Sanya City New Energy Automobile Insurance share 9% Hainan named first

A variety of new energy cars exhibited at the event.Fu Mingguo, member of the party group member of Sanya City Science and Technology Bureau, said that the next step in Sanya will speed up the construction of charging infrastructure network, establishing a charge compatible, quick-end complement, multi-scene combination, intelligent charging network, and aerated network.In new energy vehicles and charging pile subsidies, new energy vehicles differentiated travel, parking management, after-sales service, power battery recycling and other aspects continue to improve new energy vehicles, strengthen public opinion guidance and publicity science, and actively carry out exchange pilot city constructionIn the construction of the commissioned pilot city as the starting point, innovate and develop the power-saving model, build new energy vehicles to promote the application of Sanya brand, help Hainan’s self-trade and port construction.