Agricultural Bank of Shandong Branch is more measures to promote "I do practical things for the masses"

Since the study of party history, the Agricultural Bank Shandong Branch has closely combined with the practice activities of "I am doing practical" for the masses, putting the study party history and summarizing the experience, related to reality, driving the work closely, in jurisdiction The form is diverse to do practical things, solve the problem activities, and promote "I do practical things for the masses".

Refine the work plan. The line visits, grassroots investigation, widely listening to customers and grassroots employee advice, earnestly combing the current difficulties, painful problems, and formulates "" I have implemented practical activities for the masses "," I have practical things for the masses " "Practice work list, surround the service entity economy, serve the country’s revitalization, service people’s livelihood project, improve service quality, optimize workflow, caring for employee growth, etc., refine 29 specific measures, clarify" I am for the masses " Do practical event "Practice the main line. Improve the election system. The line establishes "I do practical things for the masses" to regularly report mechanisms, implement list management, goal orientation, clear key work, time limit and responsible persons, strengthen process management, results assessment, lead line regular report, do work There is a implementation, the progress has feedback; the establishment of supervision and inspection mechanisms, 3 supervisors in-depth investment guidance urges various measures to land, conduct pressure, implement responsibilities, form a first-level grading level, grasp the good work pattern of implementation, to ensure each The implementation of measures have effectively effective.

Strengthen employee care.

In-depth implementation of employee health action, based on basic medical insurance, supplementary medical insurance, pay attention to laying on insurance portfolios, build "basic medical insurance + supplementary medical insurance + commercial security" employee medical security system, through major illness, heavy illness insurance, etc. Form to ensure the full coverage of employee changes.

In-depth development of employee growth, start the fourth selection of cadres to go to the government to work, and put the government as a training to train the young cadres, inspect the effective way to inspect excellent cadres and strengthen the information "three farmers" financial work level Important measures. In-depth promotion of home construction actions, comprehensively carry out the completion of the home facilities of the county township network, from the protection of employee small food halls, lounge facilities, add basic sports leisure facilities, unify the book magazine, meet the basic material demand for employees Spiritual culture needs. Be a financial life of excellence. The Agricultural Bank Shandong Branch grasps the expansion of this strategic base point and continues to do strong people’s livelihood financial services. Actively serve the housing security, carry out the "focus focus, step by step into" 1 + 3 "service activities, promote the renovation of old communities, explore the experience model of reproducible promotion, and continuously improve the people’s live quality. Vigorously serve the employment of people’s livelihood, actively promote the cooperation between the secondary branch and local governments, and continuously increase the efforts of personal entrepreneurship, meet the returning migrant workers, individual industrial and commercial households and other construction portfoliosis. Signing a strategic cooperation agreement with Shandong Province Industrial and Commerce, innovating the "Bank + Chamber of Commerce + Enterprise" service model, conducting all-round cooperation in the field of private, investing financing, pragmatic finance, personal finance. Focus on improving financial convenience, through improving service environment, layout planning accessibility channel, love station, etc., etc. Experience, boost "network service heating".

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