Postpartum Yoga Helps New Mummy Eliminate Fatigue

Postpartum Yoga Helps New Mummy Eliminate Fatigue

Yoga is a kind of physical and physical exercise. Even if people get inner peace and tranquility, they will also have a positive impact on health.

The new mummy after the baby is born will always feel physically exhausted, and many times the mood will be bad. Practicing yoga at this time may have unexpected results.

  ◆ Boat style 1.

Lie on your back with your legs straight.

Lay your arms flat on your side, palms down.


Inhale and lift your head, upper torso, legs, and body all off the ground.

The two countries should be straight forward and parallel to the ground while holding their breath, while maintaining this posture for as long as possible, subject to no effort.


As you slowly exhale, gradually restore your legs and torso and relax your body.

Repeat this exercise 3 times.

  Role: Improve human organs and muscles, and help promote interventional peristalsis and improve digestive function.

  Cat style 1

Kneel down, sit on your heels, and straight forward.


Lift the top and place your hands on the ground.

Inhale, look up, and contract your hip muscles for 5 seconds.


Exhale, lower your head, arch your spine, and hold for another 5 seconds.

Arms straight, perpendicular to the ground.

  Role: Helps the uterus to return to its normal position.

  ◆ Tiger style 1.

Kneeling at first, sitting on both heels with the spine straight.

Put your hands forward, place them on the floor, raise the stairs, and make a crawling posture.


Look straight ahead, inhale, and shrink your right leg backwards.

Without breathing, bend your right knee and point your knee towards your head.

Gaze upwards for 5 seconds.


Exhale, put your knees bent back under the hips, close to the knees, above the toenails, look down, your noses close to the knees, and your spine should be arched.

Press the right leg backwards and do 5 reps on each leg.

  Role: Reduces hip and thigh areas, strengthens reproductive organs.

  ◆ Progressive legs and hips 1.

Sit upright with your legs stretched forward and your palms on your thighs.


Straight forward and straight forward, shoulders retracted backwards, inhale, be sure to lift your head high, exhale, slowly bend forward, bend forward as comfortably as possible, hold your calves with both hands, and bend your elbows longer and downward, Lower your head, as close to your knees as possible, hold for 10 seconds.


Inhale, straighten carbon dioxide to reduce.Relax your body and repeat twice.

  Role: Helps to make the uterus and bladder full of vitality, and the gonads are nourished.

  ◆ Perfluorinated insect type 1.

Lie on your back with your arms straight back and exhale, while raising your head, chest, and legs.


Breathe regularly and keep this position for as long as possible.


Initial reduction, body relaxation, repeated twice.

  Role: It is beneficial to all organs in the pelvic area.