Because he treats everyone below**Very good,He is doing his best to help everyone out of the gloomy stage of life with his own heart。

Let them welcome the light in their lives,Then slowly,Live my life well,This is what Xiao Fan wants to see most。
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Nine Overweight
Yiming and Chu Yao sit opposite those bosses and the so-called professional training team,Then Yiming and Chu Yao raised their heads,Look at them very calm。
Both of them are very clear,Now is a very important moment,Success and failure,Now that the first official meeting came, it was an important,There must not be a slight difference in this。
The boss told them with a smile:“Welcome to join our team,Explain that you are a very witty person,Can choose to join our team。
You know that joining our team are very elite people,You see our team are very professional,Will definitely get you the reward you deserve。
And you want to make money,Anyone who wants to start a business can be realized here,So you choose us is really the right choice,It can be said to be the most correct choice in life。”
Chu Yao and Yiming secretly cast aside,Maybe meeting you is the worst thing in life。
Then they both smiled and said without changing their faces:“Yes Yes,I hope I can show you more in the future,We will definitely work well,Then make money。”
The boss looked very happy,Because I feel like I can cheat more people’s money again。
Then Yiming didn’t have too much nonsense with Chu Yao,Just spread it out with them,Said his money would be handed over to them,Then I hope they can make their money more。
Their boss is naturally happy,Then he pretended to ask the professional team to pass some information to them,Let the two of them go back and study with great concentration in these two days。
Come to work after studying,Then you can make money naturally,This is a trick,In fact, after they leave, they will be refused all contact information to cheat money。
But there is no evidence to the police,Actually there is evidence,It’s just that college students have less social experience,So they don’t know to collect some evidence。