Dingxinxin Towns in Qianxi County and rectifying environmental hygiene

According to Biji News: In the past few days, Qianxi County Dingxin Towns has been promoted, promoting the comprehensive improvement of environmental health and the implementation of the wind, and creates a good health environment and build a civilized countryside. Through the form of cadres and staff members, the masses, the category, the country is actively guiding cadres and the masses to care for environmental sanitation, practice healthy lifestyle, and consciously strengthen environmental health remediation.

At the same time, make full use of the rural big speakers, mobile promotion vehicles, WeChat platforms, and propaganda manuals, and widely carry out patriotic health propaganda, create a good atmosphere of "national love and common environment". Establish a job, improve mesh management, give full play to the "Ten Ten Linkage" advantages, further refine the work responsibility, let cadres and the masses build a civilized new style. According to the environmental hygiene situation in the jurisdiction, the township conducts environmental health remediation actions on key areas such as community squares and roads. At the same time, the supervision team strictly follows the rural environmental health assessment standards, and regularly or regularly regularly conduct environmental health assessments for each village (community) periodically or regularly, and supervising the relevant responsible people in time.

(Wang Kun) (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing).