“Scull,Liu Shu,Today has been treated,Let Liu Shu in the rest of the day,Causes can’t be too urgent,After Liu Qi slowly came over,I will come back to Liu Shu.。”

Say,Li speaks directly to the wind.。
Seeing Li Hui Feng to go,Liu Dafu quickly gave Zhao Xiaoli to make the eyes。
Zhao Xiaoli still doesn’t understand,Now immediately go to the refrigerator,Then take out a bottle of ice coil。
“Xiao Li,You are also tired,First come, a piece of Ice Coke,This is specially bought for you.。”
Say,Zhao Xiaoli opened a bottle of a bottle and drank a few mouthfuls.。
Seeing Zhao Xiaoli,Liu Dabu suddenly became nervous。
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He knows that there is a medicine in the bottle Coke.,If Li Hui is not drinking,For a while, Li followed the wind.,Leaves Zhao Xiaoli,He feels that this is now, but it can’t wait for this mother.。
Li Hui Looking at the Ice Town Coke from the other person,Some embarrassment is in the hands。
“Row,Then I am going home,I don’t bother Liu Shu and my scorpions today.。”
Accessible,Li Hui is directly ready to leave。
Liu Dafu is anxious。
“Xiao Li,You first wait,Let me solve the rope first.,I feel very much now.。”
“Hey-hey,Liu Shu,I will let the scorpion will give you a good release.,And today I will give you a needle,I feel that you can have a scorpion.,But don’t over,There should be no big problem。”
Say this,Li Hui also gave Liu Bigfu, an awkward look.。
Seeing Li Hui Feng this eye,Liu Dafu is some want to cry without tears.。
He is clearly known,It is also clear that the power after Taking it.。
Zhao Xiaoli did not think that Li Hui Feng actually just passed through Coca-Cola.,There is also an urgent heart in my heart.。
Dark road:“Mostly,Really,If Li Hui does not drink,She has drank her own,Who will solve the efficacy for a while。”
Think about thinking,Zhao Xiaoli felt that the abdomen was going to start online.。
“Xiao Li,Would you like me to send you?,The street lights on this big night are about to be closed.,You have no flashlight。”
I heard Zhao Xiaoli,Liu Dafu immediately understood Zhao Xiaoli’s meaning.,This is a way you want to deliver your home.,Service home。
But now this situation,It seems only to be so,If Li Hui is also drinking Coke,He feels that he can still watch a good play today.,But very obvious,Li Hui does not seem to have the idea of drinking Coke。
“Scull,no need,My phone has a flashlight,I will go back myself.。”
Li Hui Feng felt that Liu Dafu, Liu Dafu, who tonight than last night.,Any neofability makes him some fear。
Go directly to leave,When he walked out of the door,I found that Zhao Xiaoli is also behind him.。
“Scull,No need to send,You go back.,If you really have to send me,I feel that I have to send you back.,After all, this big night,If you encounter a singular in the village,That can’t escape。”
Li Hui Feng, although it is a joke,But listening to the ear of Zhao Xiaoli means completely changed。
“Xiao Li,The scorpion is not going back tonight.,Xiao Li,What if you want to go to you??”
When I said this,Zhao Xiaoli feels that the fire is really burning.,Don’t help but close the body,Then hug 李 随 风 ‘s arms,Taking Li Hui, a three-pointed,Seven points of charm,Looking for Li Hui Feng is a bit stiff。
“Hey-hey,Scull,Don’t tell you,You still have a good time to spend Liu Shu.,I still have something,I’m going back。”
Say,Li Hui has directly smoked his arm.,Then go to the legs and run。
I saw the people who disappeared in the blink of Li Hui Feng.,Zhao Xiaoli stayed。
Why didn’t she think that Li Hui will run away?,It’s so close to her.,I have even feel that Li Hui’s breath is also rushing.,But I didn’t think that the other party actually ran.。
Feel the body, just like to burn,Zhao Xiaoli is directly upset。
She doesn’t know what to do now.。
I can’t find a man casually solved.。