HuoJiangCheng over there took off his coat and came into the kitchen.

Look down at the food and then at the people.
An Shutong has been afraid to look at someone with his head down, but when someone glances at her, she can feel it, and it feels like two lights are shining on her head.
I’ll do it. He untied his apron from Anshutong and said to her, You can help me keep an eye on Ayang’s writing career.
An Yiyang widely spreadanddeeply felt, What do I have to stare at me so consciously? Then he turned and left.
An Shutong didn’t want to stay longer, but also hurried to …
Fang Li Yiyang didn’t have the heart to write, smiled at his sister and asked, My second brother is much better to you than to me. Didn’t anything happen when you lived together?
We don’t live together. An Shutong glared at his younger brother. The second brother lives across the street.
An Yiyang shrugged. How can I have such a silly sister? My second brother is so kind to you.
Don’t worry about adults and children. An Shutong took out his eldest sister and knocked on the table severely and asked, How did Ma review his lessons for the final exam?
Not bad. He took out the test questions in different categories and piled them on the table. Look, I have to write so many volumes every day now.
An Shutong was also distressed by his younger brother’s softer tone and said, I wish you had finished the college entrance examination for half a year. She sat next to him and watched him write a paper.
Sister, how do you write this question? An Yiyang thought about a problem for a minute, then turned around and asked his sister.
Section 47
Knowledge of dynamics in physics problems An Shutong took the problem and looked at it for a long time. She couldn’t remember any knowledge, and she couldn’t understand it for a long time.
I’m a liberal arts physics student in high school, and none of this will be. An Shutong calmly handed back the exercises and blinked, but she was vaguely impressed.
An Yiyang said, This question is really simple. I will write it and ask you on purpose.
An Shutong clenched his fist. Before Angry, An Yiyang’s sister raised her hand and surrendered. He squinted at his sister and smiled. The young man laughed elegantly.
Looking at his younger brother An Shutong, he said, Ayang, it would be nice if mom woke up. At that time, our family of three will live together. Although there is no father, they will be as happy as before without a mother.
An Yiyang said, I want to go to the hospital to see mom this weekend.
On the weekend, An Shutong took her brother to the First Hospital, but she didn’t expect to see An Jiajing in her mother’s ward.
What are you doing here? Seeing An Jiajing and An Shutong for no reason, he strode over and pushed others away. This is my mother, not your mother. Please stay away from my mother.
An Jiajing has never seen An Shutong since what happened in the old house where he settled down.
Huo Jiangcheng intends to hide people. He has something to hide from others, but he has been guarding her mother’s hospital. He can always see people.
I finally waited for you. An Jiajing wore a black coat, and he was a little thinner now, but his eyes were as sharp as ever. He said to An Shutong, Don’t worry, I won’t let An Shanshan go that day.
What day? An Yiyang asked, What is it? What did Almunia do to my sister?
Anjiajing looked at Anyiyang and looked at Anshutong’s lips and didn’t talk again. Anyiyang saw that everyone had something to hide from him and immediately came along with a sullen face.
Sister, did I keep calling but you didn’t answer that day? He tugged at his sister’s sleeve and his face was full of anger. You all know and you deliberately keep it from me?
Ayang, I didn’t mean to hide it from you. You have to take the exam. I don’t want to worry you. An Shutong soothed his brother and looked at An Jiajing. You go and I don’t want to see you again.
Anjiajing pull lip this time is in accordance with her.
But instead of going far, he went outside to wait for some words and things. He couldn’t say in front of Yiyang that he needed to talk to her face to face alone.
After Anjiajing left, Anyiyang asked her sister again, What did Amur fir do to you? Elder sister, I am your brother. You must tell me anything.
It’s really hard for an Shu Tong to say that.
In the face of his younger brother’s repeated questioning, An Shutong’s face sank. Don’t ask Ayang any more. It’s all over, and you are not allowed to think about things that have nothing to do with your study. You should study hard now.
An Yiyang is usually goodtempered, but he is also stubborn when he is really angry.
Angry with his sister, he doesn’t want his mother to be noisy here and leave.
An Shutong sighed and stayed with his mother for a while before leaving the hospital.
Just out of the hospital, I saw An Jiajing.
An Shutong didn’t even turn around and leave directly in his mood.
桑拿会所An Jiajing walked over in three or two steps and grabbed her wrist. An Shutong wanted to get rid of Nai. She was so strong that she couldn’t beat him.
car! He dragged her into the car and locked the door.
An Shutong was so angry that he lost his mind and took out his mobile phone. Regardless of hitting his window, it hurts and there is no scratch on the window.
An Jiajing said, Shu Tong, don’t you want to know the truth? I’ll tell you all the truth today. He started the car and stepped on the gas pedal. The car quickly drove to the main road and soon merged into the crowd.
The body goes to the Civil Affairs Bureau 31 days early.
An Jiajing drove to a cemetery outside the city.
This cemetery An Shutong knew her father’s tomb right here. After the car stopped, she still didn’t move in the car. At first glance, the cemetery was shocking.
Anjiajing personally opened the door for her after getting out of the car.
An Shutong got out of the car slowly without looking at him. She walked directly to her father’s grave without stopping.
Gave her a look at Anjiajing and took the door behind her.