“Abandoned weapons at this time,He is looking for death!”

“Does he think a broken sword can hurt me?”
An instant,Many questions in Liu Yibai’s mind,Seeing that the soft sword is about to fly to his face,His fan and stick operated the soft sword and swung away,To shoot down the soft sword。
Chen Xiu’s left finger trembles like playing a piano,The soft sword in the air changed its direction and flew around Liu Yibai like a silver snake。
Liu Yibai was so scared that he unfolded his fan and danced impenetrably,Protect yourself。
You must know that Yu Jianshu is the super combat skill of the Sword Xianzong in the mysterious super sect.,Can pick up people from thousands of miles away,Can fly with sword!
“Is this kid the representative of Sword Fairy Sect in the world?”
“If so,I knew I wouldn’t provoke him!”
The Liu Family in Kyoto is the representative of the secular of Jinglemen,Jingleimen looked down on the Falling Cloud Sect behind Dai Yun。
But Jingleimen is not worthy of being exposed in the eyes of Sword Immortal Sect!
Sword Immortal Sect is definitely not something the Liu family can afford!
Liu Yibai was shocked,Dare not study,If he investigates carefully, he must find that there is no essence。
Chen Xiu is just fake swordsmanship,Use puppetry to make an appearance!