“What’s not easy,As long as Sanye Xia doesn’t come out to stop,Let’s excavate,Whether it’s a graveyard or a flat ground,Old grave,Nothing to be afraid of”Chen Erniu continued Zhao Hong’s words。

Xia Jian shook his head,Hehe smiled and said:“you’re so dumb!Burial ground,Bone forest,Can’t be thrown into the wilderness!There must be a solution to this matter,Don’t invite Sanye Xia out,Dead bones dug out,You handle,how about it?”
“Hey hey!I can’t do this,Please let us all go tonight!“Chen Erniu shaking hands,A nervous look。His look,Amused all the people sitting there。
Xia Sanye saw that several leaders of the village committee came,And gave him a gift,The old man is dumb eating dumplings。I saw him who was lying down,Close your eyes,**Scolded:“Xia Zecheng’s son,You made me angry。You want to plan the Xia family’s ancestral grave,Wouldn’t it be my life??“
“Grandpa Three,This is not my life,If the whole village has no water to eat,Everyone will kill me“Xia Jian sits on the edge of the Kang,Hehe said with a smile。
Xia Sanye’s daughter-in-law is in her fifties,Heard from the villagers,Even if she is the most educated in this generation,I saw her laughing and saying:“dad,You can’t die,Good days are yet to come,It depends on whether you want to live it。Xia Jian did a good job,We have to take care of the overall situation,What does a cemetery count?,Rare for it,The whole village will not eat water?“
“You look,Water pouring in glass,It’s all mud after drinking,You say it’s disgusting or not disgusting“Xia Sanye’s daughter-in-law continued,She returned the cup to everyone。
Sanye Xia opened his eyes,Sat up slowly,He shook his head and said:“The graveyard of the Xia family has a history of hundreds of years,then**Time,Wang Degui’s father wanted to level this grave,As a result, the Xia family all rebelled,In which fight,Also killed or injured,Grandpa Xia Jian,Was killed in this fight“
“what?“Xia Jian stood up in surprise,The atmosphere in the house suddenly changed。
No wonder their Xia family and Wang family have always been at odds,It turns out that there were enemies in history,To divert water,His dad sent him to beat him,It turns out that the knot is here。
“It’s all past,This fight,The royal family also had casualties,This is historical reason,Our descendants cannot do this,Tangled for a lifetime。Since you have to dig,Then dig it!But you have to listen to me“Xia Jian continued。
Xia Jian never thought,The ancestors will have such a deep hatred,He was completely stunned,Even Xia Sanye made a request,He didn’t reflect。
“Row,You speak!We do exactly that“Zhao Hong saw where Xia Jian was sitting stupidly,She hurriedly agreed。
Xia Sanye took a breath and said:“I want to ask Mr. Yin Yang to recite the sutras,And take out the dead bones,Re-coffined,These expenses are paid by your village committee,otherwise,No discussion about this“