2020 online masses work summit

"Your own speech was admitted by the central government." At the 2020 online mass work summit held in Suining, Sichuan, the people’s network users "Yunfan" shared the "Sichuan" plan "suggestion", Sichuan The representative of the provincial website of Ning Ning City will talk about the speech and explain the experience and experience.

【] The message handles the work to help the poverty "Through this cultivated road to transport their own agricultural products to the market, increase their income, and promote the implementation of the university.

Li Xuanyi, a vice president of Xi Ning City, Sichuan Province, and Li Xiai, shared the message to handle the message in the interactive link. 2020 people’s network netizens left a message to handle the people’s heart gathering unit "2020 people’s network netizens to handle the work mechanism innovation unit" "2020 people’s network netizens to handle the work vitality, the unit" "2020 People’s Network netizens, the message is working hard work "List.".