This time Hua Yun paid great attention to the way,I just listened to but didn’t talk at several office meetings,Fully give Jincheng the greatest autonomy。After the meeting, he took the trouble to tell Jincheng his suggestions and the problems that need to be paid attention to and solved in the next meeting.。

Jincheng has been painful and happy for a few days,Of course he hopes Hua Yun will chat with him every day,It doesn’t matter what you talk about,Best talk like this forever。But sometimes alone,I still feel bad,With Hua Yun’s participation, he realized that many of his previous work ideas had problems,Not even practical,This made him feel a deep sense of loss。
Hua Yun’s work efficiency and energy are also amazing,While adjusting Fukuyama Corporation,She arranged intensive visits,From the deputy county head in charge of construction to the county construction committee、public security bureau、Transportation Bureau、The Environmental Protection Bureau and even the Propaganda Department of the county party committee visited one by one。
The purpose of the visit is very simple,One is to promote Pantech,I hope that the competent authorities at all levels will pay attention to and care for the Fushan Commercial Street reconstruction project,After all,It is a municipal project,This is important。If even municipal engineering has a lot of problems,I believe that everyone’s face will not look good。
The second is to show an upright attitude,Pantech has the ability to make quality projects,More importantly, Pantech will never withdraw from the project due to temporary difficulties,This is also a hint to the opponent。
The way Hua Yun chose to visit was also very direct,Working hours during the day,Uninvited,Go directly to the door,But never do anything in the clouds and mist。From Hua Yun’s point of view,Any questions are placed on the table not only for everyone’s convenience,And it has its unique effects,That is the invisible and intangible psychological pressure。
Jin Cheng was exhausted by Hua Yun for days,And the two had a serious disagreement on the way of visiting,In the eyes of Jincheng,Hua Yun’s approach completely deviates from some conventional rules,Be straightforward,Unspoken rules。The consequence of this tossing is to let others alienate you,Talk about caring and paying attention。
Hua Yun is not ignorant of this,But she has a deeper purpose,Is to force out the opponent in this way,Let the opponent jump。Because besides,She can’t think of a better way。
Of course, supervisors at all levels are not so good to see,The regional director of a private enterprise is still a flat-headed citizen.,Public servants are very busy,See if you want?If you want to engage in petition,Naturally there will be a petition department to receive you。
But Hua Yun is not discouraged,Twice if not once,Not twice,Then make time to come again。She has a lot of confidence,One is to report on the progress of the project,The second is the current difficulties faced by the appeal project。
Hua Yun’s toss has caused a small wave in the county government,The most uncomfortable is the Environmental Protection Agency and the Public Security Bureau,Pantech,They know,And the issues involved are the most direct,Can’t hide,Then see you。
The environmental protection bureau received Hua Yun from the bureau office director Huang,Both sides are seated,After a few words of greeting,Hua Yun made it clear,When will the application for dumping construction waste at designated locations be approved,The delay of the muck truck will seriously affect the subsequent construction。
Director Huang is naturally prepared,I was surprised and said I didn’t know,But I will pay serious attention to this issue。Then declare,Will find out the cause as soon as possible,Report to the director to go through the approval process。Then talk about the concern for the commercial street project,Finally, praise Hua Yun for her beauty and youthfulness,The whole half an hour is basically nonsense,The critical approval time was not mentioned。
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Food poisoning
The Public Security Bureau is serious here、More serious,After all, Hua Yun represents the victim,And Jincheng visited several times in the early stage to ask about the case,Relatively familiar。
The person in charge of receiving is Captain Zhou Nan, who is responsible for the investigation of the criminal police team.,He briefly introduced the characteristics and progress of the case within the scope permitted by the policy: