As for their side?I can only watch it change!

Before leaving,Li Huan asked,“Master,Shall we let Tim Huang use the Self-Defense Force??”
“Forget it,Don’t want to make things too big!”Qin Feng shook his head,Of course he also knows that at this time, involving the Island Self-Defense Force is the best way。
The issue is,The transfer of the Self-Defense Forces will attract the attention of the whole world。
And once used,Li Huan’s position is definitely not guaranteed。the most important is,People Tianhuang may not agree to this request。You must know that there is a cooperative relationship between Chuanren Tianhuang and Qin Feng and others,But I didn’t say to stand in line completely。Now it’s pretty good to be able to provide help from people in the patrol hall。
After seeing Qin Feng’s order,Cen Wencai said,“How to solve on-site?Do you want to use people to pile up??I have thousands of minions to participate in the battle。just.”
The battle situation in front of you is set like this。Zhong Fa has been taken for treatment,The only person on the court who can change the battle situation is Qiao Wei alone.。
The issue is,If he doesn’t want to continue participating in the war, Qin Feng can’t help it.。Cen Wen didn’t persuade,What he can do now,Is to let your own people fill this hole。
But even if it is a team of thousands,Take action on the Heavenly Sweeper,It may not be able to treat each other。Even the three members of his team may die or die in vain。
of course,If it’s necessary,He can only let these people go。
Qin Feng squinted,“You said there is no other way?”
Although Qin Feng didn’t want to see his thousands of troops die like this,But Jiang Min over the god-level battle circle obviously won’t last long。It seems to take a longer time for the sky side。
Qin Feng looked down at the flying knife in his hand。As long as he takes the knife,Will be able to severely inflict damage to the two heavenly rivals
Those two buy time。But this will affect Qin Feng’s injury。Besides,God level can still be eyeing,Of course Qin Feng must retain some life-saving capabilities。
“Do you have a death squad??Just find someone to carry the bomb and explode!”Qin Feng remembered his battle among the ancients at this time。
But the premise is,If you do,It is possible to accidentally injure the friendly army。
“Try it!”
Logically,As long as people from the death squad run over and hold one’s thigh,Then the bomb works,At least it can hit the opponent’s。The issue is,Can you hold your opponent? This is a question。
and,How to notify those two“companion”Is also a technical activity。
But Cen Wen still started contacting through the communicator。