“Ok,I call,Mainly I want to ask you,Your device is really amazing,Have you seen that there are only less than ten people left now。”Speaking of which,Mr. Fan can’t hide his happiness。

You know when there were so many red spots before,He was really worried,After all, no matter how good he is,,That is definitely not able to deal with so many people, OK??
but,Fan Lao really did not expect,This Xiao Fan’s level will be so successful,How long is this,Such a big group of people,It’s almost wiped out。
Ask,How can this keep him from getting excited?
“Fan Lao,You look down on me too much,Originally, I didn’t have one goal left?In this case,I can drink a few jars of Tibetan wine here。”Xiao Fan said。
“I rely on!Xiao Fan,I tell you,Don’t be too arrogant, kid!”Although this old man sincerely praised Xiao Fan for his invincibility,But when he heard Xiao Fan’s arrogant words,I can’t help but hurt Xiao Fan a few words。
“You don’t admit?”Xiao Fan asked, raising his eyebrows。
“No,No,How could I not admit it?I admire you now, it’s like a surging river……”
Hearing that Mr. Fan is about to start talking nonsense again,Xiao Fan immediately shook his head helplessly,Then said:“Stop you,Stop,Put away your words,I do not want to hear!”
“Good good,You are the boss,You decide,good or not?”Fan Lao didn’t care about his attitude towards himself with Xiao Fan。
Although the age difference between him and Xiao Fan is very big,But this friend relationship is hard to beat!
And the two of them are already used to this way of speaking。
Chapter 391 Give you a suggestion
Moreover,To put it bluntly now,But I am begging Xiao Fan to help me,Naturally,Xiao Fan is the biggest。
“Is not,I said Fan Lao,give me a call,Mainly to praise me for those few words,is it?”Xiao Fan said silently。
Xiao Fan is very good,This is something everyone knows,Alright?