For Huazai,The company’s handling attitude has changed from ambiguous to chaotic and increasingly tough,This makes Wu Jianguo very angry。Li Tianchou doesn’t feel like it,So I didn’t deliberately persuade my comrades,He feels at this time,Everyone should try their best to help Hua Tsai’s family fight for what they deserve。

The fifth day of the new year,Outside the farmers market,Small vendors have started to sell out,Various stalls,Snacks alone are dazzling,Dou Lao、Spiced Egg、Grilled seafood stall、Rice rolls, etc.,Varied。Outside the back door of the community, the bustle and complexity of the past has been restored。
Take advantage of lunch break,Li Tianchou slipped to the back door,Took a closer look,Although there are many kinds of stalls,But there is really no such kind of wonton stall in the north,This is a good opportunity,So I squatted down on the ground and chatted with Lao Wang from the bean curd stall。
Things are not as simple as imagined:If you want to have a small stall on the roadside,The procedures are quite complicated。Physical examination,Sanitation permit、Business registration, etc.,No less,NYamenkouzi,Tube size,All have to go through,After receiving a bunch of cards,To allow stalls。
Of course there are many wild stalls,Nothing to do,But business、When the cityscape comes, you have to run away。And the market management office has also checked,I heard that I also raised a bunch of bastards,No booth fee,Hit people to collect things,Cruel。
Li Tianchou was quite moved,It’s hard to mix anything。He gave Lao Wang a cigarette,I also learned more about the process of applying for a booth,Thanks,Back to the dorm。
Just arrived at the entrance of the dormitory,,Li Tianchou ran into Wu Jianguo who came back from a meal,Strange,“Jianguo,Have lunch so late?”
“Don’t mention it,Busy in the morning, I don’t even have time to fart。Hey,Really annoying。”Wu Jianguo complained。
“Huazi’s matter has not been resolved yet?”
“Early,Something big。In the morning you are in class,May not know,Hua Zai’s family went to the head office to make trouble。The security guard over there prevented us from entering,Both sides are froze,It happens that the company’s second boss Wang’s car is going into the gate,Was blocked by Huazi’s family。The people on both sides are pulling and pulling at the beginning,I fought for some reason,Even the police went。”
“How could it be like this?”Li Tianchou was surprised。
“Ugh……”Wu Jianguo sighed,Look around,Pointing at the stairs,Sign back to the dormitory。Comrades so careful,Li Tianchou is quite disapproving,But no longer wordy,The two went upstairs and returned to the room with a muffled sound.。
After the door is closed,Wu Jianguo didn’t care about eating,Tell me what happened like a bamboo tube。Li Tianchou listened to the blood churning,Look at the faces of your comrades,It’s not small。
The company’s approach is very unkind,Something that was easy to solve,Due to dragging,Finally complicated the problem。Now has more trouble,I don’t know what the head office suddenly smokes,Assigned an offending deputy manager of personnel to handle the affairs of Hua Tsai。But this kid is not learning and skillless,One pure son,Still above the top,I look down on wage earners。When receiving Huazi’s family,Outrageous attitude,And insulted them for extortion,Finally annoyed people。
Huazi’s family is naturally reluctant,Especially his brother-in-law is also a master of things,The lion opens his mouth,This fee,That’s a lot of money,The company will not accept,The two sides broke out。
“Anyway, a slap won’t make a sound,The messenger pulled a shit,I don’t know where to hide now。”Wu Jianguo was talking,Took a few bites of rice。
“What’s the plan of the company??Are you sincere about it??For example, let’s talk about the pension standard at least。”Li Tianchou couldn’t help but ask。
Wu Jianguo was taken aback,This is indeed the crux of the problem。He intervened in the middle of the road and was dizzy,Mainly according to the above explanation to persuade and appease the Huazi family。As for the pension,The company has never been in the cloud,Maybe the level is not enough,Thinking of this, he answered vaguely,“Old Hao should know,There should be a plan, right??”
Li Tianchou sneered,The old comrades are really kind to be deceived,Don’t even understand the key issues,No wonder the work is hard to do。This also shows that the company has no sincerity to discuss。No matter how much the pension,There is a fundamental difference between being and not being,This is of great significance to Huazi’s family,Even if you give more,For such a big company, it’s just a little drizzle.。But what makes him confused is,Trivial things,Why does the company destroy its image?