An oversight let go of the demon,Makes Li Tianzhen extremely unhappy,Since the black unicorn’s judgment is accurate,There is no need to waste time here,He simply accepted the puppet,Then carefully explain the black unicorn,So he left with Zhong Miura,Mobei,It will be the gathering place of the blood gods and demons。

Chapter nine hundred and seventy one Go to Mobei
Just after Li Tianzhu and Zhong Sanpo left Wumingshan,Old man Dong also started arranging a large-scale evacuation,****、Special Forces,And all logistics support units are withdrawn,The underground palace of Wuming Mountain has been completely destroyed,The suppressed demon has fled,Nothing but the cracks in the underground space,So there is no need to waste a lot of manpower。
The key is,Old man Dong got Li Tianzhi’s promise,Only the black unicorn can guard the space rift here,As a wild animal,Has a natural restraint effect on the undead army rushing out of the rift,Old man Dong has no doubt,So the withdrawal is very simple,The other two fissures are in urgent need of manpower。
In the end, a combat team of less than ten people was left to cooperate and communicate.,And the black unicorn hides in the mountains,Didn’t meet this team,It has a unique means of directly contacting Li Tianzhi。
In a small building under Fenghuangling Mountain,Old man Dong called an emergency meeting,Except for Gu Changfeng who couldn’t get out of the scene,All the backbone forces have participated,The first is to report the simple situation of the bloody case of Liuyunguan,Try to eliminate the impact as much as possible。
Secondly,Analyzed the grim situation at the moment,Although there is no emphasis on revealing the typical bloodthirsty murderous kind of blood,Also did not appear similar to‘Mark of the End’’S word,But the main meaning has been very thorough,The purpose is to let everyone have a clear understanding,Be prepared,In the future battle,What kind of enemy will everyone face。
Affected by Li Tianzhi,Old man Dong’s thinking has become more pragmatic and open-minded,Of course he doesn’t want his subordinates、Brothers inexplicably bleed and sacrifice。
Sounds a bit sad,actually not,This is to face the enemy on a very formal level、Face the crisis,Actually put out fire everywhere、The action of small troubles has risen to the height of unified deployment at the national level,In fact, higher levels are already quietly mobilizing on a large scale。
Old man Dong just made an advance,He will be busy in the future,It’s hard to have this opportunity again,He needs to pay attention to the blood line,Personally participate when necessary,Also involves international cooperation,The territory is vast,Only three gaps in space were found,Still so busy,And the latest news,A small country in South America unfortunately has a space gap,Very weird and cruel alien black worms broke into human society,Devour all living things that can be seen,Flooding,The country is instantly at a critical juncture of life and death,influenced by,Neighboring countries have closed their borders,But where can I live?
The trend of large-scale invasion of alien organisms is beginning to emerge,No longer a region、A country thing,Is a crisis facing all mankind,The long road to defend our homeland has just begun。
After the meeting,Xu Yin, the great cultivator who has been standing next to Old Man Dong, quietly left Phoenix Ridge,His destination is also Xiaoqinggou in Mobei,Old man Dong can’t get out,Xu Yin’s mission is to be his eyes,Staring at the coming storm on the Mobei Wasteland。
Zhong Sanpu is the Taishan Beidou of the spiritual world,Unparalleled status,There are also a group of hidden masters who can’t even invite Old Dong,Jong Miura must come forward,So he must not have an accident,Old man Dong doesn’t doubt Li Tianzhen’s ability,But the horror of the blood family made him cautious,Besides,Do not know why,He also has an unspeakable anxiety and panic。
Autumn season,It’s already very cold on the Mongolian grasslands,But the desert principle of Mobei is farther north of the grassland,The Xiaoqinggou area is actually near the border,The dark cyan clouds press the sky very low,The outline of the mountains faintly appeared in the northwest of the endless wasteland,On the horizon is like a squiggly gray line,Yuanyao echoes the rolling clouds。
“In front is the Buried Mountain Range,For thousands of miles,Not high mountain,But wins。”