at this time,EOVThe big broadcast at the venue rang。

“Attention all players,Games appeared in the King of Fighters DivisionBUG,Repeat again,The King of Fighters on stage 74 is suspended,The organizing committee of the conference will hold an emergency meeting on this matter。”
The host’s voice is in addition to the announcement in English,I deliberately used Chinese and repeated it again。
Heard the news,There was buzzing discussion all around the venue。
Genius remembers this site address in one second:.。Mobile version read URL:m.
text Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Nine Forbidden move
? All the King of Fighters players are making a noise。
Some people think that the child’s Iori is unlimitedBUGUp,Seriously affect the balance of the game,Should be banned。
Some people think,This is a new technique developed by the Chinese,Should face its existence,Then find a way to beat it。
For a while,There was a lot of discussion everywhere,Team Menglin and the child were on the cusp。
And this match between Team Menglin and Team Golden Sun,Requested to be suspended。
The child sits in front of the console in a daze,Haven’t got up for a long time。
He remembered the words Menglin said to him on the eve of the game。
“This trick is called a trickUnlimited connection,It’s the ultimate forbidden move of Iori!if possible,We better use it in the finals。Early exposure,It’s hard to say what the result will be。”
“Ok!Menglin brother,If you meet a very strong opponent before the final,What to do if you can’t win?”
“Don’t worry!There are resurrection matches,And me!We two join hands,There is no unbeatable opponent。”
Lu Menglin’s words are still in my ears,It’s a pity that the child was dazzled by victory,He didn’t keep the agreement,But to win,Used a ban in advance。