“President Xia,Are you looking for me?”Zhou Li smiling,Respectful。

Natsuki pointed to the chair in front of him,I told Zhou Li to sit down:“I didn’t get your consent,Forced you over,You were a manager,But there is no job here,The secretary may also be a deputy,If you have any comments, just say it”
“what did you say,The headquarters of this group company,Not whoever wants to come,If it weren’t for you to advise Mr. Xiao,Can I work at the headquarters of the entrepreneurial group in my life?,Really unknown,do you know?You can learn a lot here,And Yiyuan just those two brushes”Zhou Li said,Staring at Xia Jian with both eyes,Xia Jian was a little embarrassed,This woman looks at him more and more weird。
Xia Jian and Zhou Li are old acquaintances,So talk more casually,As soon as the two chat boxes opened,It’s endless,But they talked about things within the group,Such as secretary Wang Lin,I heard Zhou Li say that she is Xiao Xiao’s capable officer,People are not only long and beautiful,More importantly, her English is super good。
When the two of you are chatting in full swing,Wang Lin knocked on the door and walked in,She glanced at Zhou Li on the chair,Brows move slightly,Then he smiled and said to Xia Jian:“President Xia,Nine o’clock is the company’s regular meeting,You have to participate,Mainly to let other leaders of the company know you,As for talking about work,I can deal with it”
Oh my goodness!Such an important thing,I almost forgot,This is what Xiao Xiao told him,Xia Jian patted his head,Hurriedly said:“Good secretary Wang,Let’s go there together”It’s true,If no one takes,The door of this conference room faces east or west,He really doesn’t know。
Wang Lin nodded,said laughingly:“Good manager Xia”
She just about to turn around,Said to Zhou Li again:“You also have a regular meeting!Remember to bring paper and pen,The focus of the meeting must be recorded,I’ll teach you how to write meeting minutes”
Zhou Li hurriedly stood up,A bit pleased to say:“Ok,Thank you Secretary Wang”
Xia Jian saw Zhou Li’s desire for knowledge,He should seize this opportunity,Enrich yourself,I can’t just look at beautiful women every day。See what’s the use,No matter how beautiful it is, it belongs to others。
In a large office,Information is classified,Very full,Xia Jian first found an internal magazine about venture groups,As long as the above is to introduce the origin of the entrepreneurial group,And several branches of the venture group。
Don’t know,Surprised at a glance,It turns out that this entrepreneurial group is really not blowing,There are more than a dozen subordinate companies,Involved in trade,Dining & Entertainment,Import and export processing,There is even the development of mineral resources。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but remember,Which adventure in the jungle,Could it be that Xiao Xiao is related to this mineral development?,Not right!Since it was developed by the entrepreneurial group,Xiao Xiao should go there,Why steal it?What is hidden in this?Xia Jian wanted to break his head,I can’t think of a ugly man。
It seems,Want to do something,Must have confidence,And have to be willing to do it。In a while,Xia Jian has gotten an idea of the venture group,Who is the vice president,Who is responsible for what,Hard to remember,Xia Jian also took notes,Especially the names of several vice presidents,And their scope of responsibility。
“President Xia,Meeting time is up”Wang Lin knocked on the door,Poked his head in。
咚咚咚咚!Xia Jian only felt that his heart rate was increasing。
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