Taiyuan Epidemic Prevention and Control Office Tips: Please actively inoculate new crown vaccines

  Original title: City Epidemic Prevention and Control Office suggests that citizens who have not vaccinated new crown virus vaccine Please actively vaccinate on May 18, the city’s epidemic prevention and control office is prompted. Please ask the public to not go to the high-risk area, citizens who do not vaccinate new crown virus vaccines. Active vaccination. Recently, aggregated epidemic in Anhui, Liaoning and other places have increased, and there are 17 in the country.

On May 14th, on the 16th, Anhui Provincial Prevention and Control Office has notified the close contact person of Hefei City diagnosed cases in our city, a total of 2. Templane survey, a close contact person is a city in our province. On May 13th, it has been concentrated in the local area. The nucleic acid detection has been negative for 6 consecutive times, and it has been short-lived in our city; another close contact At Cantonese, Municipality came to our city on May 14th, and May 15 was concentrated from Wan Berlin District, and the nucleic acid was negative.

In addition, recently reported in the city, a case of re-enterprogin diagnosis, the case was diagnosed after the entry of Guangzhou, and returned after Guangzhou cure and the isolation period was returned, and the nucleic acid detection during the health monitoring period has been transferred to Taiyuan. The fourth people’s hospital is isolated, and the current patient has no symptoms and nucleic acid detection results are negative. In order to strictly prevent the epidemic input, the municipal party committee, the municipal government attaches great importance, and the conference arrangement has been held to arrange deployment prevention and control work. Relevant urban areas quickly on the recovery case, the close contact person of the Anhui confirmed case and the close contact personnel are deeply visible and isolated Medical observation measures, there are currently 135 control related contact personnel, and nucleic acid test results are negative. Here, the city’s prevention and control is specially suggested that the general public is not necessary to go to the medium and high risk area; (Village) and units are reported, accepting community management, actively cooperating with epidemic prevention measures such as nucleic acid testing, health monitoring, isolation control; vaccination is the most effective means of preventing neoguan pneumonia, please invoke new crown virus vaccine citizens to close The inoculation point (for specific distribution, please go to the health Taiyuan official micro-inquiry) to make an appointment to register for you to arrange vaccination as soon as possible; ask the general public to hold hands, always ventilated, wear masks, use gathering, do not gather, "one meter", Sneezing or coughing, try to cover up good hygiene habits such as nose, and develop healthy and civilized lifestyle. (Reporter Hao Xiaoyu).