“What are you afraid?,Daunting,I am not afraid.。”

“嘿嘿 嘿,Where hated?”
“Where I hate。”
Liao Wenjie:
Maybe this bowl of dogs have a shelf life.,He is forced to feed,I only feel uncomfortable。
Fortunately, walking for many years,Why can’t this small scene?,I will take it for a while.。
“Dad,I feel that this sister is 30 years old.,More young,Ah will not shout old.。”
Liao Wenjie’s heart,yellowsirRetirement,Police station personnel mobilization,ada Wang Chengged Zhou Cao’s direct boss。
“Ajie will speak,But you don’t have to think too much.,I don’t care about this.,and”
ada Wang includes the case of Cao Dahua,Slightly shame:“I prefer Cao Mao.,Calling me that Ah is nothing。”
Liao Wenjie:
Mrs. Cao,Which of you have seen Mr. Cao?,Can you say that everyone is spit??
“Ada this person specially has a bone,The police station attacked him up and down,It is said that he is not a、Work hard enough、Le Goose”
Didn’t wait for Liao Wenjie,ada Wang said,There is a very high speech between words:“If each Hong Kong Island police are as dedicated like Ada,Not afraid of life and death,Not like Zhou Xingxing, hanging,The Hong Kong Island citizen is blessed。”
Liao Wenjie mouth pumping,Seeing the opposite Cao Dawhua desperately,I didn’t reveal his old bottom.,Submerged road:“About Zhou Xingxing,I also know and he also,Very good a police officer,The sense of justice is full and dare to fight,No Ah, you are so bad.!”
If there is no accident,Flying tiger team first killer,I should go to work in the traffic group now.,Every day’s task is to put a penalty,Entertainment project roasted corn。
Although Zhou Xingxing is not well in introducing girlfriends.,But Liao Wenjie decided to pull him,Help say two good words。
“Ager,You don’t have to say this thing.,You are not compilation,If I listen to your opinion,It is equal to the migration。”
ada Wang Decissence refuses,Continue to say:“Zhou Xingxing’s file I have seen it carefully,He is a very good police officer,But he is too eager to prove himself,Warning,Like someone heroism,This will make his teammates very difficult,It is also easy to cause unnecessary casualties。I transferd him to the Ministry of Communications.,Grinding his sex,Whether it is to work with him or get along with colleagues,Have benefits。”
Liao Wenges is no longer,listenada Wang this is known,She is still very means,At least in this respect
Uh,Or that problem,Mrs. Cao see people so accurate,Why is Mr. Cao??
Wang Ba looks green beans,In the eyes?
It is very puzzled!
Liao Wenjie,This question is too difficult,He solved。
“correct,Ager,Big Fei Military Fire,Because I have powerful,Now fell to the heavy case group。”
“Do not,Ada,You are not right。”
ada Wang help correct,Proudly:“It is not afraid of sacrifice,Know the most dangerous case,Talection requires entry。”
“What,Teach me to do things.?I am talking to Ager.,Do you have a sneaky??”
“That is not closed,So much nonsense,Become a long-distance tongue。”
Cao Dada snorted,Turning to Liao Wenjie:“Ager,This is the case,You know I am a work mad,Career is particularly important,Now join the heavy case group,May often increase the night shift,I can’t take care of your life.。What do you want to eat later later?,I can’t do it outside.,Don’t wait for me to do it.。”