Commanded Ouyang Xianqian to sit on the sofa and looked at Gu Huiqin curiously.

I’m curious that I came here so late, right?
Section 37
Ouyang Qian nodded. She was really curious about what had to come so late.
You may not be able to hide your life story. Gu Haitian came to me late. He already suspected that you were Jiyang’s daughter. Although I denied it, since he had doubts, it was not difficult for him to find out the truth. Besides, he said that your father was probably still alive.
Ouyang Xianqian didn’t expect to hear the name of Jiyang again, but she heard it from Gu Huiqin. She didn’t think of the story that Hejun told her about Jiyang. She wanted to hear the woman’s opinion of Jiyang again, so she said, Can you tell me what kind of person Jiyang is in your eyes?
Gu Huiqin could see that the rejection in Jiyang Ouyang Xianqian’s eyes was not so strong this time. If she really wanted Ouyang Xianqian to admire her father, she would have to say so.
In our time, everyone’s ideas were still relatively unified, and even if men and women were in the same circle, they didn’t pay much attention to each other. Even if I was a noble family with him and your mother, I could be said to be strangers with him.
I don’t know exactly how your mother got to know him and fell in love with him. I will have a good impression on him. It was because when we were in the same class for work reasons that we gradually liked him.
Everyone says that he was trained as the heir of the founding father, but I don’t think so, because he is obsessed with all kinds of military functions. Such a man who is keen on the military is destined to be partial to honest and frank, and such a person is not suitable for political field at all.
I asked him specifically about the question that he would go into politics, but he didn’t answer me.
I really have a unrequited love for him. If you really ask me what I like about him, I can’t say clearly. Maybe it was at that time that the place felt really like this. A man and two people might fight side by side and feel good, so I like it.
You asked me who he was in my mind?
Gu Huiqin seriously thought about his impression of him when he found out that it had been too long. I probably thought he could become a hero.
Remembering that Hejun said that Yu Jiyang did something a bit like a personal hero.
She doesn’t know what she wants to know about Jiyang from the side.
She thought that maybe after listening to Hejun’s glorious deeds, her heart gradually recognized that this father, who had never met before, would be eager to know more about him in an attempt to get close to him.
Let me ask you one more question. Please forgive me if I have offended you.
Gu Huiqin socalled shrugged his shoulders. I’m old enough to have passed more than half of my life. I have no questions, I can’t ask, I can’t say anything, I want to ask. Just ask.
From your words, I can hear that your feelings for him are not to the point where you are not married, otherwise you can’t name me. I am his daughter and his wife, and I have taken care of me a lot.
Why didn’t you marry? Ouyang Xianqian is really curious about this question. This is purely my curiosity. If it involves privacy, you can’t answer it.
I didn’t marry him, but I protested that my family arranged a marriage for me and my ovaries were removed. To put it bluntly, I protested that the marriage practice was to make myself infertile. Even if a barren woman got married, it wouldn’t have a good result. I simply didn’t get married.
Ouyang Qian didn’t expect the answer to be this. Suddenly he said with some apologies, I’m sorry about your sadness.
约茶Some old adult events are nothing. When she had the courage to do that, she had the courage to bear the consequences. When the four families of age, gu and su had no daughters, the two gu and su had one family each, and the two aunt families did not let them marry. They were free to fall in love and get married. Now they are both married, loving, filial and full of children and grandchildren.
Your mother and I were both arranged by the family to get married. In the end, although we resisted, the cost was very high. Your mother fled to other places with you and gave birth to you anonymously. In the end, you were unfortunately killed. I was married by my own generation, and I couldn’t get married at the cost of motherhood.
Your mother lost her life, at least she finally saved your life. Besides, she still has a sincere love for her brother and sisterinlaw. She must have died knowing that this situation will also rest in peace.
On the other hand, although I am still alive, I look pretty glamorous, but I really have no hope of living. If I have my own choice in life, I would rather live like your mother.
Perhaps today, Gu Haitian’s name is Gu Huiqin, and she remembered that several people who were almost born in those years were now in different States, which made her feel very emotional and said these things.
If I can choose to be born, I would rather be born in an ordinary family than a family like Gu Jia.
I think that Hejun’s two aunts are really living like princesses, and they are old wives with their husbands, and they are also being held in their hands, hurting and protecting their grandchildren. They are filial and capable, and they are really happy.
Think about your mother again. I committed myself to marry a man I don’t like. That’s all. In the end, I was killed alive. Look at this unmarried woman in front of me. I have to say that it’s really important to be born into a good family, especially in the early years, when people didn’t dare to break into the times like this.
Although you don’t have your own children, I can see that Jing Shu has a strong affection for you. You still have her in this life.
Yes! I don’t have this girl, but I have a certain selfishness towards her, hoping that she can see the blood relationship and that someone can give me a death when I am old.
People’s feelings are mutual, and whether you are sincere to her can be seen from her respect for you.
Gu Huiqin smiled noncommittally. Before the meeting, I was afraid that no one would die. I think that people don’t know anything when they die. It’s unnecessary to think about it after the event, but it’s good to think about it naturally.
Gu Haitian said that Gu Huiqin really wanted to get over it. There are many disappointments in living things, and there is no need to worry about what will happen after death.
Are you tired of talking about old things?
I know very little about my mother’s past. How much do you know about her youth?
Your mother was famous at that time, and women were relatively lofty and rarely came out to communicate with everyone. At that time, everyone knew that a big lady in the Su family had seen her, but there were very few people. Otherwise, you were similar to her, and you couldn’t hide your identity as a Su family woman.
I don’t know how and when she fell in love with your father. Anyway, when I expressed my interest in him with your father, he told me that he already had a lover and told me not to pester him.
They did a good job of keeping secrets, and my uncle and they didn’t know when they were together.
Your father’s spy skills are very strong. He doesn’t want people to know things, and no one can detect them. I remember that when he entered the special forces, his spy skills were phased in later, and I was not very clear about it. Many of the special brigade’s executions were invisible because the special brigade was also mysterious, and all the information of its members was confidential.
After that, Gu Huiqin seriously thought about it and didn’t want to add I know that’s about it.
Thank you for telling me this.
What about his source? This man is the only one he has ever loved, and even if he doesn’t love Gu Huiqin now, he wants to know his news.
I’m not sure he’s still alive.
Gu Huiqin was disappointed that she didn’t get a definite answer, but she was also relieved to say what she had been holding up for so many years.
I guess you can’t hide your identity. Take it easy. Besides, I don’t want you to answer this security, but since you answered it, I have to wake you up. Let people keep an eye on that man and don’t ask him to be cheated.

After Real Madrid survived the crisis, they gave the ball to Qin Xiong in the backcourt.

Also in the midfield, Qin Xiong played a longdistance assist, and his curling ball went straight through the Arsenal defence!
Senderos’s reaction was a little slow. When the football whirled behind him, he realized that Qin Xiong didn’t miss the ball, but delivered shells to Raul with confusion and creativity!
Raul lived up to Qin Xiong’s efforts. He calmly pushed the ball into Arsenal’s goal.
Arsenal are 20 behind Real Madrid at Emirates Stadium!
This is really difficult. Arsenal are two goals behind at home. Although it seems that Real Madrid is evenly matched, we can still feel the advantages of Real Madrid in the details.
If you can’t get the score back at home, Arsenal’s trip to the Bernabeu will be even more dangerous!
Wenger looked dignified on the sidelines.
Before the game was a sudden change, I felt that the two teams were half a catty. It wasn’t long before Arsenal fell behind by two goals! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. 79 Turn away from loyalty and stick to it]
The story of Qin Xiong’s Arsenal was originally this will go through the next year.
I didn’t expect it to develop into seeing each other is better than not seeing each other
Many gun fans who still remember Qin Xiong’s great contribution to Arsenal in deep memory wish not to see Qin Xiong here today!
I can’t bear a trace of hatred, but I have to look at the team that I once loved to slaughter!
This feeling is really like a knife.
Most gun fans have some panic in their hearts.
Arsenal are two goals behind at home before halftime.
This reminds them irresistibly of Real Madrid’s massacre in La Liga and Champions League!
Will the Emirates Stadium be full of blood and bones?
No one knows, but watching the game may eventually lead to Real Madrid turning around and leaving the Emirates Stadium in ruins!
Wenger actively mobilized the morale of the players on the sidelines, and Henry, the captain of the field, retreated to join the offensive organization on a large scale
In Arsenal’s formation, the former players who worked with Qin Xiong felt a sense of humiliation in their hearts!
spa会所When Qin Xiong left, some media did enlarge Qin Xiong’s contribution to the limit!
It seems that Arsenal can achieve three consecutive Premier League titles and then two consecutive titles in Europe, thanks to Qin Xiong!
To change direction is to belittle the contribution of others
This will make them uncomfortable.
No one would accept it calmly.
Today, Qin Xiong has played a wonderful performance against Arsenal for the first time.
It seems to prove that he is so outstanding, his ability is so strong and his contribution is decisive!
They want to prove that they want to show the world that it is not Qin Xiong!
Don’t underestimate us!
Arsenal’s running speed is obviously accelerated, as if they were sprinting back and forth at any cost.
In this era, the Premier League is breaking out in Europe, which is based on physical fitness.
Premier League teams can run when their opponents can’t run.
You can say that the overall technical content of the Premier League is still not as good as that of La Liga and Serie A, but when it comes to physical confrontation, running and physical ability, no league can compete with the Premier League!

Team a, tear down the barracks immediately!

Two roads were broken.
There was no way for Lin Tian to sell himself when he played JKL team. It was quite clever to lead you into the urn with one hand.
But not this time. First of all, Team A won’t be so headon, and secondly, the other party is a demon. If Lin Tian walks carelessly, he will be killed immediately, and the other party won’t reason with him.
This wave of Lin Tian can’t help it.
If it is about 3,000 behind the economy, Lin Tian and others may be able to recover their personal abilities.
But now the economies of both sides are about to reach 10,000, and the other side has various buff plus two highlands … This is not a situation that can be saved by personal ability.
Z team two roads were broken. To be honest, now Kiko congratulates A team. It’s hard to turn over the two roads, and it’s still not forty minutes. At this time, herring said
Yes, I feel that what the Z team has to do is to adjust their mentality. In fact, I think they can all vote at this time. They are also losing when they fight. The most important thing is to feel depressed. The beach also said his absolutely correct solution
Zhou Shiyun didn’t say a word
Yesterday, she felt that the Z team had a chance to beat the A team, but Zhou Shiyun had a feeling in her heart after this game.
That is … Team A is really strong and has grown to this point. Team A is really hard to beat Team Z. It is really hard for them to beat him in BO5.
Team A can’t get out of the Z team home again after returning to the city!
A team directly removed a front tooth of Z team! Then there is the second one! Can’t keep it. These super soldiers alone are enough for the Z team to drink a pot.
Two front teeth were torn down and left the base! Team a will go to base a this time regardless of others! The base is blown up!
Let’s congratulate Team A for winning the first game of BO5! Herring Avenue!
Lin Tian silently looked at the screen and looked at the screen failure word Lin Tian sighed.
Fat and others are also somewhat silent. Finally, a few people let go of the keyboard and mouse and walked to the background.
The first set was lost because several people in the Z team felt full of confidence before they expected to arrive, but after the first set was played, everyone found that the other party was not so easy to bully.
In the background, Huang Yingying and Chen Ranxin look not so good.
Huang Yingying’s voice is very low. She said, It’s really hateful to lose this A team!
Losing is that we are inferior to others and hateful. There is nothing Chen Ran heart interface.
It’s hard for Chen Ranxin to lose the first game like this, and she can see that Team A still has reservations.
But the Z team has really released and killed this frost witch and Victor Road N Ghatam, all things that were not exposed before the Z team.
They just took out this array and won the first set.
But it was defeated
At this time, Lin Tian and others went backstage and Chen Ranxin and Huang Yingying immediately greeted them.
Are you all right? Huang Yingying patted Lin day shoulder light asked.
Lin Tian shook his head nothing important
Huang Yingying was relieved that she was afraid that Lin Tian would collapse.
Meng Fan and others talked with Chen Ranxin for a while. At this time, Han Xiao came along and Han Xiao frowned. It seems that he lost the first game and he didn’t think of it.
He drew something in his notes and said to several people, Just this game … A team’s demon Ji wandered around and played a little advantage. The other party quickly broke the advantage of occupying the field of vision and hit the situation. If you should be on the road, you won’t let the other party get those advantages so quickly.
There is also the wave of Meng Fan in the middle of the road. You also made a big mistake and lost the first little dragon. As I thought, the first little dragon let the other side get the best in ten minutes, but they got it in seven minutes, so our array would not be dragged away. Han Xiao said seriously
Meng Fan knew how big a pot he had. He nodded. It’s really my problem.
There are many things to pay attention to when taking out the late array
But in fact, there are two key points. One is to stabilize the other side so that it can get through a period of time smoothly, and the economic difference between the two sides is not too big in the later period
桑拿会所It is easy to fight in the later period when the economic difference is not big.
Another important point is that Xiaolong must not let the other side get Xiaolong too early. It is better for the other side to get the first dragon in ten minutes. In that case, by the time the other side gets the three or four dragons, the game will be late.
However, Meng Fan had to choose to go back to the city because of a wave of consumption in the middle road, and one less person in the Z team had to choose to let go
This is a failure. In fact, a large part of the reason why Team Z lost this game came from here.
It’s not all Van Gogh’s fault for losing this game. If you lose a game, every player must have a pot. Lin Tian said that he didn’t want Meng Fan to blame himself
Meng Fan gave Lin Tian a wry smile.
Han Xiao, on the other hand, said, I’m not in the potsplitting competition. I won’t do such a stupid thing. I want you to remember these mistakes and don’t repeat them.
They immediately nodded and they understood.
Coach Han Xiao, do we still have to take the late array? Lin day mouth asked at this time
Han Xiao thought for a long time with a frown after hearing this, and finally he said: This must be seen at the time of banp, but I think it’s a little unstable to take the late array. Team A is too repressive, and so many heroes in BANP think it’s also a failure. This player’s hero pool is really too deep, and this demon girl didn’t even think of me.
Everyone has a feeling of agreement after listening to it.
Who didn’t expect vegetarian dishes to take out a witch with one hand, but the effect was so good that Meng Fan wandered in the middle of the road to contain Lin Tianying’s development.
It can be said that the opposite P is definitely a vegetarian dish.
Lin Tian rubbed his hand slightly, and when he saw such a strong sheet, he had a feeling that he wanted to fight with the other side …
Meng Fan said at this time, Coach, don’t I take a brush for a game?
Chapter seven hundred and sixty Robbery
Several people talked for a long time and argued for a while about what to take out and how to stop the other party’s oppression.
Everyone expressed their opinions.
Meng Fan said a few words occasionally, but it was obvious that he seldom said so much for physical reasons.
Finally accompanied by a notice Z team several people went out.
The second game with team A is coming soon.
Ma, we will see the second match between Team A and Team Z. This game is actually very important. If we lose this game again, it is estimated that Team Z will have a big psychological problem, said Qingyukou.
After saying that, herring continued, In fact, after the first game, we also talked a lot. In fact, it can’t be said that the Z team made a mistake in one set, because the Z team played fairly well, and the mistake was not too big. You have to say that the last mistake was that Victor was beaten home in the middle and the last wave of Z team was too anxious. Besides, there was actually no mistake.

Zhongjing, don’t scare me. Tell me quickly. My heart almost jumped out of my throat, asshole doctor!

Wait a minute, wait a minute. He shook his head calmly and reached for my eyelids. Yo, it’s really hot and wideeyed.
I was forced to open my eyes by him.
Don’t wander around. He corrected my wrong tendency.
I can look straight ahead with a dark beard in my eyes.
He finally let go back half a step and pulled the Xiao Mu stool to sit.
Come on, big brother! I can’t help begging myself to belong.
He heaved a sigh of relief adult what’s your hurry? Of course, such a serious problem of computer virus should be carefully diagnosed and prevented.
Even so … you should take care of the patients when you diagnose. I had to wake him up. A doctor must pay attention to medical ethics.
He nodded. Adult’s lesson is to be remembered.
… I’m a little depressed and my heart is pounding. Can you tell me about my … illness now?
Adult’s obsession is still shallow and serious. He came to the diagnosis conclusion.
约茶It’s okay? !” I can’t believe that a slap in the face caused several hot waves in the water. Are you sure? !”
Sure, he leaned back slightly to avoid being caught in a fish pond. If it was serious, you would have been paralyzed on the spot, my Lord. You are still taking a bath!
I was choked by his words. Do you still think I’m not tragic enough?
My Lord, you are also a kungfu practitioner, and it is normal to get angry occasionally. Zhang Ji’s expression returned to normal. Don’t make such a fuss every time.
Make a fuss?
My life is so unworthy?
I was completely defeated by him. So, in your opinion, how to solve this problem?
It’s good to rest for two days. He patted his ass. If there are political affairs, I won’t disturb the adults to take a bath. Leave now.
He just gave me a leg lift and left.
Hey, hey, hey, I yelled at his back. I can’t even get dressed now!
Zhang Ji left without saying a word, Calm down!
I suddenly shivered all over.
31 ridiculous kindness
This time, I finally got a cold, a cold and a fever and stayed in bed for three days.
With my constitution, a cold is not bad in bed.
But in the face of this sudden illness, I have no resistance at all
I followed the doctor’s advice and lay quietly in my bedroom.
Cai Yan was afraid of infection and wouldn’t let Xiao Yue come to visit the sick. I heard my daughter crying outside the door.
But I won’t ask her to come in
The resistance of infants and young children is really poor. Although I don’t advocate early marriage and early childbearing, no one wants this little life to die prematurely after it is finally born.
So I looked at the beam structure and decorations on my back all day, and my eyes ached.
Take this rare opportunity to rest, I can finally think about that future experience in the past two years alone.
After thinking for two whole days, I came to a conclusion.
The world has returned to order, and I’m afraid it’s hard to make waves with my ability.
Does Wang Ba want blood and hate to return to dust?

Because this is, after all, a bitter enemy battle in the Spanish national derby.

The significance of the game, the level of skills and tactics and the level of competition determine that this is not an ordinary game.
Need the team to be more cautious.
Barcelona, on the other hand, completely exposed the weakness of head coach Rijkaard in the highlevel confrontation of the season.
The commander in the cold war is nothing new, the tactical setting is mediocre, and he is still taking the old road, relying on the individual play of the stars.
When Lionel Messi missed Ronaldinho due to injury, Barcelona’s skills and tactics didn’t look superb or distinctive.
In the fourth minute of the game, after Ronaldinho received the ball from Abidar, he planned to break through Ramos. From being blasted by Ronaldinho in a single game two seasons ago to improving his performance, Ramos’ progress is obvious to all.
On the contrary, Ronaldinho has slipped since the season, and his physical condition has also slipped due to the lack of restraint in his private life. It may not be a big problem for him to play his technical ability on the court, but he needs his physical condition to support some technical performances, which has dropped from superclass to firstclass
The most obvious difference is that he used to break through the explosive force so strong that he could crush his opponent and change direction continuously, which made him dizzy and handed his knee to him.
But now?
品茶Smallscale continuous change of direction has become rare, and explosive acceleration crushing is even more from talking about breaking through failure and complaining that the opponent is fouling.
Ramos accurately blocked the Ronaldinho Football Federation in the first confrontation with Ronaldinho!
Then Ramos didn’t control the ball, just stopped Ronaldinho and let Pepe control the ball.
It seems a little nervous to participate in the Spanish national derby Pepe for the first time. Eto’ o is not short from him, so he is anxious to clear the football foot!
This big foot clearance brought football back to Barcelona.
Toure tilted the ball to Harvey immediately after holding the ball in midfield.
Harvey looked in front of his eyes and then gave the ball to Ronaldinho.
It is through this brief development of offensive and defensive situation that we can see that Barcelona is still organizing offensive in Ronaldinho’s frontcourt core.
Rijkaard seems to lack confidence in defeating Bosco in tactical settings.
He pinned his hopes on Ronaldinho.
I hope that Ronaldinho, the third army of the brave champions, can burst out with amazing energy and defeat the Real Madrid defense line by himself.
However, after Ronaldinho was forced by Diarra in the horizontal dribble and failed to give the ball to Eto ‘o, the confidence of Real Madrid defenders increased, which needs to be continued.
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. ]
Qin Xiong was in the front position after the first game. He found that Toure’s defense was still very shocking and put his midfield septum in a state of isolation.
Qin Xiong quickly adjusted himself. In the 7 th minute of the game, he retreated to meet Guti and gave the ball to Qin Xiong after the ball interaction in midfield Robinho.
Qin Xiong, leaning against Toure, felt Toure’s strong personal confrontation, which forced Qin Xiongfa to control the ball freely while fighting.
So he took the initiative to take a step back. When Toure followed closely, Qin Xiong got rid of the ball to the left and turned around. After Toure moved one step to that side, he saw Qin Xiong pull the ball back in the opposite direction and then turned around from the other side.
Toure moved back and planned to rob him, just in time to see Qin Xiongchao’s cold eyes full of confidence, and at the same time, the football was tilted
Toure felt jumpy.
The football rolled towards him, and he consciously clamped his legs, but it was late. The football rolled past his legs, and Qin Xiong also made an emergency stop and passed him!
When Toure turned around to pursue, Qin Xiong quickly gave the ball to the front line and attacked Raul in Marcos Milito.
Raul didn’t dare to stick the ball and directly knock it back to Qin Xiong’s running route.
Stride to adjust the shooting posture. Qin Xiong greeted the ball and blasted a longrange shot!
The speed of the ball is amazing, almost invisible to the naked eye, but when it just flew into the restricted area, the football hit Marcos, lifted his left leg and refracted and flew directly to the stands.
Qin Xiong took a deep breath and then adjusted his breathing rhythm.
He once again looked at the Barcelona defense and had to say that Barcelona’s defense was also excellent, and he was rarely picky about choosing a position in the card position.
Block the best shot route as much as possible, which is also convenient for their bodies to stop.
Barcelona’s attack seems to be wellbehaved and lacks routine changes.
Harvey Iniesta wants Deco and Ronaldinho EtooRonaldinho’s tacit understanding to crack in the season.
This led to a great discount on Barcelona’s offensive quality.
Real Madrid need to create more unexpected changes in Barcelona’s defense in attack.
In the 11th minute of the game, Ronaldinho failed to break through Ramos in the frontcourt, and his foot ball was destroyed by Ramos and fell off the sideline.
After the sideline ball came out, Harvey handed the ball to Decodeco in the middle and made a longrange shot before he could see the better ball line.
The quality of the longrange shot is very low, which can be said to be ridiculous.
Rijkaard can see it on the sidelines. He is constantly looking forward to and praying that Ronaldinho Eto ‘odeco, these stars, can burst into unexpected energy!
But the effect presented in the game screen is always disappointing, and there is no sign of miracle!
Although Qin Xiong succeeded in breaking through Yaya Toure once, Real Madrid’s overall attack met with great sniper in Camp Nou.
Maybe Barcelona is too far behind in the standings. There is no doubt about its fighting spirit in this game.
They are very resistant to sniping in the center and back court.
Even Harvey Deco seems to have become an engineering player.
On the other hand, Real Madrid may be too eager to win 17 consecutive victories to tie the record of winning five major leagues set by Inter Milan last season, plus the double pressure attack of the Spanish national derby.
Many times, it’s confusing to plug the ball directly rashly.
In the 14th minute of the game, Milito broke Robinho’s direct ball to Qin Xiong, and Barcelona immediately launched an attack.
After receiving Deco’s ball from the right in the frontcourt, Iniesta tried to violently put him down at the landlord referee’s whistle to signal Heinze’s foul and showed the first yellow card of the game.
Deco finished the goal on the right in the frontcourt. His goal failed to pass Pepe’s head and was cleared out. The football landed at Harvey’s foot. Harvey’s direct longrange shot tested casillas.
San Cassie bravely saved the ball from the baseline, which really surprised Real Madrid people into a cold sweat.
The Nou Camp is so powerful that Barcelona fans still think Barcelona is suppressing Real Madrid!
In the 17th minute, Ramos’ backcourt oblique Guti was destroyed by Deco, and Harvey gave the ball to Ronaldinho before leading the ball from the side.
When Ramos is not in the best defensive position, Ronaldinho’s crosscutting of the ball is easier than when Diarra comes close to the goal, Ronaldinho changes direction and rubs the far corner of the goal around a position close to 30 yards.
It’s a pity that his footwork was not well controlled and he turned into a shot with a good angle.
Casillas held the ball in his arms with great pressure.
Camp Nou gave a sigh and then thundered. The team cheered and cheered during the past period.
Before the palm stopped, casillas rushed to the restricted area line and then threw the ball to the left of midfield.

Rogue Han Jin Huan’s face is slightly red and he will take the door with him at a glance.

Wait, Han Jie, don’t get me wrong. Maybe you misunderstood me just now. I mean, let me give you a physical examination. This is Mei Jie telling me. Feiyang stretched out his foot and blocked the door and gently explained.
Korea do huan hesitated for a hard stare at flying again this just opened the door with a frown and let the flying came in.
Han Jie, let’s have a bed. Flying into the room said with a smile.
Are you flying on purpose? Han Jin Huan suppressed his anger for a long time and immediately sent it out toward the sky and roared.
Han Jie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I’m not very good at talking, said Feiyang injustice.
Han Jin Huan couldn’t wait to tear the bastard in front of him, but he was able to hold back and resent the bed and sit crosslegged and float in the sky. Only then did he pack up his grievance expression and his eyes flashed a smug look. He took off his shoes and sat opposite Han Jin Huan, and the two of them clasped their fingers like Yanjing. Han Jin Huan’s bed was running on Sunday.
桑拿论坛Han Jie, your body has recovered well and you feel healthier than Yanjing. You want us to practice like this to believe that before long, you will be able to grow by leaps and bounds. Feiyang and Han Jin Huan took back their hands after several Sunday operations and said with a smile.
Let’s call it a day, Han Jin Huan said lightly.
Well, after today is almost over, I will come to help you have a Sunday operation every day. This is a nonsuccess elder sister, and they all can’t enjoy the treatment. Feiyang nodded and smiled.
Well, you can get out of here, said Han Jin Huan lightly.
Han Jie is not so rude, right? Flying at Han Jin Huan’s face looked startled and said.
Don’t go, I’m going to sleep. Han Jin Huan said softly again.
Then let’s sleep together Feiyang leaned in and asked with a smile.
Roll! Han Jin Huan pushed away the flying pillow and smashed it at him to drive him out of his bedroom, took the door and pulled it aside to be asleep.
Fly in the sky outside his eyebrows slightly wry smile know Han Jin huan got up early today and didn’t bother her again. She turned around and took out her mobile phone and called Hu Mei.
Hey, what can I do for you? Hu Mei quickly picked up the words and asked with a smile.
Mei Jie Han Jie, I have already taken it, said Feiyang lightly.
Oh, have you treated her? How is her physical condition? If it’s not clear, the wrist watch can be used for testing. If the testing method says yes, Hu Mei nodded and asked softly.
I have treated her. Sister Han is in good health. I believe her strength will rise soon. Feiyang replied.
That’s good. Is that why you called? Hu Mei asked with a sigh of relief.
It’s not that Han Jie and I have anything. Feiyang shook his head and asked softly. After all, all the people in the tiger group seem to have their own and left themselves and Korea to enjoy themselves. I’m afraid it’s a bit decent to be in the tiger group for so long. I’m afraid I visited Gaos thought at night two days ago, so I always feel a little uncomfortable when I’m idle and flying.
You put your mind at ease and put your strength up first. I have prepared a lot of things for you. It is estimated that you will be busy until years ago. Hu Mei replied with a smile.
Oh, well, Feiyang nodded and exchanged a few commonplaces with Hu Mei, and then hung up. It seems that the urgent task now is to raise the strength of Korea’s best.
After a period of flying, I have to practice Sunday running with Korea every day. In addition to these, flying back to Korea arranged some martial arts practice. This martial arts teacher is naturally flying.
Although from time to time, I was flying in the training to eat some tofu, but the strength rose to Korea as soon as possible, and the whole department endured it. It was hate that Bai Feiyang’s training strength rose steadily for half a month, and finally he answered that it was up to standard.
However, this standard must be tested in Yanjing and confirmed by Chu Xueqing before it can really count, so the two men flew to Yanjing for testing again.
Chapter 362 And Han Jin Huan will Yanjing
At 7 o’clock in the evening, Hu Mei personally drove the car to pick up Feiyang and Han Jin Huan, and Chu Xueqing knew that Feiyang and Han Jin Huan were coming to Yanjing and found Hu Mei to come to the airport with her to pick up Feiyang and Han Jin Huan. When they left the airport and looked around to pick them up, Chu Xueqing had already seen the two people leaning out of the window and waved to them and shouted, Sister Feiyang Huan is here.
It’s dangerous to sit well in the snow and shine Hu Mei gently scolded while driving.
It’s okay, sister Mei, I’ll pay attention. Chuxueqing turned around and said with a smile, and continued to wave hello to Feiyang and Han Jin Huan.
Fly in the sky and Korea do huan also soon found that will be half a body out of the window constantly waved to yourself ChuXueQing smiled and walked quickly towards her.
Snow shine is so dangerous Han Jin Huan came over and looked at ChuXueQing frown and said.
I see, how do you scold me like Mei Jie? Chuxueqing wronged pursed mouth and said.
Scold you are worried about you. Feiyang encouraged with a smile and then opened the back seat door and had a good time with Korea.
How long will you and Huan sister stay in Yanjing this time? Feiyang and Han Jin Huan asked Chu Xueqing a car.
I don’t know this. It’s better for you to ask Mei Jie this question. Feiyang said with a light smile that he came to test with Han Jin Huan. By the way, when Hu Mei will leave here depends on when Hu Mei will give it to himself.
Sister Mei Chu Xueqing will look forward to looking at Hu Mei.
Three days Hu Mei’s expression said the number of days.
Ah, it’s so short, ChuXueqing said with some unhappiness.
Three days is long enough. I was going to let the two of them leave immediately after you finished the test there, Hu Mei said with eyebrows raised.
Oh this ChuXueQing have no words.
See ChuXueQing quiet to hu mei corners of the mouth with a smile radian started the car toward the CIA nine old office building, since the face asked the tiger group to move back to yanjing, hu mei and tiger group several people didn’t live in nine new office buildings, but to tidy up the original nine old office buildings and live in it, which got the support of zhao Lao, and it’s hard to say what to say. Anyway, it’s Yanjing, so they can go.
The four returned to Laojiu, and then the car walked towards the research center, where they met Zhao Laosi drinking tea at the door and said hello to Zhao Laosi.
Come back Zhao Lao nodded and looked at Feiyang with a smile and asked with a smile.
Is this time when I come back, I will give Han Jie a formal test to enter the tiger group? Feiyang replied with a smile.
Oh, Korean girl test Zhao Lao was slightly surprised and then looked at Korea with a smile and nodded, Korean girl looks great, good, good.
Zhao Lao is ridiculous. Han Jin Huan laughed modestly.
The old man never praises the Korean girl so quickly. Have you made such a big progress and have a small double major? Zhao Lao looked at Korea and laughed.
I didn’t have anything to do with him, Zhao Lao. Don’t make fun of me, Han Jin Huan replied with a red face.
Oh, it’s such a big progress without a double major. If you double major, it will be great. Boss Zhao said with a smile.
Zhao old say yes float in the sky to nod a way
Zhao Lao said Han Jin’s shame is overwhelming.

HuoJiangCheng over there took off his coat and came into the kitchen.

Look down at the food and then at the people.
An Shutong has been afraid to look at someone with his head down, but when someone glances at her, she can feel it, and it feels like two lights are shining on her head.
I’ll do it. He untied his apron from Anshutong and said to her, You can help me keep an eye on Ayang’s writing career.
An Yiyang widely spreadanddeeply felt, What do I have to stare at me so consciously? Then he turned and left.
An Shutong didn’t want to stay longer, but also hurried to …
Fang Li Yiyang didn’t have the heart to write, smiled at his sister and asked, My second brother is much better to you than to me. Didn’t anything happen when you lived together?
We don’t live together. An Shutong glared at his younger brother. The second brother lives across the street.
An Yiyang shrugged. How can I have such a silly sister? My second brother is so kind to you.
Don’t worry about adults and children. An Shutong took out his eldest sister and knocked on the table severely and asked, How did Ma review his lessons for the final exam?
Not bad. He took out the test questions in different categories and piled them on the table. Look, I have to write so many volumes every day now.
An Shutong was also distressed by his younger brother’s softer tone and said, I wish you had finished the college entrance examination for half a year. She sat next to him and watched him write a paper.
Sister, how do you write this question? An Yiyang thought about a problem for a minute, then turned around and asked his sister.
Section 47
Knowledge of dynamics in physics problems An Shutong took the problem and looked at it for a long time. She couldn’t remember any knowledge, and she couldn’t understand it for a long time.
I’m a liberal arts physics student in high school, and none of this will be. An Shutong calmly handed back the exercises and blinked, but she was vaguely impressed.
An Yiyang said, This question is really simple. I will write it and ask you on purpose.
An Shutong clenched his fist. Before Angry, An Yiyang’s sister raised her hand and surrendered. He squinted at his sister and smiled. The young man laughed elegantly.
Looking at his younger brother An Shutong, he said, Ayang, it would be nice if mom woke up. At that time, our family of three will live together. Although there is no father, they will be as happy as before without a mother.
An Yiyang said, I want to go to the hospital to see mom this weekend.
On the weekend, An Shutong took her brother to the First Hospital, but she didn’t expect to see An Jiajing in her mother’s ward.
What are you doing here? Seeing An Jiajing and An Shutong for no reason, he strode over and pushed others away. This is my mother, not your mother. Please stay away from my mother.
An Jiajing has never seen An Shutong since what happened in the old house where he settled down.
Huo Jiangcheng intends to hide people. He has something to hide from others, but he has been guarding her mother’s hospital. He can always see people.
I finally waited for you. An Jiajing wore a black coat, and he was a little thinner now, but his eyes were as sharp as ever. He said to An Shutong, Don’t worry, I won’t let An Shanshan go that day.
What day? An Yiyang asked, What is it? What did Almunia do to my sister?
Anjiajing looked at Anyiyang and looked at Anshutong’s lips and didn’t talk again. Anyiyang saw that everyone had something to hide from him and immediately came along with a sullen face.
Sister, did I keep calling but you didn’t answer that day? He tugged at his sister’s sleeve and his face was full of anger. You all know and you deliberately keep it from me?
Ayang, I didn’t mean to hide it from you. You have to take the exam. I don’t want to worry you. An Shutong soothed his brother and looked at An Jiajing. You go and I don’t want to see you again.
Anjiajing pull lip this time is in accordance with her.
But instead of going far, he went outside to wait for some words and things. He couldn’t say in front of Yiyang that he needed to talk to her face to face alone.
After Anjiajing left, Anyiyang asked her sister again, What did Amur fir do to you? Elder sister, I am your brother. You must tell me anything.
It’s really hard for an Shu Tong to say that.
In the face of his younger brother’s repeated questioning, An Shutong’s face sank. Don’t ask Ayang any more. It’s all over, and you are not allowed to think about things that have nothing to do with your study. You should study hard now.
An Yiyang is usually goodtempered, but he is also stubborn when he is really angry.
Angry with his sister, he doesn’t want his mother to be noisy here and leave.
An Shutong sighed and stayed with his mother for a while before leaving the hospital.
Just out of the hospital, I saw An Jiajing.
An Shutong didn’t even turn around and leave directly in his mood.
桑拿会所An Jiajing walked over in three or two steps and grabbed her wrist. An Shutong wanted to get rid of Nai. She was so strong that she couldn’t beat him.
car! He dragged her into the car and locked the door.
An Shutong was so angry that he lost his mind and took out his mobile phone. Regardless of hitting his window, it hurts and there is no scratch on the window.
An Jiajing said, Shu Tong, don’t you want to know the truth? I’ll tell you all the truth today. He started the car and stepped on the gas pedal. The car quickly drove to the main road and soon merged into the crowd.
The body goes to the Civil Affairs Bureau 31 days early.
An Jiajing drove to a cemetery outside the city.
This cemetery An Shutong knew her father’s tomb right here. After the car stopped, she still didn’t move in the car. At first glance, the cemetery was shocking.
Anjiajing personally opened the door for her after getting out of the car.
An Shutong got out of the car slowly without looking at him. She walked directly to her father’s grave without stopping.
Gave her a look at Anjiajing and took the door behind her.

Even amateur players may blow a world wave in the game.

Lu Wenbin still hasn’t been strictly guarded by Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School after more than 2 minutes in the football field and a goal can’t be said.
They regard Lu Wenbin as an ordinary high school forward player with faster speed and better dribbling.
So it’s not surprising that they were once again attacked by Lu Wenbin. Xiaoyan Duzai is looking for kuuně, a cool network.
In the fourth minute, Lu Wenbin got another good chance. He quickly counterattacked and forced the opposing defender to panic. A foul in the restricted area was awarded a penalty by the referee.
Lu Wenbin easily scored this penalty and scored twice. Meijiang Middle School 2 was ahead of Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School in Mongolia.
Shortly after Lu Wenbin scored the penalty, the referee blew the whistle at the end of the half-game, and Meijiang Middle School entered the halftime with a score of 2.
According to Zhang Hai’s plan, as long as you can qualify for the group stage, you don’t need to win every game
If you want to get a two-goal lead, you can consider changing people and retaining the physical strength of the main players in the next game.
Anyway, there are 25 people on the senior high school league list, and there are 5 substitution places in each game.
Even if we drop a few places at halftime, there is still room for manoeuvre.
So after the 15-minute intermission, Meijiang Middle School took the lead in substitution adjustment. You Ming, Han Dapeng and a central defender were replaced, leaving Nie Yingkun and Lu Wenbin as the main offensive players in the frontcourt.
After the start of the half-time game, I saw that Meijiang Middle School changed three substitutes at halftime, and the players in Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School were furious and attacked to a greater extent at halftime, trying to score early to teach the arrogant Meijiang Middle School a lesson.
Perhaps it is Meijiang Middle School’s shrinking defensive attitude that gives them the impression that Meijiang Middle School has been weak.
Let them dare to continue to attack without paying attention to prevent Lu Wenbin from fighting back.
So they wantonly attacked and gave Lu Wenbin more opportunities.
In the 59th minute, Baotou Steel’s No.1 middle school shot was saved by the goalkeeper Yu Yuanhang. Meijiang Middle School defender Bigfoot cleared the ball and fell near the middle circle.
Lu Wenbin and an opposing midfielder jumped up for the header. With better physique and bounce, Lu Wenbin occupied a favorable position and headed the ball to Ding Lixin, a midfielder on the substitute field.
Then Lu Wenbin landed and immediately turned and rushed to Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School.
Ding Lixin didn’t dare to take the ball wave with Lu Wenbin’s speed and breakthrough level.
Therefore, after receiving the ball, he gave the ball to Nie Yingkun, who pulled the ball to the side, without waiting for the other player to steal it.
Nie Yingkun took two steps forward and saw Lu Wenbin running through the ball and running into the gear, and then he was a straight plug.
This foot Nie Yingkun had a high water straight plug.
Lu Wenbin caught the ball behind the last central defender of the other team and then turned to the penalty area to face the goalkeeper directly.
Another single knife
As a last resort, the goalkeeper of Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School can attack and minimize Lu Wenbin’s shooting angle.
However, as soon as he moved Lu Wenbin, he decisively shot 1414. No one interfered with the shooting. Lu Wenbin shot the ball and went straight to the right corner.
Chapter 62 Tracking observation
Seeing Lu Wenbin shooting halfway, the goalkeeper had to temporarily change his center of gravity and pounce on the right.
But when his finger was still a long way from the ball path, the ball stuck to the turf and went into the corner of the goal.
Lu Wenbin scored a hat trick and helped Meijiang Middle School 3 lead Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School in Mongolia.
It was not until then that the players in Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School were startled to find out where Meijiang Middle School was a weak team.
The score is 3. It’s a one-sided game to get the score. Okay.
And Lu Wenbin, who performed a hat trick, finally caught everyone’s eye.
Even those bystanders, Tianjin No.9 Middle School teachers and students, who just laughed at the opening of Meijiang Middle School, cowered and defended, gave their hands.
After this goal, Lu Wenbin finally enjoyed the treatment he deserved. He was followed by the back waist of Baotou Steel No.1 Middle School for close attention.
桑拿But it’s too late.


Just as Francis felt that his brain was chaotic, he was cut and roared, flying over his head and flying towards the death soldier. At the same time, some pieces of meat flew from the beginning, and the old soldier made a clever move and found himself able to move again.
Looking back at Francis, I realized that Bridget had thrown a big sword with both hands and solved the problem by herself. Taking this opportunity, Francis held up his left hand and inserted the shield, which was three meters high and nearly two meters wide, into the passage.
After all this, Francis managed to get up his strength and finally finished his consumption. The old soldier immediately slammed into the floor and completely passed out.
Oh, we can still die together! Bridget gave a sad smile and held Yang Long in her arms. After throwing a big sword in the passage, the girl also exhausted her physical strength and lost all her resistance.
Gently touching Yang Long’s handsome face, Bridget ignored it and quickly jumped into the undead. She looked at her heart and her face seemed to be constant, and her heart was peaceful and peaceful without any fear or timidity.
There was a huge roar, and suddenly the warning sounded. At the same time, Bridget’s head jumped back and forth. Two thieves in leather armor with inscriptions will kill the undead. Miss, I finally found you!
Mechanical looked up to talk to the thief Bridget silly leng after a while fiercely hold arms Yang Long tears stream down to people’s ears almost nerve repeatedly chanting bin we are not dead! Bin us
On the other side, another strong battle is about to break out in the cave of time.
NO23 Bronze Dragon Roars
If there is no external invasion, every second here can be changed every year, and every second can be changed every year. For this reason, most members of the Bronze Dragon Corps are still in the juvenile and juvenile stages, but they can change their bodies and have humanoid bodies.
The number of adult dragons in Azeroth Five Se Dragon Corps is only one ten thousandth of the total population. Each of these powerful dragons has experienced nearly ten thousand years of natural growth before it finally grows into an adult dragon with great power.
However, the bronze dragons in the cave of time only occupy a small part of its population, because there are less than ten adult dragons in the present world, and most of them have their own missions and work hard to maintain the present world in the past and future.
Claudom is one of the few adult dragons in this world. An adult bronze dragon is only two thousand years old. Claudom has been able to skillfully use the secret technique of time to travel through various times to complete the bronze dragon king and give them an early order.
Maybe it was the longlost bronze dragon king except Claudom who knew that this young and powerful warrior had strayed into a strange place while traveling. He had a very interesting life under the pseudonym Claude.
It is precisely because of this strange experience that Claudom actually doesn’t agree with the socalled fate that the bronze dragon controls the fate of other creatures, but the ridiculous reality that he knows his own fate makes Claudom very unwilling.
It is for this reason that he will find an excuse to violate the bronze dragon king and arrange a good way for him to take over the surveillance that belongs to Crodomy. In the future, he knows that there is no invasion of the time cave, and he has to experience it himself, which is not in the future, to change his uncertain fate.
However, Claudom doesn’t know that sometimes changing fate is actually in the fate link. Since it starts in the river of fate, how can we struggle to escape the influence of the river of fate, even until the plaything disappears?
Just when the three Bridgets were rescued by reinforcements, Claudom, the bronze dragon of Time Cave, had been quietly watching the time chain for a long time, but strangely, what happened in Lordaeron did not show up in the time chain.
It looks very relaxed. In fact, Claudom is always on the alert. He leans against the corner of the cave. Apart from occasionally raising his eyes and glancing at the light band, he gently hums a strange tune. His hands are gently patting the sword body with his hands across his knees.
Oh, what a chat! Claudom looked up at the tens of thousands of light bands that were constantly fluttering, and there was a sense of remembrance in his eyes. It seemed that he remembered something long ago. What kind of fate would it be if I were not a bronze dragon but a human professional?
While hating the fate brought by the bronze dragon identity, on the other hand, I am proud of monitoring the fate of others by myself. This is the true portrayal of Claudom’s heart, and this is also the idea shared by most bronze dragons. Some bronze dragons, such as Claudom, are very happy with their fate, and only in it can they stop caring about the fog of their own destiny.
Just as Claudom rediscovered his identity and was distressed, a flickering chaotic black hole suddenly appeared on the ground of the cave. A strong orc warrior with a height of more than three meters stepped out with a huge axe with two hands.
Claudom didn’t expect this to happen. At that time, he just stood in the same place and looked at the scene where Claudom was shocked by the orc warrior. The scene became very happy when both the strong men stayed in the cave at the same time.
I I āo! The orc warrior grimaced and turned into a bitter gourd face with his mouth wide open for a while before he called out the 13th order adult bronze dragon? Intelligence is not to say that there are three nineorder baby dragons!
However, compared with the shock of the orc warrior, Claudom’s consternation is even deeper. Since he is waiting here, he will be fully prepared to meet the strong enemy. Even if he can’t resist the eternal dragon, he will not be so rude as he is now.
Because in Claudom’s imagination, the appearance of adventurers may not mean that he is taken for granted or too arrogant, but that he is in the secular time of fate. These strange and powerful professionals should still be in the sealed state of body consciousness.
This orc is violating the law and fate!
品茶论坛Green adventurer? That’ll be the day! You are not Claudom was stunned by this subversive phenomenon, but the core members of the Bronze Dragon Corps are just new members, but he quickly reacted No, you are from the future? !”
Claudom has also met adventurers from the future to the past in his life for thousands of years, helping the Bronze Dragon Corps maintain historical order and stability. There are many adventurers who are extremely powerful.
Even Claudom himself met a large number of adventurers who came to help him in the process of maintaining historical order not long ago, and had a short friendship with several of them for more than ten years.
However, due to the limitation of time law, the time hole located in the central hub of the whole Azeroth timeline is attached to the Azeroth world, but it is outside the Azeroth world
Here, although time represents the earthly moment, it is at the beginning and end of the river of destiny. It is definitely not only the strong strength that can enter the adventurer’s presence that makes Claudom lose his heart.
What are you waiting for? Not yet! Claudio hit home the story. The strong orc seems to have thought of something. With a look of fear and panic, he shouted and jumped high in place and came at Claudio, a humanoid.
Wait a minute, your appearance will cause embarrassment to this world! After a quick shout, Claudom suddenly noticed something that seemed to dodge to one side. Unfortunately, after all, it was too slow to move, and a bunch of sparks suddenly burst out at the neck, and then some blood flowed slowly along the neck.
A vaguely tall figure just showed his figure five or six meters away from Claudom’s left hand, and then suddenly disappeared again, and then a deadly killing move flashed towards the bronze dragon’s left eye
Claudom was completely awake at this time when he was suddenly attacked. Although he didn’t know that the adventurer appeared, the killing of so many young dragons showed that the adventurer came with malice. In this case, he would not show mercy.
PSST instant just want to know everything Claudom ignored the burning pain in the neck, but took a deep breath gently. A powerful and cohesive force emerged from his male blood J and jīng spirit, which was not thick and swollen in all directions.
In less than a blink of an eye, Claudom chajīnged from a male blood j and ng spirit to an adult dragonshaped creature. That invisible deadly trick was hitting the dragon’s body, which was still expanding. An undead creature emerged from the air and flew backwards for some distance, and then firmly fell to the ground.
Oh, no, this is trouble! Na Ba, an undead creature, made a clear speech when he disappeared. He is also a powerful adventurer.
This adventurer will be recognized as an undead creature because he looks like a zombie, his whole body is not an inch intact, and his limbs and muscles are also swaying. Because of longterm exposure, his dark bones are not involved in muscle tendons, so he can be smoothly connected to the same white bones.
When the undead adventurer was shot away for a second, the orc warrior had already crossed a distance of tens of meters and was severely chopped in the bronze dragon body that had expanded and stretched for more than 100 meters, but was still growing and returning to its original shape.
Harsh metal friction reminds me that Long Lin, the size of a pingpong table, was finally cut into a huge dragon’s blood with a length of two meters, a width of 30 centimeters and a depth of nearly one meter after a long string of sparks broke out. Don’t splash out money to drench the orc soldier.
However, such an injury is not worth a crow Dom for an adult dragon’s body. It finally swelled to 50 meters high and 200 meters long before it stopped to shrink in the flank of the body. The orc warrior was like a stone stuck in the Long Lin axe and could not catch it. It was directly slapped out.

Li Yuyan was put together by her family and Ye Xiangyuan.

I also said that I didn’t feel anything, and I was worried that she would come back to get back at us.
I thought about it and asked, "I made a deal with her and she asked me to divorce you before she saved you …"
Ye Xiangyuan evokes the corners of the mouth. "I am not responsible for her illness now. She and I have never met and have never heard of what she has walked for me. She is Miss Li’s family, not her father’s confidant, and she is not following those families in Li’s family. Her opinions have no influence on her father’s decision."
I was suspicious. "Didn’t she get any credit?"
Ye Xiangyuan smiled faintly. "What does she calculate? Of course, your husband and I can only get away with it when I have big things to do."
I stared at him in silence.
He winked at me.
My heart beat like a drum and I forgot to laugh at his cheek.
He smiled and said, "I’m not afraid of Li Yuyan and I shouldn’t bother you for the time being."
I saw that his tone became more and more suspicious. Did he hold Li Yu’s cigarette again?
Listening to him, he continued, "And she didn’t lose anything. On the contrary, she took the opportunity to leave Thorn. Even if she is lucky, I have already greeted Changning and deliberately tried to recapture Thorn. She will definitely converge for a while."
I nodded. Since he said so, I must believe it.
Although I still think that people like Li Yuyan should not stop.
But now is not that time to discus such matters.
I’m judo. "I’m in a hurry when I haven’t heard from you …"
He put his hands around my waist and bowed his head and kissed my face. "I’m sorry … I always make you scared."
I shook my head and lifted my face from his arms. "I’m relieved if you’re all right, but you’ll still find a chance to give me some news later or I won’t sleep."
Thorn, I don’t think I could even eat if I didn’t have South-South to accompany me and distract me in those days.
He smiled and pecked at my lips. "Well … it’s all settled this time. Don’t worry … but I’ll explain the details later."
I, uh, have no objection
I’m surprised to be back with him now.
I whispered, "I didn’t have a chance to see you again …"
He scraped the tip of my nose. "Fool, I told you in the hospital that day that I wanted you to stay with me all the time."
I hugged his neck and smiled shyly.
He snorted and lifted my face and pretended to be angry. "I told you to wait for me, but you went to suffer … How do you think I should punish you?"
I looked away in embarrassment and stammered, "You … you can punish me as much as you want …"
He hasn’t been for a long time
I couldn’t help secretly looking up at him.
He kept looking at me with a hint of secrecy and a hint of meaning.
桑拿Somehow, I remembered his punishment and my cheeks suddenly burned.
He tilted his lip corner and spit out the hot air in his ear. He deliberately whispered, "We should go."
I suddenly jumped up from his leg and covered my ears and didn’t dare to look at him.
Not surprisingly, I heard a deep laugh from him again.
After that, I was led by him to the plane, and I found several cars waiting for us, which must be full of bodyguards.
Ye Wen opened the door for us and cheerfully called me "Ding Jie"
I think his smile is quite meaningful, and I remember that I was just alone in the cabin, and my face is even hotter.
After about half an hour, I found that the car was actually going to Qinyuan.
Ye Xiangyuan seemed to see my doubts and explained, "I guess I have to live there during this period."
I don’t have a problem with it.
Although now I really don’t want to see Teng Jun, the eldest sister-in-law and Xiao Jin are also in the military compound.
But I don’t think I can influence his decision.
The car quickly drove into Qinyuan Avenue and was checked several times before arriving at Yeli Villa.
I don’t think it’s right. "… everything is clear before."
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t pick up the words, but hooked his lips.
The more confused I am.
While the car had stopped, he took the lead in opening the door and went out.
I quickly followed the car and saw Li Qingqing holding his chest in his hands and staring at us coldly in the middle of the courtyard.
Before we agreed, she directly told the guards, "This is Ye’s house, not a place where cats and dogs can enter casually, so get out of here quickly."
I frowned at her condescending momentum and saw that her arrogance was even more arrogant than before.
Actually, I was surprised that she had been released, and it seems that she has become the hostess of the Ye family, and the guards have to listen to her.
Chapter 151 Your husband and niece
I remember Teng Jun, where Li Qingqing always kept a low profile.
It is estimated that Teng Ju can’t come forward to receive guests before she takes over.
Ye Xiangyuan eyebrows light pick in situ did not move.
Li Qingqing seems to have learned not to confront him directly this time, but turned to the guards and said, "Are you deaf? Don’t you hear me? Get them out of here! Ye Jia is not a place where bastards like them can come!"
Son of a bitch obviously scolded Ye Xiangyuan.
I was so anxious and angry that I was going to argue with her.
Ye Xiangyuan stretched out his hand and gently took hold of me and whispered, "Never mind let her scold."
I don’t know that I should detect his tone of silence.
But he has never shown weakness in front of anyone, and he has always been that kind of attitude.

I just read a comment. Many people say that the king of heaven is exaggerating and there is no arry team. At this time, the beach road

It doesn’t make sense. It’s actually quite good for the king to fight, and we saw that the king’s own eskill broke the demon Ji’s reaction, that is, what can you ask of him if the king has it? Herring immediately said
A forest day is not enough, arry, but there’s no way for the other side to have an assassin and a single line of forest days. How can arry kill the demon Ji alone?
It is still possible in the later period, but how could Lin Tian kill the demon Ji alone at that time?
Unless the opposite is an idiot
But the opposite side is obviously not an idiot, and the level of vegetarian food is very high, so it won’t give any opportunities.
Moreover, the development of Lin Tian can’t be said to be too good, and it’s actually quite remarkable that many heads can be beaten like that before.
It can be said that Lin Tian did his best.
That set is really a bit difficult. Team A has too strong suppression ability.
The name of the King of Heaven is too high. Many viewers are rushing for this name, but they don’t know how the name of the King of Heaven came from. They just think that the King of Heaven is very powerful, but they don’t know that the opponent is also very strong. The King of Heaven can beat the opponent with a quick hand, but the game is not 11. Zhou Shiyun said
Several people chatted for a while and played a game, then they saw that the players on both sides had done well.
After a good set of things, let’s not talk about it. The horse will bring us the second race. Both sides are already ready and have entered the banp interface, said herring at this time
The two sides changed places.
The Z team is on the red side and the A team is on the blue side.
Team a is the first team to ban, and the first team didn’t even think about ban directly, Devon.
In the face of Z team, no team wants to put a hero, that is, Dreven.
Lin Tian saw that the hero was forced to give a wry smile by ban. There was nothing he could do.
The first hand of Z team ban is still a card.
You can give the other hero card, but you won’t give the vegetarian card. It’s really powerful and a weak hero on the opposite line, but vegetarian dishes can be oppressive.
Z team ban dropped the card, and it felt as expected that the two cards were not released. The herring was somewhat complicated
The hero will think of China when he has been to the card
At that time, other heroes did not say that the national card was really powerful, which caused problems for many people, such as the North American team and even the South Korean team, which was also very quick to ban the card.
Now, speaking of this hero herring again, I can’t think of which country’s players play particularly well at the moment.
On the contrary, those North American French kings and South Korean French kings play very well, and their new generation of players will also play very well
However, Dan, a national star, is not so partial to this hero, and occasionally it is also a team.
Wellknown retired players talked about this hero in the live broadcast.
It’s the favorite hero of the older generation of professional players, but no one plays here.
桑拿会所  title=This has to be said to be a pity
Let’s look at the A team ban people. Zhou Shiyun did not find the herring unusual.
Although Zhou Shiyun is also very good at playing, it is not from the earliest, that is to say, there is no such plot.
The herring immediately recovered. Team A’s secondhand ban dropped the virtual hiding beast, and it was still one of the two powerful wild players, one ban, one blue one.
It seems that Team A wants to take the spider and let’s take a look at Team Z … Sure enough, Team Z didn’t play according to the routine, but Team Z dropped the revenge spear. At that time, Team Z passed this routine, regardless of whether the metal and the captain ban an opponent first.
Yes, I still remember that game.
Z team banp is very interesting to do every time, and it can also take advantage of some things. Look at team A’s skill as a choice.
ban lost the captain, so it seems that both sides have one in each ban. This black technology is best not to be released in BO5 because this hero is out of control.
But this kind of hero often carries special abilities.
Sure enough, the Z team ban dropped the metal. The metal in China is weakened, but it can also be that Kindred is very powerful.
Now there is no Kindred. Otherwise, the purple side might even deliberately keep one hand on the spider and the virtual hiding beast, but they are still very strong. When the time comes, the three wild players will be very strong, and the purple side will not suffer so much.
Team A got the spider first hand, a hero. Team A really loves spiders and is very keen on them.
When choosing the virtual hiding beast and the spider, they will take the spider directly and will not consider the virtual hiding beast.
The Z team took Chandeleus and AC Jin Kesi as a second hand.
Team a takes people faster, and directly takes out Shan Jianji and AC ice on the second and third floors after a meal!
Snow pea, the hero, has already had a chance after redoing.
It turns out that although the ice is not bad, it is mainly because one of her legs is short and the other is injury.
It turns out that in addition to the big move, the ice is a damage skill Q, slowing down and consuming blue E skill vision.
Some preice attack methods depend on a single alignment period.
Now, the ice Q skill is also an output skill, and the arrow rain has a high damage.
Yes, it has been weakened, but it is still very strong. Naturally, I don’t have to say much about my vision, but I can still get one at no cost.
Generally speaking, a change in skills has given Bing Bing a chance.
However, the ice was still chopped at the back. Now it can’t be said that it is too strong, but because of the big move and the extra Q skills now, the ice can shine in the competition.
Of course, it is still at some point.
Seeing each other take out the ice Z team was a little unexpected, but fortunately, the Z team auxiliary hasn’t chosen yet. Seeing each other as an ice fat, Morgana immediately came to the scene and took out the widow while playing wild.
Morgana, a hero, is a great trick to speed up the epidemic of ice.
The heroes of Team A’s last two hands are Zhongda Casadin and auxiliary Nami.
Anyway, if the other party is blue, you must take out the bill early.
And the Z team immediately chose the last hand, which is a single hand.
Single robbery in Meng Fan!

I nodded again.

This time, the soldiers asked first, "You said the Snow Queen is our mother?"
I nodded for the third time.
Wu Bing shook his head and glanced at Chris again and asked, "Elegant brother, I think you should introduce the Princess Pupil Hall to us again."
约茶I coughed twice. "Of course, did I say this myself or did you introduce yourself?"
Chris: Oh, no, it should be said that Chris and Pupil got up together. Kristin spoke first. "I’m Chris and Pupil, which can be said to be one body and two souls, and I can transform my body like this." Chris said that her body suddenly glowed, and it didn’t take a second to show that there was another kind of beauty in front of everyone, perseverance and strength, which was completely different from Chris’s weakness and gentleness, and my four brothers and sisters cried out in unison. Rain sighed, "I’m still the most beautiful sister in the world. I didn’t expect Princess Pupil to have
Wu Bing realized that he had stayed for a long time and looked at me awkwardly. I said, "The so-called reason is that when I first saw the pupil, my reaction was more intense than yours!"
Accompanied by everyone laughing happily!
※※※※※※※※※ I said goodbye to the Snow Queen (later called the Snow Queen, because the music has already crossed the boundary) and returned to Feiyang Liancheng with all my brothers. We have been away for more than a month, and I don’t know what Liancheng is like now.
The truth always likes to make people feel surprised. When I returned to Liancheng, I found Liancheng was a little run down. I felt that my sister and I were in a dark fire here. How could this happen here?
I hurried to the Chamber with everyone and found that there was no one here. What’s the matter? I sent a message to Dark Fire and found out that he didn’t do it. None of these people did it. It’s nothing, but I found that my sister didn’t do it either. This is no ordinary problem, because I know that my sister, like me, entered the hibernating warehouse and couldn’t leave casually. Then she must have something very important and urgent to leave, so she didn’t inform the Snow Queen, and I’m sure it happened in reality, otherwise my sister wouldn’t suddenly leave.
I told everyone my analysis results, and everyone thought it was possible and very possible. What should I do? Am I following the line, too But we brothers don’t know how to fix our thoughts in the game at the beginning. It’s not that we can return to reality by taking off our game helmets in reality. Maybe we are completely separated from our bodies now.
I’m worried. I’m trying to find my sister’s hand. After all, it’s impossible for everyone in the game to leave, right? One by one, because I am the president, I can directly call up the guild list, and I can also directly find out that someone is offline, but there are too many millions of people, and it is impossible for me to look at this list one by one, and this list doesn’t have the search function like the general information software. This is the most depressing place. How long does it take me to look at 100 people in one second? 1 second = 166 minutes = 27 hours. It’s a pity that I can’t read ten in a second, which is 27 hours. When I finish reading it, it’s dark. I still send it to those powerful family members in the old way, but the result still makes me feel that they are not online, and as soon as the information is sent out, just tell me that they are not online in a second.
Waiting is a hard job, and the six of us have to reorganize payon Liancheng. If we are lucky, it should be my sister. It hasn’t been long since they left, because no one has come to attack the city at this time. If it is not easy to attack the city at this time, it is not easy to lead a loose sand, such as fighting with others.
Lin Bing personally went to each squad leader, and the rules of disease were used to sort out payon’s anti-armed forces and manage Liancheng’s real soldiers. Now I think it is his own guild, but the Lin Bing guild was almost established by one person, and the people inside are experienced people. Even if Lin Bing doesn’t, he can handle everything. I am really inferior to Lin Bing.
In this issue, I took Chris to the palace, Tok Darcy, surprised, angry, surprised, and hesitated until finally Nai acquiesced that his daughter and another woman who also liked me made the same physical reality. In this issue, Jasmine’s mouth almost fell off, which was the most attractive thing. Usually, this guy was calm, but this was the first time to see her shocked.
After about half a day, everything returned to normal, but the information I sorted out made me frown, because the number of members in my guild was actually reduced by half. They were not the line, but they wanted to know that members had to deduct money when they retired, and these half of them had to withdraw money at the same time. On the other hand, the experience of Fei Yang Liancheng almost collapsed. Although they got one billion, where did almost no one come to Fei Yang Liancheng’s iron man businessman go?
Chapter ii betrayal
Chris clung to my hand and tried to pull me back, but I didn’t want to see something I never imagined being auctioned in front of the Iron Man auction. This is a dark fire assassin suit’ blood bath’, and since it is auctioned here, it can prove that the dark fire was defeated and robbed, and it was sold under certain conditions. It’s nothing, but I also saw another auction thing, my sister’s staff, which was specially made by the Iron Man for her sister, and it was worthless and had no auction value. But now the auction is the same, plus Fei Yang Liancheng. I don’t hesitate to admit that the Iron Man betrayed us.
"Silk pupil, don’t pull me. I want to see if some of our brothers dare to bully the door." With a swing of the hand, Chris broke free and took out the leader’s flame sword, the orc hero shield. A sultry atmosphere immediately appeared around him. People immediately found out that something was wrong and consciously flashed into the distance.
I shouted at the door, "call the iron man out!" "
More than a dozen people walked out of the auction quickly. From the appearance, almost all of them are top figures in three turns, and they should all reach LV9 level. There are sharpshooters, knight lords, holy crusaders, magical craftsmen, super-magic tutors and magical officials. At first glance, they know that this group of people is specially designed to kick the pavilion. From the perspective of professional cooperation, this is almost a standard battle queue.
The first craftsman said, "Who are you? Do you know what this place is?"? This is the exclusive merchant association of Fengyun Alliance. How dare you make trouble here? "
"I, you, the fucking alliance, you, Cong, call Iron Man to see me or I’ll smash this place."
God craftsman sneered, "What are you? You don’t know what occupation you are. Brothers, clean up this guy." Behind the God craftsman, the knight Lord left laughing and took out a sword bigger than others. I know that this is a knight Lord’s sword, but today I am not a former blue-smoked traveler. Thanks, I have a person I don’t know myself.
I sneer at the rapid rotation of the two right hands, and the leader’s flame sword is pressed by heat waves to them. At this time, they realize that something is wrong. It was far away just now, but now they clearly feel that the sword in my hand has a burst of heat waves and has prepared a fighting posture.
"Hum Yi, can I help you?"
I knew the pupil when I heard this. Of course, if I need her help, I won’t be able to see the first few people at all, but I’m eager to find someone to ask the pupil. They must be killed immediately.
"No, help me take care of Chris …" "And be careful yourself!"
Ignoring the strange eyes of the pupil, everyone exclaimed that I disappeared and reappeared in the line of sight. A sharp pain in the throat of my knight Lord caused the knight Lord to squat down with his hands over his neck. I disappeared again. At the moment, there was a super magic teacher’s side without a sword. Without a sound, a poor magic teacher exploded, and the whole person went to the magic teacher’s line. The explosion caused the team to stop thinking for a short time. This instant suddenly jumped on the god officer, although he was a lovely woman. Child, but at this moment, if I don’t kill the Death Officer and let her unite with the Crusaders of the Temple, it’s killing and killing. I’ll throw out the The Hunger Ring to keep a few people awake from glaring outside, so that the God Officer almost forgot to supplement his health. Unfortunately, this God Officer’s career is not praise, but fighting God Officer’s blood is a little more than my unique skill [flame chop]. Even if there is a little health left, The Hunger Ring can’t resist the recovery of knight lords and knights.
At this time, I heard a voice in my heart, "Idiot, can’t you be bloody?"
"What about the blood soul?"
"It was a fool." Lan Xun gave me the blood-soul method as soon as he finished speaking. I immediately woke up and remotely controlled the The Hunger ring and returned to my hand. I mused that the blood-soul hand The Hunger ring changed immediately. Gradually, The Hunger cyclized a fog of blood and red fog, and my center quickly spread away. Knight lords and the Templar Crusaders first rushed into the blood fog, and then heard two screams and saw two figures fall in the blood fog. Except for the original god officer who was not far away from me, none of them dared to break into the blood fog.
I know the blood fog very well in my heart, because the blood fog is like my hand. Just now, two people have been punched by me for hundreds of times in a row, and what super health is also finished, while the god officer is unscathed but can’t move. I slowly approached the god officer, and I want to know what happened.
Chris was in trouble when I questioned the God Officer. When the gang couldn’t get into The Hunger, they asked Chris to trouble the craftsmen, marksmen and several second-round figures who came later to surround Chris.
God craftsman said, "Tell your friends to hand us back quickly or you will have no good results."
At this time, the pupil showed her stunning appearance, and she looked at the blurred pupil roots in the eyes of all people, and they were shocked by not even fighting.
"Does this little brother know where your president Iron Man is?"
The craftsman said foolishly, "He went to Alcatraz."
And I also asked it out in the fog of blood. The god officer was scared, but what did I ask? She immediately answered, what did the Iron Man go to Alcatraz? Not only did he go to my sister, but also several big guilds went. What happened?
I bought the dark fire suit "blood bath" and my sister’s staff directly, and informed the disease about the general situation. I immediately rushed to Alcatraz with Chris. I remember that Alcatraz was just an island when I went to Syracuse for more than a month. How did everyone get there?
When I arrived at Alcatraz with questions, I found that there were more people here than Dream Rock. These people stuck to Alcatraz like soldiers, and everyone who entered needed an ID card.
Chapter III Enemies
As the saying goes, accidents always happen every second, and I see them. I never thought of a few people. Lan Fengyun and the girl who once made me sad, Zhang Xian, saw them far away. I couldn’t help looking back at them immediately. I didn’t want them to see me. Chris found out that I was wrong, but Chris never asked me, but her eyes were different.
"Who is that girl? Your ex-girlfriend? "
Now Chris and I have changed into another person, and those people at the door are too easy to deal with. I just [alienated] and then mixed in, while the pupil just flashed past the guard and felt a gust of wind.
"Don’t talk nonsense. Let’s find out where my sister is."
When I look closely, I find that Alcatraz has changed a lot, especially those huge buildings with plaques on their faces that say "Alliance of the Wind and Cloud". I listened to passers-by and it seems that they have some important meetings to hold, but everyone is reluctant to play tricks on me.
It took a long time for the meeting to start here, and Chris and I joined the meeting and found a remote place to sit down. It didn’t take long for the meeting to be officially held.
I saw Lan Fengyun sitting next to the * * * * stage. One of the three people turned out to be an iron man, while the other guy was wearing an army. There was another person I didn’t know, and the second row was Zhang Xian. Although the place where I sat was remote, it was not far from the * * * stage. I could see Zhang Xian clearly. She seemed to have no spirit. Sitting alone next to me, I remembered the condition of the Snow Queen and gave a wry smile. It seems that the Snow Queen knew that Zhang Xian had arrived in the fairyland.
"Welcome to the inaugural meeting of Fengyun Alliance!" The host applauded and then said, "Let’s talk first."
Just now, I didn’t know the middle-aged man who went to Taiwan. After a round of eyes scanning, Taiwanese people began to say, "People are prominent people from all over the world, as well as family businesses. Entrepreneurs let me introduce myself. My name is Locke? Darkness is … "Speaking of which, Locke paused." He is the parent of the World Dark World Dominating the Dark Society. "
Some people in the meeting don’t know what the dark society is, but I know it is a huge force that can compete with my sister’s Oriental family. I didn’t expect them to intervene in fairyland.
"Fengyun Alliance is composed of three major forces, one is my dark society, the other is the world’s top ten enterprises, Mr. Lan Fengyun, a blue company, and the other is the world’s leading businessman. His name in the game is Iron Man, and everyone should know Lops, president of Pudar enterprise? Mr. Lei "
This is an uproar. If anyone doesn’t know about Locke? Darkness is not surprising because he usually doesn’t make himself too famous, but Lops? Lei Kejia Yu Xiao’s character started a business at the age of twelve and established the’ Pudar’ enterprise at the age of ten. At the age of twenty-two, it has become one of the top ten enterprises. At the age of twenty-seven, it has been sealed by some famous magazines in the world. One of the most outstanding figures in the past hundred years, Lops, is often taught by her parents to be a successful person like Lops when she grows up.
"The purpose of Fengyun Alliance is very simple. Those who follow me will live against me!" At this time, Locke’s sharp eyes made everyone feel a sudden surprise. Just now, three forces offended the last two, and you may be ruined, but offending the dark association is definitely a death. Because the dark association has its own armed groups besides countless money, and it is also one of several large private armed organizations in the world.
"Calling everyone here today is to let everyone sign in. Of course, you don’t have to sign, but your guild believes that it will be gone in half an hour, no matter the reality or the game!"
This scared everyone again, but I began to understand why my sister would come here, but now my sister doesn’t believe that she must be facing Locke in reality, hoping that nothing would happen.
"When I give you half an hour, everyone will get a contract, and we will be friends if we sign your name. Of course, you are a friend of the commander of the World Security League, Chief White."
All these people even forgot to be shocked. How did this happen? I believe that no one can resist the strength of this alliance. To compete with the World Security Alliance is equivalent to confronting the world. Many people signed the contract without thinking about it, even without looking at what the contract is.
Locke was satisfied with the performance of all the people because he had already predicted everything and believed that no one would want to fight against the world’s first force except that damn Oriental family.
I have a headache now. This contract is the login ID standard. Even if I dress up, once I sign the contract, it will be effective. If I don’t sign it, it will be too obvious. When I have a headache, the venue will suddenly explode near the corner of the platform. The dust in this closed hall quickly fills the whole place. As soon as I see the avenue, I am ready to sneak away. Since I can’t find my sister, why do I care?
"Locke, where did you hide my parents?"
As soon as I heard this sound, my footsteps stopped. Because this sound is my sister’s leaning on the east, I immediately turned to follow the sound and touched my sister.
I heard the sound of Locke in the dust. "Little Oriental girl, how dare you appear in front of me? Aren’t you afraid of your parents’ safety?"
"To catch you that also afraid of what? The Oriental Family Hidden Dragon Special Forces have surrounded your place. Can you still line up now? "
Locke was silent at once. As I got closer and closer, I suddenly bumped into a person. I immediately wanted to draw my sword and cut it. I didn’t know that my head was short-circuited when I saw this person’s appearance.
"Is that you?" Zhang Xian reached out and touched my face gently, and I thought to myself, God, what luck! So many people have hit her, so I’m leaving now, not leaving, not leaving.

There will be about fifteen thousand foot soldiers in Henan, so I want to divide three battalions. I called the roll in the hall. Brother Jianshou, the first battalion, Boping, you take the second battalion … Uncle Huang, please take the third battalion. I motioned to Huang Dong sitting in the corner and added, Let’s rank all the soldiers at all levels in turn. Do you have any opinions? Of course, the status and treatment of infantry is slightly lower than that of cavalry.

Huang Dong and Cheng Wu suddenly jumped out of the corner if they woke up in two or three steps. Dare to do your best!
Solid … Although HuangFuGu dequeue together, but after bending down to worship, it has been slow to say solid …
Brother Jianshou, don’t have psychological pressure. You have worked in two thousand stone areas. It is not difficult to train thousands of infantry in this area. I encouraged him with a smile.
He lifted his body slightly and said, My father … my father …
I looked at him in silence for a few seconds and sank, It’s my thoughtlessness. Well, brother, if you want to go to Yuzhou suspection.i’ll send Chen to escort you.
I absolutely don’t mean it! Huangfugu was frightened and bowed sharply.
If you are sure to stay, then help me bring some soldiers, Jianshou man. I tapped the case and smiled. You are worried that uncle things may not be so bad.
Yes, he added, Thank you for your letter.
约茶Mr. Yanfang was anxious to get angry just now, so let’s say two words of business. I glanced at Wang Lie, whose face was reddish. Mr. Yan is right. The situation is not so good now. I just wanted to have Shandong counties and countries there, and they came directly to denounce me as’ insane’ and ask for a thief … I held out two fingers to clip up the white silk. But this is all superficial except writing dozens of county governors.
The audience nodded seriously.
Yuan Shao is now dealing with Lu Bu, and I’m afraid Lu Bu won’t be able to support it for too long … and it won’t take too long for us to prepare. I got down to business. Although we have only 20,000 soldiers on our side who have been recruited by the counties themselves, the time is too short, the armor is too short, and there is a serious lack of war experience without training, and Yuan Cao’s allied army has been planning for a long time. Not only are the soldiers wellfed, the treasuries are full of soldiers, the advisers are like a cloud, and the talents are abundant
I think the most important thing to deal with them is … I looked around the hall and everyone slowly said two words Leave!
16 weak stuttering engineer
Gong is a good idea. Jia Xu held it before throwing it at me. But can you tell me how to implement it?
My face tightened and my muscles immediately collapsed. I can’t put it on any more. … then tell me.
First of all, we must understand the personality characteristics of both sides. He pretended to stroke Hu. You have had contact with Yuan Shao and Cao Cao. Why don’t you tell me?
Oh, I replied slightly. Yuan Shao, some aristocratic brothers attach importance to vanity. It seems that coachable is openminded and generous. Otherwise, he is sometimes softeared and sometimes stubborn. It is said that he prefers young Yuan Shang. Maybe we can start with his three sons?
Jia Xu didn’t suggest to me that he squinted at me to continue Where is Cao Cao?
Cao Cao? I rubbed my hands. This person is relatively complicated, with both civil and military skills. Compared with Yuan Shao, it should be said that his abilities in all aspects are slightly better. He is generous, resourceful and decisive, and so on. Generally, he is suspicious and suspicious, but he often makes decisions repeatedly when necessary, and he is ruthless and does not think about the second person! I finally added, He is very lewd! Especially a young wife!
Master learned from? Wang Lie, who is in charge of moral education, questioned me with a straight face.
I waved my hand. Don’t care about these details, Mr. Wen and you?
The public has always had its own vision and is generally very accurate. Jia Xu finally affirmed me Xu will continue to send people to Hebei two States to make some preparations.
What should Sir do? I asked
Get detailed information first, then create some accidents, then fan the flames, and finally sit on the mountain and watch the tiger. He shrugged. You may not be successful in training here, but you can’t stop.
I nodded. Of course I know.
Besides … we can’t just sit back and watch them beg us, can we? He added
Oh, I smiled and turned to Wang Lie. Then please bother Mr. Yanfang to consider an article.
Wang Lie asked intently, Please give me a direction?
Well, I rubbed my hands. It’s not too much about them, but we can scold Yuan Shao and Cao Cao … Oh, we might as well preach our policy of recruiting talents.
I’ll show the master the first draft when I know it. He nodded and took it, which seems to me to be quite brainy.
Thank you, Mr. Hard Work. I encouraged him, and then I couldn’t help complaining thoughtfully. What, except Hua Xin, I haven’t even seen a talented person who took the initiative to go to Wenwu?
Cheng Yu shrugged his shoulders. Maybe they are still on their way.
Jia Xu motioned for me to see the first Han Ji and Wei Ji and asked with a smile, How much do you want?
Well, I didn’t say anything. I left my pie mouth and was about to announce the meeting, but I remembered one thing. By the way, Mr. Wenhe, after searching for information, can you give me a copy of the information of Yuan Shao and Cao Cao’s main subordinates?
This is natural Jia Xu nodded.
Then the meeting is over. I took the lead in getting up with a stroke.
Everyone bowed down and excused themselves.
I went to the side wall map and looked at the vast sky, a little lost in thought.
Jizhou is also very close to Luoyang.
Master? Cheng Wuyin came from one side.
You haven’t left yet? I turned to look at him and asked, Is there anything else?
It’s … there’s something about the master’s brother. He was a little embarrassed.
From the younger brother? I am even more surprised by Xiao Dai?
Er, it’s Ma Jun. He was a little embarrassed.
Oh … what happened to him? I rubbed my nose.
I’ll tell you the truth. He came straight to the point. He’s physically weak, and he hasn’t practiced martial arts since he was a child, and … he also stutters a little … and his comrades are just soso … maybe he’s not suitable for joining the army.
I Zheng and then rub the thinking will be transferred to Ma Jun where appropriate.
If it’s offensive, please forgive me, Cheng Wu probably saw me say nothing and quickly added.

He looked calm and said, "Go to sleep."

I’ll, uh, lie down
He turned off the bedside lamp and lay down with him.
I feel his breath getting closer and closer, and the sandalwood fragrance haunts my nose.
He reached out and held me in his arms and asked in a low voice, "Love me?"
I’m a little embarrassed. I didn’t expect Li Qingqing’s words to be heard by him just now.
He smiled with his head buried in my neck, and his voice was hoarse and charming.
I feel hot all over.
He kissed my face and my lips without warning.
I looked up and suffered his attack on the city.
His slender, warm fingertips made me wander all the way.
I can’t help but tighten my body.
He kissed my ear and gently coaxed me into saying, "Honey, it’s okay."
I put my hands around his neck and heard my heart pounding, and my lips were caught by him, making it difficult to breathe.
Although we slept in the same bed in those days in town, he didn’t do anything to me.
Even if the atmosphere was so good during the camping nights in the Alps, he always restrained himself from taking care of my injuries.
I didn’t expect him to be in the mood today
This is the second time I have been so close to him since I was forced to take medicine.
And still awake.
I’m so nervous that my heart is about to jump out
He kissed me closely and coaxed me into entering slowly.
I feel particularly ashamed and inexplicably excited about changing to a strange environment, and this excitement makes me even more shy.
I clung to his shoulder.
He moved so fiercely that he didn’t stop until it was dawn outside.
I was so tired that I didn’t want to move my fingers. He fell asleep in his arms.
I seem to hear him whispering in my ear in my sleep, "Baby, I will definitely make up a wedding for you later."
I rubbed him and went back to sleep.
When I woke up the next day, it was noon, and the sun shone through the white screen window to make the room warm.
Next to the position is cold.
Ye Xiangyuan has left.
I saw him leave a message on his bedside saying that he had gone to the army and asked me to take care of myself and sister-in-law and Xiaojin.
It’s normal. A clean sentence
And his handwriting is vigorous and powerful, as tough and steady as he feels.
I reopened the quilt as if I still had his breath.
品茶Think of his hot chest and those big hands that buckle my waist … I can’t help but roll.
Pat my hot face. I forced myself to calm down and get up quickly.
After walking to the bathroom for a short distance, my waist and legs were a little sore. I looked at myself in the mirror and blushed.
Finally, the powder cake was covered up before I left the room with confidence.
Behind the building, I saw Xiao Jin being held by her sister-in-law and sitting in the hall to watch.
Other than that, he was nowhere to be seen.
Sister-in-law pointed to the kitchen "rice!"
I smiled and thanked him and walked to the restaurant.
Li Qingqing just came out from the inside with a glass of water in his hand.
When she saw me, she said coolly, "It’s really rude. All the elders in the family are up, but you sleep late and I don’t know if you are paralyzed."
Yesterday, her mother-in-law came forward to make things difficult. Today, her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law take turns to find fault.
I smiled gently and swept her around the corner of my eye. "Is it not harmonious between you and your uncle’s nightlife when you are so angry?"

Also rescue Fu Ze didn’t say much to let the nurse get Ji Hanmo a dress and exchange it for Ji Hanmo to enter the intensive care room.

Early summer and autumn, eyes closed, face pale, lying quietly beside the operating table, surrounded by a circle, the doctor was lying on the other side of the operating table with a blood vessel in his arm, and the bright red blood was lost to the body in early summer and autumn.
Inflammation less pale lips without a trace of blood will soon hold on.
The doctor slapped me! Ji Hanmo said to the doctor that he rolled up his sleeves.
品茶论坛The doctor nodded and told Ji Hanmo to lie down. The nurse came over with a needle and a tube. The needle pricked the blood and slowly flowed along the tube towards the early summer and autumn body.
Inflammation less Liu Fan support slowly from the bed feet just fell to the ground a burst of dizziness, his body a soft slowly to fall.
Less inflammation! Liu Fan exclaimed and put her arms around the inflammation and put it back on the operating table. Come and see the doctor.
Liu Fan anxiously shouted to the doctor
The patient has lost too much blood and is in a coma. There is no danger to take more bloodnourishing food. The doctor quickly came over and gave a check to Yan Shao and said to Liu Fan with a sigh of relief.
Liu Fan a hanging heart finally fell to look at inflammation with a heavy sigh and pushed inflammation out of the intensive care room.
Less inflammation is also fatal. I was so poor and weak that I lost so much blood despite the opposition of doctors and nurses until I finally couldn’t hold on.
Ji Hanmo lay quietly on the operating table and looked at the early summer and autumn with concern.
How much suffering and torture does she have to go through? She has suffered enough. God, don’t torture her again.
Ji Hanmo prayed again and again in his heart that God would be lenient to early summer and autumn so that she could survive this robbery safely.
Slowly, in early summer and autumn, she realized that her body was cold and her temperature was rapidly taken away, and her stomach was sore and her arm was warm, and this warm current slowly flowed into her body and limbs along her arm.
She finally opened her eyes and looked at the overhead light. She was in a trance for a moment. Slowly, a smile and a wry smile rose from her mouth.
It seems that she has entered the emergency room again!
In early summer and autumn, I saw Ji Hanmo’s face with four eyes and a smile on his face.
In early summer and autumn, it was discovered that Ji Hanmo’s arm was inserted with a tube of blood flowing down the tube to his body. It was here that the warm current came. In early summer and autumn, her eyes were touched and guilty. She seemed to have done something wrong and troubled Ji Hanmo again. Today is his wedding.
She always gets him into trouble again and again, and owes him a favor again and again. How can this life be unclear?
The patient’s heart rate and blood pressure have risen, and the bleeding has stopped, the doctor said with surprise.
Great! There was a cheer in the emergency room.
The smile on Ji Hanmo’s face became stronger. In early summer and autumn, he finally pulled back from the ghost door again. The nurse Ji Hanmo pulled out the needle tube and Ji Hanmo jumped out of bed. The nurse reached out and held his arm. You should be careful.
I’m all right Ji Hanmo shook off the nurse’s hand and came to the front of early summer and autumn. Xiao Ning, you get better quickly Ji Hanmo whispered in his ear in early summer and autumn.
Yes, I will get better, said Ji Hanmo with tears in early summer and autumn.
I’m sorry, I can’t be here with you. The wedding is not over yet. Ji Hanmo gently kissed her forehead in early summer and autumn and turned to walk outside.
Tears shed more in early summer and autumn.
She’s really sorry about Ji Hanmo.
I’m sorry I owe you in calligraphy, but I still owe it to my peers. In early summer and autumn, I silently said that a burst of dizziness hit her and she fell into a coma again.
Ji Hanmo came out of the intensive care room and immediately threw his clothes off to Fu Ze.
how about it? How is she? Fu Ze anxiously asked Ji Hanmo.
Don’t worry, she’s all right. Ji Hanmo smiled at Fu Ze, dizzy and slightly pale. Fu Ze seems that I’m going to trouble you to send me back. The wedding banquet is not over yet. I can’t throw Long Jing alone.
Fu Ze didn’t say anything. He nodded slightly and walked outside with Jihanmo.
Fu Ze said to Ji Hanmo by car, You close your eyes and have a rest first. I’ll call you when I get there.
hmm! Ji Hanmo gently closed his eyes and leaned wearily against the car seat.
He is tired.
Long Jing of the hotel sat uneasily in the lounge with a mobile phone in his hand. Now I wonder what happened to Ji Hanmo? I don’t know what happened in early summer and autumn.
There was a knock at the door outside, and Long Jing’s face was pleasantly surprised. She immediately got up and quickly walked to the door and opened it.
Ji Hanmo, you can finally go back …
The last word lai was swallowed back by Long Jing. The outsider was Jianhui, not Jihanmo.
Ji Hanmo is really not? Jianhui looked at Long Jing’s eyes at the door and was angry.
Why should Ji Hanmo treat Long Jing like this? Can you hurt her so casually without love? Jianhui heart rises thick fire.
What can I do for you? Long Jing calm to look at Jianhui lightly asked
Long Jing, I’m sorry I apologized to you for what happened that night. I meant to hurt you. Jianhui took a deep breath and pressed his anger to Long Jing with a face of regret.
I don’t blame you Long Jing shook his head.
She really doesn’t blame Jianhui. It was her love and interests that made the choice. To be precise, she hurt Jianhui. She should say sorry.
Okay, it’s all over.
But my heart really hurts when I see Ji Hanmo doing this to you, Jianhui said bitterly to Long Jing.
Long Jing is a good woman. Why did Ji Hanmo hurt her like this?
Where did he go? Did he really leave you here alone? Jianhuiwei some excitedly asked Long Jing
Do I have to tell you where you and I are going? A cold voice came from behind Jianhui, and Ji Hanmo looked at Jianhui with a cold face.
Jianhui Huo Ran looked back at Jihanmo with pale face.
Long Jing face slowly gave me a smile.
He finally came back. He didn’t leave her alone.
The second watch has come, and the contradiction has begun to escalate. Have you saved the children in early summer and autumn? Read chapter by chapter!