He encountered a major change in the early years,However, it also got a big firmer.,Get a heroic sword with senior people?I have been in the world for more than 20 years.?Consciously get rid of this,In the past two years, I still have a brush.。

But what is he brush?,They have been falling in the true appearance of the Chu Deirers.,And more far more far,It is inevitable in your heart.!
“Liu Yu has seen Chu Dai……I want to come, this is Murong Gongzi.?Nice to meet you?I don’t know this son……”Liu Yu is a one-old one person to see the most no eye.。
“Hey-hey,This is the second suspect?Flowerless,Say that we will appear together today?Will you rumize in the future,It is a crime of two gangs.?”Chu Deirers。
But obviously no one knows his humor?Murong Jiu disliked him?There is no shortage of flowers and laughs……And Liu Yuru Zhao Quanhai is there again。
Such a small meeting?Temperature in the hole,It seems to have risen a lot。
“It turned out to be a Gori-Piranda who took the floral palace.?Cough,I and the whole sea,Is our own grievances,The flower gong doesn’t have to worry!”Liu Yusi said quickly。
I am afraid that it is slow.,Flower is free to directly put Zhao Quanhai Tianzhi justice……
Zhuo is extraordinary, it is looked at three people.,As if——If these three people go together,The old man is only afraid that there is still some trouble.!
For this behavior that gives yourself,Chu Deeng said ignored,And stared on his unknown sword。
Extraordinary!Chu Deiren will not forget,《Tianlong Babu》Sword God,Effort,Low the sword magic alone, the sword is clear.……
Zhou Gongjian, a word Huijian,That’s more,It is not so easy to use a nursery rhyme.,In《Tianlong Babu》middle,It’s extraordinary but you can make three feet of swordsmanship.!
In the big rivers and lakes,Although the three feet of swords cannot be said to be per capita,But in the good hands of the rivers and lakes,It is also more common,Look at the experience of Chu Deirers,Nameless Sword of the Dajiang Lake……Should give him some other extraordins.?
No more than forty meters long swordsman,Chu Deirers look down on him!
I just didn’t have anything else, I haven’t worried about Liu Yuru.,Just casual,What an abnormal skill is not seen?。
“Chu Tai is saying that he is in order to mediate disputes.?so,Chu Tai is not believed here to have a treasure.?”Zhuo extraordinary somolic tone,As if you are questioning“You have so good”。
“hehe,Say it is a treasure of others,I don’t say it, I’m still aunt.,Dansan Tianmao,Will you think about it??Who knows the temperament of Yan Tai,If you want to pass the sword,Affirmation is also a big party chooses a pass,Will you do what to leave in the mountains and then scattered a set of hidden people in such a way.?”Chu Debans disdain。
Zhuo extraordinary wants to say——I believe!
perhaps,Senior secret,Is an addictive thing,Zhuo Yifan has a protagonist,The more the brain is also, the greater,He is a letter from the heart,I have to get the secret of Yannan Tian this time.。
“Oh?The old man is also lively?If there is any treasure,Let’s not teach people to succeed,But if you really have……hehe,Just so let the old man returned,Some bullied my old man。”Zhuo’s extraordinary charges。
Chu Deirers see people more gathered more,I also know that it is better to blind.,Otherwise, now you have to defeat the extraordinary,Although I have a grasp,But delay for a while,Let others come back later.?
“Also,Let’s go together again.。”Chu Deirers looked at Murongjiu and the flowers,Obviously they have no opinions。
Original Chu Deee thought,Will catch the Ouyangk,After all, when I just came down.,Jinling three swords should have just died。
All the way,Ouyangke did not see,I have met the two groups of people who have fought……
Said to be“Two groups”,But really doing,Only two people,And these two are still very dangerous to fight inner!
One of them,Chu Deirens have a few faces——It is the hills of Wutai Mountain!
It is that the voice is very large.,And Shaoshan has a secretary of the Shaolin Temple,The clear temple abstine seen in Huashan Juxianzhuang。
I am fighting with him.,Chu Deirers look at some strangers……
But with the skill of Shenshan,Shang Ding is even in Yue Yue,Can be stalemate with him,It should not be an unknown generation……certainly,It is definitely not what is the top master.。
Chapter 412 Master is not a few
Wutai Mountain Qingliang Temple Shenshan,Incorns in Zen,Because it is very powerful,It is said that I want to tende Shaolin in my early years.,The result was that it was observed to compete too much.,So confiscate,This went to the Qingliang Temple,In a few years, martial arts became the first temple.,Inherited the place of the abbot……
The martial arts of Shenshan did not,Xuanci Abbot in Nan Shaolin,Be called“Dragon volts”,And this hill is“Dragon”,The reputation of martial arts art is compassionate。
At this time, it is inhabited.,It is also a middle-aged person.,But it is a happiness,Chu Deirers look at him more,Sure enough, a folding fan is still hanging on the waist.。
Take a look……
Click one’s tongue,Sure enough, a slag male,Chu Deirers could not help but。
Didn’t recognize this person’s Chu Deirers,I hit it with the shoulders and hit the cross.:“Who is in the mountains??”