“Never discussed this issue,Maybe it’s just not fate!There are so many people who never tire of seeing each other,No one is all together!”Xiang Chen pretended to say lightly。

“Do you like me?”Bai Lu looked at Xiang Chen and asked seriously。
“If i say,the firstesdcf.Saw you,I’m hard,Do you believe it?”
Xiang Chen smirked……
Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Four Entrust
The smirk on Xiang Chen’s face may be unknown to Bai Lu before,But now Bai Lu is no longer what he used to be,Xiang Chen’s voice came down,Understand in an instant,Immediately two-finger Zen continued to greet Xiang Chen’s waist。
The force between Bai Lu’s fingers is getting stronger,But Xiang Chen is still calm and calm。
Reach out to hold Bai Lu in her arms,At the beginning, Bai Lu also symbolically resisted,In the end, he shrank into Xiang Chen’s arms as if he accepted his fate。
“I haven’t fallen in love with you yet!You’d better not get into it。”
Leaning on Xiang Chen’s shoulder,Bai Lu’s tone is a bit headstrong。
“Will fall in love in the future。”Xiang Chen said confidently。
Bai Lu uttered a question,Looking up at Xiang Chen,Asked:“Listen to you,Looks like a veteran in love,How many women have you dated before?”
“Can’t remember!Work required,Sometimes I can’t help myself!”Xiang Chen tell the truth,I don’t want to deceive Bai Lu on these things,God knows when the crazy lady Lan Youmeng will kill a carbine。
“I will beat them!”
Bai Lu seemed to cheer herself up when she spoke,Two cheeks bulging。