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After Real Madrid survived the crisis, they gave the ball to Qin Xiong in the backcourt.

Also in the midfield, Qin Xiong played a longdistance assist, and his curling ball went straight through the Arsenal defence!
Senderos’s reaction was a little slow. When the football whirled behind him, he realized that Qin Xiong didn’t miss the ball, but delivered shells to Raul with confusion and creativity!
Raul lived up to Qin Xiong’s efforts. He calmly pushed the ball into Arsenal’s goal.
Arsenal are 20 behind Real Madrid at Emirates Stadium!
This is really difficult. Arsenal are two goals behind at home. Although it seems that Real Madrid is evenly matched, we can still feel the advantages of Real Madrid in the details.
If you can’t get the score back at home, Arsenal’s trip to the Bernabeu will be even more dangerous!
Wenger looked dignified on the sidelines.
Before the game was a sudden change, I felt that the two teams were half a catty. It wasn’t long before Arsenal fell behind by two goals! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. 79 Turn away from loyalty and stick to it]
The story of Qin Xiong’s Arsenal was originally this will go through the next year.
I didn’t expect it to develop into seeing each other is better than not seeing each other
Many gun fans who still remember Qin Xiong’s great contribution to Arsenal in deep memory wish not to see Qin Xiong here today!
I can’t bear a trace of hatred, but I have to look at the team that I once loved to slaughter!
This feeling is really like a knife.
Most gun fans have some panic in their hearts.
Arsenal are two goals behind at home before halftime.
This reminds them irresistibly of Real Madrid’s massacre in La Liga and Champions League!
Will the Emirates Stadium be full of blood and bones?
No one knows, but watching the game may eventually lead to Real Madrid turning around and leaving the Emirates Stadium in ruins!
Wenger actively mobilized the morale of the players on the sidelines, and Henry, the captain of the field, retreated to join the offensive organization on a large scale
In Arsenal’s formation, the former players who worked with Qin Xiong felt a sense of humiliation in their hearts!
spa会所When Qin Xiong left, some media did enlarge Qin Xiong’s contribution to the limit!
It seems that Arsenal can achieve three consecutive Premier League titles and then two consecutive titles in Europe, thanks to Qin Xiong!
To change direction is to belittle the contribution of others
This will make them uncomfortable.
No one would accept it calmly.
Today, Qin Xiong has played a wonderful performance against Arsenal for the first time.
It seems to prove that he is so outstanding, his ability is so strong and his contribution is decisive!
They want to prove that they want to show the world that it is not Qin Xiong!
Don’t underestimate us!
Arsenal’s running speed is obviously accelerated, as if they were sprinting back and forth at any cost.
In this era, the Premier League is breaking out in Europe, which is based on physical fitness.
Premier League teams can run when their opponents can’t run.
You can say that the overall technical content of the Premier League is still not as good as that of La Liga and Serie A, but when it comes to physical confrontation, running and physical ability, no league can compete with the Premier League!

Rogue Han Jin Huan’s face is slightly red and he will take the door with him at a glance.

Wait, Han Jie, don’t get me wrong. Maybe you misunderstood me just now. I mean, let me give you a physical examination. This is Mei Jie telling me. Feiyang stretched out his foot and blocked the door and gently explained.
Korea do huan hesitated for a hard stare at flying again this just opened the door with a frown and let the flying came in.
Han Jie, let’s have a bed. Flying into the room said with a smile.
Are you flying on purpose? Han Jin Huan suppressed his anger for a long time and immediately sent it out toward the sky and roared.
Han Jie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I’m not very good at talking, said Feiyang injustice.
Han Jin Huan couldn’t wait to tear the bastard in front of him, but he was able to hold back and resent the bed and sit crosslegged and float in the sky. Only then did he pack up his grievance expression and his eyes flashed a smug look. He took off his shoes and sat opposite Han Jin Huan, and the two of them clasped their fingers like Yanjing. Han Jin Huan’s bed was running on Sunday.
桑拿论坛Han Jie, your body has recovered well and you feel healthier than Yanjing. You want us to practice like this to believe that before long, you will be able to grow by leaps and bounds. Feiyang and Han Jin Huan took back their hands after several Sunday operations and said with a smile.
Let’s call it a day, Han Jin Huan said lightly.
Well, after today is almost over, I will come to help you have a Sunday operation every day. This is a nonsuccess elder sister, and they all can’t enjoy the treatment. Feiyang nodded and smiled.
Well, you can get out of here, said Han Jin Huan lightly.
Han Jie is not so rude, right? Flying at Han Jin Huan’s face looked startled and said.
Don’t go, I’m going to sleep. Han Jin Huan said softly again.
Then let’s sleep together Feiyang leaned in and asked with a smile.
Roll! Han Jin Huan pushed away the flying pillow and smashed it at him to drive him out of his bedroom, took the door and pulled it aside to be asleep.
Fly in the sky outside his eyebrows slightly wry smile know Han Jin huan got up early today and didn’t bother her again. She turned around and took out her mobile phone and called Hu Mei.
Hey, what can I do for you? Hu Mei quickly picked up the words and asked with a smile.
Mei Jie Han Jie, I have already taken it, said Feiyang lightly.
Oh, have you treated her? How is her physical condition? If it’s not clear, the wrist watch can be used for testing. If the testing method says yes, Hu Mei nodded and asked softly.
I have treated her. Sister Han is in good health. I believe her strength will rise soon. Feiyang replied.
That’s good. Is that why you called? Hu Mei asked with a sigh of relief.
It’s not that Han Jie and I have anything. Feiyang shook his head and asked softly. After all, all the people in the tiger group seem to have their own and left themselves and Korea to enjoy themselves. I’m afraid it’s a bit decent to be in the tiger group for so long. I’m afraid I visited Gaos thought at night two days ago, so I always feel a little uncomfortable when I’m idle and flying.
You put your mind at ease and put your strength up first. I have prepared a lot of things for you. It is estimated that you will be busy until years ago. Hu Mei replied with a smile.
Oh, well, Feiyang nodded and exchanged a few commonplaces with Hu Mei, and then hung up. It seems that the urgent task now is to raise the strength of Korea’s best.
After a period of flying, I have to practice Sunday running with Korea every day. In addition to these, flying back to Korea arranged some martial arts practice. This martial arts teacher is naturally flying.
Although from time to time, I was flying in the training to eat some tofu, but the strength rose to Korea as soon as possible, and the whole department endured it. It was hate that Bai Feiyang’s training strength rose steadily for half a month, and finally he answered that it was up to standard.
However, this standard must be tested in Yanjing and confirmed by Chu Xueqing before it can really count, so the two men flew to Yanjing for testing again.
Chapter 362 And Han Jin Huan will Yanjing
At 7 o’clock in the evening, Hu Mei personally drove the car to pick up Feiyang and Han Jin Huan, and Chu Xueqing knew that Feiyang and Han Jin Huan were coming to Yanjing and found Hu Mei to come to the airport with her to pick up Feiyang and Han Jin Huan. When they left the airport and looked around to pick them up, Chu Xueqing had already seen the two people leaning out of the window and waved to them and shouted, Sister Feiyang Huan is here.
It’s dangerous to sit well in the snow and shine Hu Mei gently scolded while driving.
It’s okay, sister Mei, I’ll pay attention. Chuxueqing turned around and said with a smile, and continued to wave hello to Feiyang and Han Jin Huan.
Fly in the sky and Korea do huan also soon found that will be half a body out of the window constantly waved to yourself ChuXueQing smiled and walked quickly towards her.
Snow shine is so dangerous Han Jin Huan came over and looked at ChuXueQing frown and said.
I see, how do you scold me like Mei Jie? Chuxueqing wronged pursed mouth and said.
Scold you are worried about you. Feiyang encouraged with a smile and then opened the back seat door and had a good time with Korea.
How long will you and Huan sister stay in Yanjing this time? Feiyang and Han Jin Huan asked Chu Xueqing a car.
I don’t know this. It’s better for you to ask Mei Jie this question. Feiyang said with a light smile that he came to test with Han Jin Huan. By the way, when Hu Mei will leave here depends on when Hu Mei will give it to himself.
Sister Mei Chu Xueqing will look forward to looking at Hu Mei.
Three days Hu Mei’s expression said the number of days.
Ah, it’s so short, ChuXueqing said with some unhappiness.
Three days is long enough. I was going to let the two of them leave immediately after you finished the test there, Hu Mei said with eyebrows raised.
Oh this ChuXueQing have no words.
See ChuXueQing quiet to hu mei corners of the mouth with a smile radian started the car toward the CIA nine old office building, since the face asked the tiger group to move back to yanjing, hu mei and tiger group several people didn’t live in nine new office buildings, but to tidy up the original nine old office buildings and live in it, which got the support of zhao Lao, and it’s hard to say what to say. Anyway, it’s Yanjing, so they can go.
The four returned to Laojiu, and then the car walked towards the research center, where they met Zhao Laosi drinking tea at the door and said hello to Zhao Laosi.
Come back Zhao Lao nodded and looked at Feiyang with a smile and asked with a smile.
Is this time when I come back, I will give Han Jie a formal test to enter the tiger group? Feiyang replied with a smile.
Oh, Korean girl test Zhao Lao was slightly surprised and then looked at Korea with a smile and nodded, Korean girl looks great, good, good.
Zhao Lao is ridiculous. Han Jin Huan laughed modestly.
The old man never praises the Korean girl so quickly. Have you made such a big progress and have a small double major? Zhao Lao looked at Korea and laughed.
I didn’t have anything to do with him, Zhao Lao. Don’t make fun of me, Han Jin Huan replied with a red face.
Oh, it’s such a big progress without a double major. If you double major, it will be great. Boss Zhao said with a smile.
Zhao old say yes float in the sky to nod a way
Zhao Lao said Han Jin’s shame is overwhelming.

He looked calm and said, "Go to sleep."

I’ll, uh, lie down
He turned off the bedside lamp and lay down with him.
I feel his breath getting closer and closer, and the sandalwood fragrance haunts my nose.
He reached out and held me in his arms and asked in a low voice, "Love me?"
I’m a little embarrassed. I didn’t expect Li Qingqing’s words to be heard by him just now.
He smiled with his head buried in my neck, and his voice was hoarse and charming.
I feel hot all over.
He kissed my face and my lips without warning.
I looked up and suffered his attack on the city.
His slender, warm fingertips made me wander all the way.
I can’t help but tighten my body.
He kissed my ear and gently coaxed me into saying, "Honey, it’s okay."
I put my hands around his neck and heard my heart pounding, and my lips were caught by him, making it difficult to breathe.
Although we slept in the same bed in those days in town, he didn’t do anything to me.
Even if the atmosphere was so good during the camping nights in the Alps, he always restrained himself from taking care of my injuries.
I didn’t expect him to be in the mood today
This is the second time I have been so close to him since I was forced to take medicine.
And still awake.
I’m so nervous that my heart is about to jump out
He kissed me closely and coaxed me into entering slowly.
I feel particularly ashamed and inexplicably excited about changing to a strange environment, and this excitement makes me even more shy.
I clung to his shoulder.
He moved so fiercely that he didn’t stop until it was dawn outside.
I was so tired that I didn’t want to move my fingers. He fell asleep in his arms.
I seem to hear him whispering in my ear in my sleep, "Baby, I will definitely make up a wedding for you later."
I rubbed him and went back to sleep.
When I woke up the next day, it was noon, and the sun shone through the white screen window to make the room warm.
Next to the position is cold.
Ye Xiangyuan has left.
I saw him leave a message on his bedside saying that he had gone to the army and asked me to take care of myself and sister-in-law and Xiaojin.
It’s normal. A clean sentence
And his handwriting is vigorous and powerful, as tough and steady as he feels.
I reopened the quilt as if I still had his breath.
品茶Think of his hot chest and those big hands that buckle my waist … I can’t help but roll.
Pat my hot face. I forced myself to calm down and get up quickly.
After walking to the bathroom for a short distance, my waist and legs were a little sore. I looked at myself in the mirror and blushed.
Finally, the powder cake was covered up before I left the room with confidence.
Behind the building, I saw Xiao Jin being held by her sister-in-law and sitting in the hall to watch.
Other than that, he was nowhere to be seen.
Sister-in-law pointed to the kitchen "rice!"
I smiled and thanked him and walked to the restaurant.
Li Qingqing just came out from the inside with a glass of water in his hand.
When she saw me, she said coolly, "It’s really rude. All the elders in the family are up, but you sleep late and I don’t know if you are paralyzed."
Yesterday, her mother-in-law came forward to make things difficult. Today, her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law take turns to find fault.
I smiled gently and swept her around the corner of my eye. "Is it not harmonious between you and your uncle’s nightlife when you are so angry?"

But … I still want to tell you that you are handsome, in my heart.

Chapter 355 Three hundred and fiftyfive Is broken
With the breeze, Chen Ran’s words are getting smaller and smaller, and his face is flushed with charm.
Lin Tian couldn’t stand it any longer, so he went and kissed him.
See Chen Ran heart didn’t respond, Lin day more excessive, reached out and put her arms around Chen Ran heart waist.
Instead of knocking out Lin Tian’s hand, Chen Ranxin shrank her charming body into Lin Tian’s arms. She mumbled, Don’t touch.
Lin Tian couldn’t help but smile.
I don’t know how I fell asleep. Both of them felt a little cold in their sleep and didn’t hold it tighter.
The next morning.
Ringing birds will wake Lin Tianhe Chen Ran heart.
Smelling the humid air, Lin Tian was very happy and washed in a river on the mountain.
Chen Ranxin also went to wash her face. She looked at Lin Tiandao and said, Don’t say anything about yesterday.
Elder sister, I didn’t do anything last night … Lin Tian hurriedly waved.
Chen Ran heart eyes a stare, the threat is obvious …
Lin day dare not say anything, good nod should be.
The sun is shining and the breeze is just right.
Go home Chen Ran heart was slightly red.
Last night, she drank a little too much, and she forgot whether she said something she shouldn’t say or did something she shouldn’t do
It is the first time to spend the night outside with a man, and Chen Ranxin feels a little ashamed at the thought.
Although she came out to work hard very early and has been honed by society, Chen Ranxin is still a very conservative person in her bones.
When Lin Tian saw Chen Ran’s blushing face, he felt even more lovely. Why did he kiss him? Don’t worry, I’m the strictest.
Chen Ranxin took a look at Lin Tian and helped Lin Tian tidy her clothes seriously. At last, she said, Who is better than Yingying?
This is the topic that Lin Tian is most afraid of hearing. He looks slightly stiff and doesn’t know how to answer.
I’m kidding. When I saw this picture of Lin Tian, Chen Ran smiled and had a variety of amorous feelings.
Lin Tian touched his nose awkwardly, but still didn’t dare to answer the words, so as to change the subject: Let’s take the car, Sister Xin, I’ll take the tent, and I’ll do the dirty work.
Chen Ran heart nodded, slowly car, Lin looked at the rising sun for a while, then closed the tent, threw it directly into the trunk, and then sat down on the copilot.
桑拿会所  title=Back to the city! Lin Tian pointed forward, which is full of enthusiasm!
But as soon as the car started, it stopped immediately.
… heart elder sister? What’s the matter? BMW 5 will also be broken? Lin day suddenly feel a little bad, his hunch is very accurate.
Chen Ranxin frowned and looked at it, then turned to Lin Tiandao: It seems that … there is no oil …
Lin Tian almost choked to death on his own saliva. He didn’t understand the car, but he watched it intently for a while and finally said, No way?
Don’t blame Lin Tian for such a big reaction.
This place is in the middle of nowhere. It took Chen Ranxin almost two or three hours to get here, and suddenly there is no oil. How can we get back?
Chen Ranxin tried to start a car again, but the car still moved a little and stopped immediately.
… I’m out of oil Chen Ran heart nai sighed, and it seems that I didn’t expect this.
Yesterday, she rushed back to S city, and there was not much oil left. She experienced some things in the afternoon, which made Chen Ran absentminded and turned out to be forgotten.
is there any other way? Lin Tian doesn’t know much about cars, but he is not mentally retarded, and he can’t run without a car …
It’s okay, I’ll send someone to tow the car. Chen Ran smiled and took out his mobile phone.
Lin, as a little Ann, but for a moment, his smile was bitter.
Because Chen Ranxin praised his mobile phone, he said to Lin Tian, It’s gone …
As the saying goes, the house leaks when it rains all night, and the ship is late and the wind blows. At this moment, Lin Tianhe and Chen Ran feel unlucky to the extreme.
Sister, I am! Lin day immediately way
His cell phone was charged yesterday, and it’s still full, but … Chen Ranxin said, I can’t remember the number, and your cell phone signal is not good. Look, there is no signal.
When Lin Tian saw it, he suddenly flew into a rage!
This is not a fire to Chen Ran, but to his mobile phone.
paralysis! I will never be a cottage again! ….. This is the last lament of Lin Tian.
Two people have no way, good car to the road.
Maybe there will be passing cars there, and there will definitely be oil.
If you go back to S city … Regardless of whether this car is still here, Chen Ranxin and Lin Tian will rest assured that they just can’t stand it when they leave.
It takes at least a whole day to get back to S city. Lin Tian can stand it, but Chen Ran’s heart is not necessarily.
Sitting by the side of the road, Lin Tian sighed: Sister Xin, do we think the car is in the way? Will your BMW 5 explode later?
See more movies. Chen Ranxin adjusted her forehead bangs and turned supercilious look directly.
It’s rare to see Lin Tianyou don’t know what to do, but Chen Ran is in a good mood.
Chatting on the side of the road while waiting for the passing car.
But this place is too far away. Where do ordinary people go here? After waiting for an afternoon, Lin Tianhe and Chen Ran didn’t see the car.
Lin Tiangang wanted to say something, but he heard a grunt
He raised his eyebrows and looked at Chen Ranxin.
Chen Ranxin’s face turned reddish: I’m hungry …
Lin Tianyi zheng, white just what is a purr, he quickly turned and found, finally found a little biscuit.
I brought it earlier and forgot to eat it. Sister Xin should take a bite first.
Chen Ranxin took over.

"There is a lack of security around without a mobile phone."

The hospital environment is relatively quiet, Song Qingcheng lives in a single ward, and there is no mobile phone network. She doesn’t know what happened to the news that she matched her kidney to save her brother.
"Want to know the news follow-up?" Yutingchuan asked her
Song Qingcheng expressed his concern that "I’m afraid that the news of kidney donation comes out because of the developed network information."
After she gave birth, Yu Sister-in-law temporarily moved into Yunxi Road Garden. In the past two days, Yu Sister-in-law and Aunt Gong were busy cleaning the villa and taking care of her, but they didn’t have time to pay attention to the current affairs news newspaper. The two news reports to Song Qingcheng were "Song Moumou" on the social platform. Aunt Gong and Yu Sister-in-law were too old to know how to go online and naturally wouldn’t pay attention to those reports.
So she asked Aunt Gong, and they couldn’t ask why.
Yutingchuan has been sitting in the bedside chair, holding the whole Song Dynasty with his right hand stretched out, and slowly clenching his thigh is tender and sweet, and told her that "some reporters in the building don’t have to be nervous or ignore them later."
Song Qingcheng nodded and looked deep into the man’s eyes. "Things are big, right?"
After hesitating for a few seconds, I finally asked my doubts.
Considering that there are other people in the ward, Song Qingcheng’s voice is low. "Have I been in prison before?"
Yu Tingchuan did not deny that looking at her eyes was gentle. "Will you be afraid?"
The whole song dynasty shook its head and truthfully said, "I would be afraid before I did it." Say that finish this sentence and hold his big hand "but not now."
The words fell on those bright eyes and looked at him with dependence. "Because I know that no matter what happens, you will be by my side, and I am a mother now, and I should not escape when I encounter problems, so I should set a good example for my children."
At nine o’clock this afternoon, many children were sent out of the observation room.
Outside the inpatient department, there are many reporters squatting in the shade of the scorching sun.
A reporter sharp-eyed saw a man coming out of the inpatient department shouting’ Is it Yu Tingchuan?’ Immediately, all reporters held a long gun and a short gun.
Yutingchuan has been holding Song Qingcheng’s hand and protecting her with the other hand to avoid her being collided by reporters. The girl in Yutingchuan’s arms is wearing sunglasses and a sky blue shirt and white pants. She should be afraid of the flash and slightly lower her head.
A reporter took pictures of Yu Tingchuan and Song Qingcheng with clenched hands.
When the nanny came out with the baby basket, bodyguards and hospital guards came to drive away the reporters who came around a little.
Media reporters can’t offend, which is a common truth in entertainment and business circles. If you offend a reporter today, she/he will blacken you upside down. Some fake materials can come true, and it will be difficult for an individual to wash away the black history.
Yu Tingchuan had previously told Xu Dong to avoid physical conflicts between bodyguards and journalists.
A bold reporter tried to avoid the bodyguard’s block and pushed forward with a microphone. He asked, "Mr. Yu is now online, and your wife’s news is endless. Just now, Weibo, who claimed to be a prisoner at the same time as your wife Yu Rao’s second prison, made a statement. She said that your wife had been seriously injured in a fight in prison, which proved her statement and she also took a photo."
Then the reporter hurriedly took out his mobile phone. "The fifth Mr. Yu on the left in the third row in this photo, please see if he is your wife?"
Yu Tingchuan never raised his hand in front of those cameras without gaffes to stop people from coming over. Xu Dong answered, "It’s not surprising that you have a problem with the photo synthesis with advanced technology. I can tell you that my wife was harassed by future generations when she was young, and she accidentally hurt someone. She has paid the price for her own fault. Please seek truth from facts and don’t be influenced by false statements on the Internet."
The reporter took the opportunity to ask again, "Mr. Yu must have read the article in Yangjiang Daily yesterday. Is it true that you defended your wife and spent a lot of money to buy TV programs and videos?" Is your wife really unwilling to save her dying brother? "
"My wife just gave birth on September 6, and now you have seen it with your own eyes."
Yu Tingchuan’s opening voice is still calm and plain. "The charity dinner was held on the evening of the 5th. My wife was pregnant and gave birth prematurely next month. No, I’ll elaborate on the reasons. If you think about it, you can say nothing about your father. My wife and daughter will not discuss her mother in public."
Smell speech those reporters behave themselves.
It may be that Yu Tingchuan’s calm attitude, no guilty conscience and no avoidance gave them another guess. Is it really targeted by someone? Scandals have exploded one after another. If they were ordinary people, I am afraid they would have been unable to stop the pressure of public opinion.
Look at this Mrs. Yu again. It doesn’t look as unbearable as the internet says.
Some reporters think it may be that silence is the best weapon at this time, but every word that Mrs. Yu says now is recorded and flowed out, which is equivalent to adding a fire to those scandals
All the reporters with active minds turned to Song Qingcheng and asked "Mrs. Yu, don’t you explain yourself?" Is it true that it was not your husband Mr. Yu but your brother-in-law who sent you to the hospital on the evening of September 5? "
Malicious song city will not listen to not to come out in this sentence.
桑拿按摩Even if the reporter had been pulled aside by bodyguards, Song Qingcheng realized that the rumor outside was more serious than she thought, and all the children born in Lian Gang were arranged.
Yu Tingchuan didn’t talk nonsense to reporters again. "I understand that it’s not easy for you to work in the hospital in such a hot day, but you have to report in the news media. We should uphold the principle of seeking truth and hope that all media friends can truthfully report what they saw and heard on the Internet today. My wife and I will reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility, which is not a threat, but I don’t want to see any name on the list of lawyers’ prosecutions in the future."
This is not a threat, but it is already a warning.
A journalist with a status like Yu Tingchuan knows that it’s hard to talk about doing business, and it’s not good to make it bigger, and people will ignore you. If you ride to the top of your head, you’ll be lucky.
That kind of rumor and slander lawsuit is a dozen times, and the rich can entrust a lawyer for 50 thousand yuan in half a year. It is not a problem to sue dozens of people at the same time if they have more money.
But you are an ordinary citizen. Even if you can afford a lawyer, can you spend it with others?
Even if you can afford it, is your network as big as others?
The background of the Yu family is there until the trial, and the judge may have dinner with the plaintiff the night before. Besides, in this kind of lawsuit, the plaintiff has to find a good charge and the defendant has a very small chance of winning.
In reality, there are still a few people who are willing to break the jar and break the fame.
For a moment, the reporter holding the microphone consciously stepped back.
Song Qingcheng was escorted out of the inpatient department by Yutingchuan. Lao Zhao had parked the car and got into the car. Aunt Gong put the baby basket in again.
The baby basket was covered with gauze curtains, and the children didn’t expose those shots.
Song Qingcheng looked at the sleeping face of the child and just wanted to come out and answer the reporter’s question. The impulse was crushed by her. After Yu Tingchuan’s car, she turned to look at the outline of the man’s tough side face. "You don’t listen to their nonsense. Yu Chengye and I are no different."
Yu Tingchuan opened the car door and looked at her face with warmth in her eyes. "Those rumors don’t have to be taken seriously. Is it me? I don’t know?"
Smell speech Song Qingcheng corners of the mouth slightly curved.
On September 11th, the doorbell of a suburban house in Nancheng was rung at about 10 o’clock at night.
One of the four people squatted in front of the brain and opened the door. As soon as the door opened, I felt that I had a hard kick on my chest before I could see the other person’s sample. The whole person was kicked over!
☆, Chapter 454 Feeding the child belongs to the father’s affection.
The young man fell on his back, and his chest was dull and dull. He just looked up at the door and came in. A tall and thin young man looked at the 27-year-old man with a guy in his right hand. He didn’t know which way the immortal youth was swinging the iron bar.
The man consciously closed his eyes and clung to his head, but the iron bar swept over his head and smashed the glass partition.
Tempered glass’ Kuang’ collapsed, and the round glass shattered all over the floor.
This movement caused three other people in the room to rush out.
However, seeing the mysterious situation clearly, several people suddenly changed their faces, but they were all in their mid-twenties, and no one wanted to be the early bird when they met this kind of appearance at night.
The man sitting on the ground wants to get up and arch his back, so he is trampled heavily. The whole person lies down again and presses the glass slag next to his palm with bloody pain.
The companion finally couldn’t see the young man pointing at the door. "What do you want!"
He told others around him to "call the police immediately."

Lu Zhan suddenly hates himself a little, so he is not white with Zihua, which may have caused trouble to Zihua.

I was thinking that Zihua quickly took out an Ipad from the room and sat down on the sofa again and put it on the coffee table.
"Nannan didn’t live here once a month. Things are very messy. I didn’t find this first, did I?" Zihua said.
Lu Zhan has leaned out of the body and suddenly thought of something and shrank back.
"Don’t watch it …"
"What are you afraid of? Is Tang Tang’s lspl undefeated God of War afraid to face his own failure? " Purple flower patted Lu Zhan shoulder with a smile.
When they meet in reality, Lu Zhan and Zi Hua sometimes have a double row of Lu Zhan in the same room. When they don’t play well, Zi Hua likes to pat him on the shoulder like this. It looks like slapping is really encouragement.
"No, I haven’t figured out how to face those netizens who chose me to play." Lu Zhan said with some serious expressions.
Although he has arrived at Chen Nannan’s home, the loss of the North American team still affects the mood of the landing exhibition. He is not afraid of failure-he has accepted the reality of failure frankly. He is afraid of disappointing fans.
It took millions of people to appear here as a player in the secondary league. The defeat of this game may make many people sad.
桑拿"Don’t think about it. I’ve opened it for you to see and leave a message for you!" Purple flower took Ipda to Lu Zhan’s eyes and waved and said
Chapter 62 China spray
The so-called three unique island women in East Asia, South Korea stick, China spray
The spraying force is exhausted. Before taking over the Ipad, Lu Zhan has made the worst plan. In case of being sprayed, you must pretend to be calm and leave it alone.
But when he saw the Ipad text, he froze.
There is a wifi purple flower in the room, and the news that the China Star team lost to the North American team was published on the page of Aiwan Game Network.
The headline of the news is "losing", but the whole article analyzes the gains and losses of the game.
Lu Zhan saw the journalists, and it was no accident that he came to Paris with them to write.
Maybe Zhiwei didn’t know much about lol skills and tactics when he held a press conference a few months ago, but this article is already very standard.
In this paper, it is analyzed that China team made a great mistake in the land exhibition, and the most stable point in the team is that one does not support his teammates, and the single is equal to the small achievement.
Compared with this, this is the main reason for the failure. There are too few heroes in the road, and these are secondary.
Lu Zhan read the whole article with strange feelings.
Knowledge analysis is very in place. Lu Zhan’s views coincide and directly speak to his heart.
These two games are really depressing. Priestess of Death tactical fixed him to brush his troops and let him play his own strength in other ways
He had done everything he had to do, but he lost the game because of a command error.
"I don’t want you to watch the news, I want you to watch the comments!" Purple flowers gather around Lu Zhan, and Lu Zhan exhales like a orchid.
Lu Zhan nodded. He just looked at the article and almost forgot.
When playing lspl, he didn’t pay much attention to the comments of netizens because of the secret training and competition. He heard the soldiers say that the spray was fierce and not to touch it.
This is the first time to pay special attention to these.
He held down the screen and pulled it to the side, and soon found that among thousands of comments, netizens had been divided into two groups.
The first wave is that the pessimists moved out of China lol team and lost over the years. The reality tells everyone that it is better to wait for the national football team to enter the World Cup than to expect the China team to win the championship.
The other group also supports China Star team to think that the temporary defeat is a temporary hope that the team will change after the group stage.
Two groups of critics argued endlessly, and the pessimists also gave reasons for the team’s defeat.
The target is directed at the team analyst’s two tactical design failures. Everyone can see that everyone is very unhappy about being targeted by tactics for two consecutive games.
There are four or five hundred of the two thousand comments aimed at analysts. Besides, many of them are too far from the auxiliary and too shallow for Xiao Shengqiang’s single hero pool.
Few people blame Lu Zhan-gen for brushing two soldiers. Although most people don’t have the detailed analysis ability like Zhiwei, they see that Lu Zhan saved the game again and again.
Bomber or Arianna, every time he needs a land show, he takes out his true story.
Brush soldiers to break the record, the dragon blew himself up, the assassin Arianna harvested the battlefield, and chose to stay with the demon Ji at the last moment …
Several scene comments were made, but no one accused him.
Most people say "he did his best"
"quite Wind! The undefeated god of war fought to the last minute, although it was defeated! "
"The first time I saw him before the game, he didn’t necessarily do it in lspl. Now it seems that it is a rhythm of dragging his legs!"
"If the last flower hadn’t hit grandma’s house, maybe Wind would have saved the game!"
"If you really have two games, go home. I hope Wind will let go and do it. We support you!"
There are very few people who spray Lu Zhan to play solo, regardless of teammates and so on, but praise Lu Zhan’s comments that the sea was quickly buried.
Watching Lu Zhan’s eyes suddenly wet.
He is a very strong man, and he has never cried in the face of major problems many times.
Whether he didn’t win the first prize in the Olympic Mathematical Contest or his brother Lu Hong was injured, he held back his tears.
But this time I almost cried.
He will face a lot of coldness and abuse, but this is not the case. Most people are unreasonable. They all know that Lu Zhan has done his best.
Perhaps it takes a failure to realize who really supports him. It is obvious that most of the millions who chose him to participate in the competition are still lenient with him and waiting for him to play after the competition.
No matter what he sees, the comments still make him feel warm.
"What’s the matter? Are you moved?" Purple flower to ask Lu Zhan ear
"Well … I still …" Lu Zhan didn’t know what to say at the moment.
"Idiots spray a lot, but they have to be practical. You have to lay a good job of yourself. Naturally, there are people who support you. Can you be depressed because of this failure?" Purple flower theory
"Well, I know." Lu Zhan nodded and Zihua said that it was exactly what he wanted to do now.
"Sometimes when I am tired of explaining that I am in a bad state or there are problems in the video, some people will say that I am a vase, but I always look back at their better state and better videos to impress them for a long time, so they naturally have nothing to say once or twice, and naturally there will be fewer people to spray."
Purple flower land exhibition ear continued.
Action to fight back …
After listening to the purple flower, Lu Zhan put the Ipad on the coffee table and clenched his right fist, feeling full of strength again.
There are still some stars who say that he is not. He can’t make everyone like his play, but he can take action in the game to shut those people up.
There are still two group matches, and he feels full of motivation again.
"Lu Zhan said, I really envy you, and I wish I had this kind of world competition stage, but when you are not here, it is very difficult for me to play lspl for several games, or it is too far away for me to draw with my opponent by Zhang Xi. Maybe I will have a chance to hold a world competition one day, and now you can compete here, which is the envy of people like me. Don’t be afraid of those who spray us who really support you. Everything will be fine."
"Star opponents are all odd singles in their respective leagues. So are you! You are also about to become a singular single! "
Speaking of the end, Zihua broke Lu Zhan’s face and let him face himself.
Say this purple flower smiling but serious.
Chapter 621 To be amazing
"Simon Night said that 10,000 top players are not as good as you in the number of line brush soldiers. Bjergsen is about to return to the world with SM. People are different and have not hit you! Lu Zhan, don’t underestimate yourself. It’s your first time to participate in the competition, but this doesn’t prevent you from creating wonders. There are still two opponents left, but I believe you! "
Zihua kept looking at Lu Zhan’s eyes when she spoke. There was no lawn in these eyes. The hesitation when she first met helped Lu Zhan find her confidence again after reading the comments.

100,000 blue rats and beetles sneaked into the monster forest and soon found the source. It was Sir Fengyun, the strongest vampire in the vampire family, who didn’t like to suck blood but liked to play with dead bodies. But how could he be killed in the innermost monster forest?

I already have a plan in my heart. Although I am not as good at analyzing my mind as a soldier, I have my special skills and quick wits!
"How many angel Polly wings are left in the dance?"
Tianwu asked Xixi by SMS at this moment and replied, "The total number is about 30,000. If it is not to support the mountain battle, there may be more. The battle lost more than 5,000."
"That’s enough. I just need 10 thousand angel Polly, and give me 10 thousand species troops composed of hunters and martial arts masters. I’m going to assassinate the other leader."
Tianwu heard that I was going to ask anxiously, "Escape, are you going to go by yourself? What if something happens to you? "
"Who else can go here except me? The soldiers have gone to the back to suppress Goblin’s disease, but they haven’t recovered. Wu Bing and Qing Yu, you know that Qing Yu hasn’t woken up yet. How can Wu Bing be in the mood to go and have a single fighting capacity? Who else can be worse than me? "
"You haven’t even played with me."
"Dance you really want to play a game with me? I can’t even escape. I’m second, and you’re first, okay? Ha ha … "
Although I smile happily on the surface, I know that the front is not optimistic. Although it sounds a lot, those flying monsters are not rivals once they meet the mountain peaks. Fortunately, I have Cain’s dark chess, but I have already spent half of my money just now. I believe it is a special setting problem here.
After talking about the general situation, I took the ten thousand commandos and rushed to the place where Blue Mouse and Beetle found each other’s leader, Sir Fengyun.
Lu heard that the left and right sides of the assault and the iron man were in a bitter struggle. Fortunately, the troops behind them desperately supported and cut down the passing trees, otherwise it would not be a zombie monster opponent all over the road.
In the sky, I saw at a glance a piece of flat land behind the monster forest. Sir Fengyun was sitting gracefully drinking a cup of something to drink. It’s really not the same thing to see him like that.
10,000 raid teams with angel Polly’s wings made the umbrella card skill [camouflage] suddenly all the troops melted into the sky and jumped at Sir Fengyun, but I became the dragon queen, but I couldn’t be invisible, so my second main offensive force was ready to deliver a fatal blow to Sir Fengyun.
There are a lot of monsters popping up around Sir Fengyun, many of which I can’t recognize. These are all low-level vampires in the vampire family. There are about 5 thousand vampires who seem to have found us. I don’t hesitate to order the body to attack.
Tear off layers of camouflage. Hundreds of martial arts masters in the first row [Asura Bahuang Boxing] form huge layers of boxing shadows. As soon as they meet each other, vampires will be knocked down by one army, and a large one will melt into blood fog. The second row of hunters will cover the place where Sir Fengyun is located, shooting 5,000 pieces of equipment, and the hunters will shoot more than 30,000 silver arrows in an instant. This is specially prepared for dealing with vampires.
桑拿会所I didn’t expect that the martial arts masters and hunters would cooperate so well, and Sir Fengyun didn’t expect that most of his hands would be destroyed as soon as he arrived. It’s not surprising that Sir Fengyun was careless that the martial arts masters’ fighting capacity was killed with one blow, but they didn’t fight together with so many martial arts masters for so long. There are 5,000 martial arts masters [Asura overlord boxing], which is even the strongest top BOSS, except for skill epidemic.
However, it takes two minutes to make the second time after the first [Asura overlord boxing], so I ordered half of the martial arts masters to beat each other in chaos as soon as they met, but I didn’t expect that the hunters would be destroyed without the support of the arrow rain.
"Brothers, the opportunity is coming!"
Although Sir Fengyun has a strong ability, his body is not very strong. Now he is suffering for a while, and he is now hit by thousands of people around me. I calculate Sir Fengyun’s life value in my heart and see that it has dropped to the level I imagined. When I opened my mouth and screamed, I rolled up from behind Sir Fengyun. Sir Fengyun’s body ran through Sir Fengyun and looked at me for a moment. What seemed to be white? My body turned into golden light and disappeared little by little.
With the death of Sir Fengyun, the zombies in the monster forest stopped moving at the same time and fell softly, then angrily retaliated against the players and stepped into ashes.
————–reading recommendation: to worship the true self of the romantic empire.
Chapter 14 Alternative Battlefield (11)
Tianwu was happy to hear that the monster forest had been destroyed. However, the situation behind it worried Tianwu. The 300,000 troops actually couldn’t stop Goblin’s steam. Goblin attacked a series of Qigong cannons, and the players couldn’t get organized. The flying axe made the players stop and the only thing that could stop the funny artists and Leng Yan dancers from being killed in a few minutes.
The only way to stop the enemy now is to keep retreating, sacrificing thousands of people every step, but even this can’t stop Goblin’s footsteps.
The soldiers in the army are worried about what is behind Goblin, and there is no assassination figure yet. Is there any obstacle in the road?
It is true that the assassination of troops was blocked, but the obstacle was not a magic object, but a team of well-dressed black knights and lords lined up the only way to assassinate
"What do you mean?"
A dark knight Lord who looks like a leader came out and said, "You can’t make a detour here."
"But there is a road in this mountain that doesn’t pass through here. Where has it been? We are in a hurry, no matter what your reasons are, you should make way. "
The dark knight Lord ignored the assassination and looked at it coldly. Then he waved a pike with a strange shape and pointed it at the assassination and said, "Kill!" "
"Boom!" Qi Qi stepped out of the first step. The mountain road was shocked and assassinated, and people were also frightened. However, players still like to rush forward to assassinate the danger. This time, they brought the elite with the strongest fighting capacity. They belong to the special reserve force, and a group of PK players loved it. When they heard that the opposite players were so arrogant, they immediately started to fight with each other regardless of the assassination order.
Dark fire doesn’t manage itself and doesn’t talk. It kills for more than an hour. I’m anxious to assassinate. I’ve been preparing for three hours. I’ve been on the road for an hour. What should I do if there’s not enough left?
Fortunately, the players were crazy, PK, and the dark knight lords were forced to open a way to assassinate and lead the elite to rush through this battle. Although the losses of both sides were not great, they were dragged on.
Take the lead in the dark knight Lord, take off his helmet, and his golden hair is scattered, which makes people feel moved and looks absolutely not reminiscent of the cold temperament just now.
"Hehe, it seems that the elegant guild guy still has something to do. Do you have equipment?"
"Miss, it’s already installed, and you can talk with Lianji over there at any time."
"So I can meet my father. What’s the order?"
Come to a hidden place on the mountain road, a three-dimensional screen stands on the mountain wall, but it is not a fairyland. I have shown it to all players. It is reassuring to see a middle-aged man in the screen, but his sharp eyes are unnatural.
"Haoer did a good job and set up a communication platform so quickly."
"Adoptive father where simple! Father, what shall we do next? "
"I’ll go to the virus knight later. You can lead this army to help me grab the core things of life test. I believe that my son is no problem."
"Of course, I am eager to finish it!"
"Not the kui is a good call for a new generation of elite in my family. I’ll see you show me later. This is a live broadcast of Cheng."
"It’s adoptive father!"
When the assassination arrived, I saw that the soldiers were almost defeated by the beaten army. The assassination decided not to attack easily. From one side to the side of the steam goblin, I jumped at the steam goblin in an instant. The most effective attack method for the steam goblin floating about two or three meters was that two knights threw a martial arts master to a [Asura Overlord Boxing] base to solve a problem. Unfortunately, there were dozens of martial arts masters left, only relying on the cross assassin to touch the steam goblin machine to manipulate the face and attack and kill the soldiers. Unfortunately, our troops have also found the assassination action.
Behind the soldiers, an army of about 100,000 troops led the troops, and it was an evening and a harp.
"Eldest brother, I’m at the right time."
The soldier was surprised and asked, "When did my little sister become smart?"
Next to Xixi, she laughed, "Which is that you love your sister Cong or Tianwu? I’m worried that you have something here and ask us to support you."
"Support that front?"
"I didn’t know that when I came out, my elegant brother led a team to assassinate Sir Fengyun, the leader of the monster forest."
"What?" On hearing this, Lin Bing shouted, "How can we let him take risks? He is the most important part of the life test. Without him, even if there are tens of millions of us, we will not have anything to do, or we will do so many things for nothing."
Xixi wondered and asked, "What’s so serious about the soldiers?"

It was only two o’clock in the afternoon when Han Shu looked at it. "Do you want to play any other projects, Xiaobai?"

Section 192
Gao Xiaobai picked up a paper towel, wiped her mouth and shook her head coldly. "It’s boring to stop playing, Mom and Dad. Let’s go home, too."
Han Shan+Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Going back from the playground, Gao Xiaobai still couldn’t resist the fatigue of playing and fell asleep in the back of his chair.
Han Shu took one look in the rearview mirror and dropped the stereo to slow down the car.
Without music, plus the speed is very stable, Gao Xiaoxiao is also a little sleepy, and when the bus stops suddenly, he gets home. Who knows, it is the door of the community.
"What’s the matter?" Gao Xiaoxiao looked at him with a puzzled face.
"You go back to sleep and I’ll go to the supermarket to do some shopping." Han Shu untied Ann and got on the bus with her wallet.
Gao Xiaoxiao yawned and waited for the good car.
In a short time, Han Shao came back with a supermarket bag. From a distance, there seemed to be quite a lot of things.
He opened the door and put the bag into Gao Xiaoxiao’s arms and sat in.
Gao Xiaoxiao was curious to open the bag for a second, and his face was directly flushed.
She didn’t expect him to buy a whole bag of condoms.
And there is more than one card.
The supermarket is not big, and she is almost sure that he should have let the salesman sell all the goods to him.
Han Yan’s eyes and tail wind up to her blushing face, and the corners of her mouth are crooked. "It’s definitely enough to make do with going back to the net and ordering another box."
Order a case …
Gao Xiaoxiao don’t look out the window and pretend not to hear.
On the other side, Jing Muchen was driving two little guys home when there was such a conversation.
Jing Muchen "jiujiu, did you know Uncle Han before?"
Very casual tone
Jing Anjiu "Yes, Xiaobai is my classmate"
Jing Muchen: "Why didn’t you hear it before?"
Jing Saixixi: "Dad, he is my sister. He likes that Gao Xiaobai, but now he has changed his name and is called Han Mo Bai."
Jingmuchen "…"
I see
Gao Xiao after returning home
After home, Gao Xiaoxiao took the children’s building to take a nap. Han Shu took off his coat, sat on the sofa in the living room and took out his mobile phone.
First, I looked at the photos taken in the playground in the afternoon, and then I chose two particularly good ones to open the "ambush" WeChat group and sent them directly.
In one picture, Gao Xiaoxiao, Gao Xiaobai and Jing ‘an Jiu are all sitting on a merry-go-round. Yu Jingyanxi is blocked by Gao Xiaoxiao because of his angle.
The other is a picture of Gao Xiaobai and Jing Anjiu sitting in a restaurant and eating together. Jing Anjiu is holding a small spoon in his hand. Gao Xiaobai is holding chopsticks and they are sitting very close to golden couple.
So the group of people in the group exploded as soon as they saw the photo.
Guan Yan, "What do you mean by these photos?"
Yan Nansheng: "Did the two families go out to play together?"
Guan Yan, "Sister-in-law is pregnant and I haven’t seen her eldest brother."
Qi Chenghao: "So Ah Shu and Big Brother are getting married soon?"
Han Shu typed two words at the right time and sent them out "hehe"
Feng Chen’ an "Big Brother’s little princess is given by the second brother’s family?"
Guan Yan "But Xiao Bai and jiujiu really match, just don’t know what will happen when they grow up."
Lu Ziheng said, "The little gray wolf is really suitable for being silly and sweet."
Han Shu’s mouth touched up and typed a few words and sent them out. "Lu San, your skin is itchy, isn’t it?"
Lu Ziheng "…"
Han Shao also wants to say a few more words. Suddenly, the phone rang. It’s Han Zhai dialect.
He picked his eyebrows and answered "hello" in his ear.
"Ah Shu is my grandmother," said Mrs. Han with a smile in her voice. The first question was, "How are you going to eat tonight?"
Han Dong "…"
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☆, 14 Han Shu said big brother is narrow-minded! Childish! Bad temper!
桑拿会所He pinched his forehead. "Can grandma ask how to eat without calling?"
"Ha ha" Korean old lady smiled two times "Aunt Lian is going to burn Xiaobai’s favorite food in the evening. kung pao chicken came home to eat with Xiaoxiao and Xiaobai."
"…" Han Shu also smiled two times. "If you have to study in class every day, you won’t have to toss and turn. I will personally give them a kung pao chicken in the evening."
"You? Is it ok? " Korea’s old lady’s tone is full of doubt.
"…" Han Yan curled his lips. "I’ll take a photo for you and send it later!"
Korea’s old lady "…"
After hanging up, Han Shu opened WeChat and looked at the same people in the group. She even joined a Yu Yuting and didn’t see anyone’s name appear.
Yan Nansheng: "It’s not enough for you to pair up one by one, but also let the children pair up. Can you not be so exciting?"
Feng Chen ‘an: "If we go like this again, this group will become a couple and a couple. We can’t stay alone."
Yan Nansheng "I want to quit the group!"
Feng Chen’ an "I also want to quit the group!"
Yu Yuting’s "Walk slowly and don’t send"
Feng Chen’ an "lies in the trough!"