“elder brother,Let’s live a live broadcast.,Let the audience between live broadcasts also see。”
“Forehead,This point is not very good.?
I don’t like these.。”
Li Huihe heard this,Laugh:“It’s fine,I have already seen it very openly.,I can be different from before.。”
Then you say this,I will open it.,After all, I have a contract with others.。”
“Um,Open up,I just as a passerby。”
Say,Li Hui rushed to the pepper on the nature of the oil and light.,At the same time, cumin is also started。
With the gentle roll,Work with cumin,The fragrance of the pepper is directly refreshing.。
Even Ye Double is also can’t help but start the throat.。
Ye Shuangzhou did not expect the taste to be so fragrant,Although I haven’t eaten yet,But the crispy field has begun.,Let him can’t help but want to eat directly.。
“Lee brother,This is nothing?”
“Hey-hey,Need for a while,You broadcast first,It can be ours in front of it in another five minutes.。”
Will be reminded by Li Hui Feng,Ye Shuangzhou remembered that I have forgotten the live broadcast.。
soon,HD camera directly。
Li Hui Feng did not expect Ye Shuangzhou, this time I still changed the equipment.。
With the opening of the live broadcast,Just a few minutes,There are thousands of people come in.。
After all, Ye Shuangzhou is also a big major anchor.,Start broadcasting,Many people will receive a reminder。
Less than half an hour,Take millions of heats are stable。