Xuefeng City
Need to pass through the mountain pass behind Xuefeng City,To get closer to the brown earth,After Zhu Minglang arrived at Xuefeng City,Also rested here for a while。
The Dragon is already snoring like thunder in the spiritual realm,I wish Minglang helpless but can only ride horses,I went all the way back to the brown earth。
Took a look at the spiritual realm,Silver Snow Cocoon、Golden silk green cocoon、Metal sword bud、Giant black cocoon……
Like four gorgeous tombs,Nothing happened,Let Zhu Minglang miss them every time,I can’t wait to put some incense under their cocoons。
How come the reincarnation has changed。
Tianshalong is full and drunk,Unless you have life concerns,Otherwise it won’t work hard for itself,This makes Zhu Minglang, Venerable Dragon Shepherd, return to primitive people overnight,Not even a mount,Can only ride a horse。
Fortunately, Xuefeng City is more prosperous,Have money on hand,A flying dragon in the concession,I believe there is no need to travel so long。
Days without dragons,It was a bit bitter indeed。
And how should I explain to my own ladies?……Madam and sister-in-laws confess!
On the way back,I have to rely on them again for some things。
of course,Big things,I can do it myself,But it depends on whether this matter is big enough,Big enough to be the Dragon King level。