“Qin Feng,Call your people too。”Cen Wen directly changed the subject。

“my people?what’s the situation?”Qin Feng looked puzzled。
Then Cen Wen clapped his hands,Another familiar face appeared。
“Qiao Wei?Oh my God,Why are you here?its not right,At that time, the official information said that you and Yao Xiaoqin were fighting off
Into the sea。How come here?”Qin Feng felt that the gap between him and them was too big。How come all the information I received seems to be fake?
Cen Wen smiled and said:“It was our people who fell into the sea。But Yao Xiaoqin has indeed been caught by us。Is coming here。I must be there tonight or tomorrow。That’s why I asked you to inform your people to come。”
“my people?”Qin Feng thought,What else can i have,Isn’t it you guys??
Qiao Wei smiled,“My son and Wanyu!Call them over。”
“amount.”Qin Feng just remembered that there was such a thing。
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Chapter Three Eighty One Xuanmen double pride