Cheng Mai lost four-day 12-year-old girl has found

  New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net, South China Metropolis Daily November 19th News (Reporter Wang Xiaoying) In the early morning of the 19th, Chengli 4-day Chengmai 12-year-old girl has found it.

Thank you very much.

Mr. Wang said excited. It is understood that the girl went home from home on the 14th, then leaving a senior classmate, did not go home and school, and did not contact the parents.

Four days, parents are very anxious, looking around.

  On the 18th, the WeChat public number, the Nanhai Net, the South China, the South China, and the native city newspaper released the news of Mr. Wang to find her daughter, and the citizens had recognized his daughter in Tun, and got with him. connect. That night, Mr. Wang rushed to Tunhong overnight. At present, the daughter has taken home. Previous report, November 18th reporter learned that Mr. Wang’s daughter Wang Fangmin has not returned home after leaving from school on the 14th, and the phone will not contact.

  According to Mr. Wang, his daughter Wang Fangmin read the first day in the old town of Bai Lian.

At around 15:30 on the 14th, she left home to school as usual, and it is expected to arrive around 17 o’clock.

We understand her friends, and she went out after the school dormitory.

Mr. Wang said.

  In addition, Mr. Wang learned from a multi-party, his daughter is working with an early two girls. In the vicinity of the Old Town Chengjiang Square, they took a driver’s phone to the Haikou’s female tamma (pseudonym), followed by bus No. 59 to Haikou. Mr. Wang said that he has already contacted Xiao Mang, but Xiao Mang only confirmed him to contact her, but did not go to her. Because I didn’t find my daughter, Mr. Wang had a police station to the local police station, and in the Haikou, I came back and forth back to my daughter.

  She is still young, and she does not work.

Mr. Wang said that her daughter is only 12 years old and is still young. I am worried that being misleaded by the bad guys. I hope that the kind people in society find that his daughter’s whereabouts contact him in time.