The man believed in what Hu Yang said,Nod immediately,He’s not in a hurry to spend money anyway,Since it can still appreciate,I must keep it in my hands first。

Populus looked at the time,Bid farewell to everyone:“Folks,We have to go to a place,Don’t bother,Have a chance to come here again。”
A group of people in the village,Especially Luo Mu and others,I also stuffed Populus euphratica with a lot of local products。
Populus estimates,When I go back by myself,I’m afraid to fill up the rhythm of a car!
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine Wumachuan(Subscribe、Monthly pass)
Next,Hu Yang is famous where they are going,Quanzhou。
This city was one of the four largest ports in the world during the Tang Dynasty,Song Yuan Dynasty became“The largest port in the east”,Known by Marco Polo as“City of Light”。
It can be said,Inside a famous historical and cultural city in China,This city can be ranked in the top positions。
this time,Fitch did not follow Populus,Turn around and return to my home。
Wumachuan stood at the street and waited,very nervous。He didn’t expect,I can get Hu’s response,Really invited。His family,I don’t know how to receive rich people like Brother Hu,Afraid of neglect。
He is a street vendor who makes snacks,Start doing it before graduating from high school,It’s been almost ten years。
Speaking of age,May be one or two years older than Hu Yang。But he dare not let Hu Yang call his brother,But just like others,Shout brother Hu。
He who watched the live broadcast,Remembered Hu’s license plate number,After seeing the car,Raise your hands,Crazy swing。
“Hu Ge,Can the car be parked outside?My family lives in a small alley,Can’t get in the car。”After parking,Wumachuan trot over,Explain to Hu Yang。
Populus smiled and nodded,Open the door:“Wuma brothers get in the car first,Let’s find a hotel or something。”
Finished,I also explained to friends in the live broadcast room:“You may not know,Wuma is a surname,Belongs to the double surname,I believe you will see you often in TV series,Such as Ouyang、Orient。”