The man believed in what Hu Yang said,Nod immediately,He’s not in a hurry to spend money anyway,Since it can still appreciate,I must keep it in my hands first。

Populus looked at the time,Bid farewell to everyone:“Folks,We have to go to a place,Don’t bother,Have a chance to come here again。”
A group of people in the village,Especially Luo Mu and others,I also stuffed Populus euphratica with a lot of local products。
Populus estimates,When I go back by myself,I’m afraid to fill up the rhythm of a car!
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine Wumachuan(Subscribe、Monthly pass)
Next,Hu Yang is famous where they are going,Quanzhou。
This city was one of the four largest ports in the world during the Tang Dynasty,Song Yuan Dynasty became“The largest port in the east”,Known by Marco Polo as“City of Light”。
It can be said,Inside a famous historical and cultural city in China,This city can be ranked in the top positions。
this time,Fitch did not follow Populus,Turn around and return to my home。
Wumachuan stood at the street and waited,very nervous。He didn’t expect,I can get Hu’s response,Really invited。His family,I don’t know how to receive rich people like Brother Hu,Afraid of neglect。
He is a street vendor who makes snacks,Start doing it before graduating from high school,It’s been almost ten years。
Speaking of age,May be one or two years older than Hu Yang。But he dare not let Hu Yang call his brother,But just like others,Shout brother Hu。
He who watched the live broadcast,Remembered Hu’s license plate number,After seeing the car,Raise your hands,Crazy swing。
“Hu Ge,Can the car be parked outside?My family lives in a small alley,Can’t get in the car。”After parking,Wumachuan trot over,Explain to Hu Yang。
Populus smiled and nodded,Open the door:“Wuma brothers get in the car first,Let’s find a hotel or something。”
Finished,I also explained to friends in the live broadcast room:“You may not know,Wuma is a surname,Belongs to the double surname,I believe you will see you often in TV series,Such as Ouyang、Orient。”

Next day,Populus slept in until nine o’clock,Woke up,It feels so good。

He just saw,Hua Zi has already called him three calls,The earliest is after seven o’clock。yesterday,Everyone make an appointment,Went to a place this morning。
Hu Yang glanced at Jianbao Live Room System。
Ok!No daily check-in task,Very humane。
He dialed Hua Tsai’s phone,Ponder,How can I upgrade the primary treasure hunter?。
Task of access system?Still how?No experience value displayed,I can’t see it at all!Populus spit again:Really a defective system,So many loopholes。
“Wah Tsai,Sorry!Just woke up,but,You too early。Where is it now?”Hu Yang asked。
At this moment,Hua Zai has been to the place Populus said,Waited for more than an hour。first day“Go to work”,How to give“leadership”A good impression?
and so,He went out earlier,The breakfast his mother prepared。
The family knows he has found a job,I didn’t ask much about the profession,Anyway, support,Better than staying at home。
“I remember there is a place for morning tea around there,You go up and book two seats,Let’s eat some。”Hu Yang said to him。
As someone who has been in love,He can cook,But today is a bit late,Too lazy to do it,I’ll eat out。In their Yangcheng,The most famous is morning tea,All kinds of exquisite dim sum are world famous。
Hua Zi is very depressed,I knew this,Don’t eat it, just come out。
As a native of Yangcheng,He has not eaten authentic morning tea many times。To know,Eat in those tea houses,Why should it cost one or two hundred??They eat rice rolls at the roadside stall,Only a few dollars。

Because he treats everyone below**Very good,He is doing his best to help everyone out of the gloomy stage of life with his own heart。

Let them welcome the light in their lives,Then slowly,Live my life well,This is what Xiao Fan wants to see most。
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Nine Overweight
Yiming and Chu Yao sit opposite those bosses and the so-called professional training team,Then Yiming and Chu Yao raised their heads,Look at them very calm。
Both of them are very clear,Now is a very important moment,Success and failure,Now that the first official meeting came, it was an important,There must not be a slight difference in this。
The boss told them with a smile:“Welcome to join our team,Explain that you are a very witty person,Can choose to join our team。
You know that joining our team are very elite people,You see our team are very professional,Will definitely get you the reward you deserve。
And you want to make money,Anyone who wants to start a business can be realized here,So you choose us is really the right choice,It can be said to be the most correct choice in life。”
Chu Yao and Yiming secretly cast aside,Maybe meeting you is the worst thing in life。
Then they both smiled and said without changing their faces:“Yes Yes,I hope I can show you more in the future,We will definitely work well,Then make money。”
The boss looked very happy,Because I feel like I can cheat more people’s money again。
Then Yiming didn’t have too much nonsense with Chu Yao,Just spread it out with them,Said his money would be handed over to them,Then I hope they can make their money more。
Their boss is naturally happy,Then he pretended to ask the professional team to pass some information to them,Let the two of them go back and study with great concentration in these two days。
Come to work after studying,Then you can make money naturally,This is a trick,In fact, after they leave, they will be refused all contact information to cheat money。
But there is no evidence to the police,Actually there is evidence,It’s just that college students have less social experience,So they don’t know to collect some evidence。

Regarding Li Xiangdong’s statement,Chen Geng was also a little surprised,But surprised is surprised,Of course this scene can’t scare him,Chen Geng didn’t even speak in person,Just to Kelly who has been silently serving as a human background board·Hicks nodded。

Kelly received the signal from her boss·Hicks picked up the microphone and coughed slightly,Speak:“Dear sirs,very sorry,Today’s briefing session is just a briefing,We will not discuss specific cooperation details,of course,The staff has prepared the corresponding Chinese and English documents and fax machines for everyone、Telephone,I think that instead of dragging our boss,It’s better to convey the content of today’s meeting to your person in charge as soon as possible。”
This is very nice,But everyone understands the true meaning of this:Don’t you hereBBUp,Useless!The best way is to inform you of our investment plan as soon as possible.,Then come up with a plan that can attract our interest as soon as possible。
As for what“Please mention if you have any requirements”Something like,Please!Needless to say in this case,Now is the time for you to show your sincerity,You yourself put the greatest sincerity you can show before me,Then let me decide……It’s time for me to pick you guys。
It seems impossible for Chen Geng to let go today,A group of people are always on top、The pampered leaders looked at each other,Suddenly said:“Miss Hicks,Where are the fax machine and telephone?”
Chen Geng’s assistant could not prepare many telephones and fax machines,right now,Even if you can be one step ahead of others,I have a little more time for discussion in my own province,The possibility of success can also be higher than others……success,It’s accumulated from such small details。
First778chapter No money to talk, not hard
What Chen Geng didn’t expect was,Ideas to build aviation industry group and auto parts industry group by yourself,Even the highest level was alarmed,The next morning,The planning committee got in touch with Chen Geng,Expressed hope to communicate with Chen Geng on this issue,After getting Chen Geng’s consent、After the two parties have agreed on the time,That afternoon,The Planning Commission appointed an old acquaintance of Chen Geng、Executive Deputy Director Wang Guoqiang came to interview Chen Geng。
“Mr. Chen,You are a big move,”Everyone is busy,And at this level,Everyone is used to going straight,Don’t like going around,Deputy Director Wang took the initiative to enter the topic,Ha ha smiled:“to be honest,Your idea of building an aviation industry cluster and auto parts industry cluster,We can’t even think about it。”
“You are too kind。”
Chen Geng said with a smile,But he knew,Deputy Director Wang’s words are really not polite,The reason is simple,For example, the auto parts industry group,If there was no such thing as Chen Geng, a person with considerable influence in the automobile manufacturing industry worldwide,Come to China to invest in this auto parts industry group?Why!

“Could it be that this time the Sedum group members shot?”

Nezha asked with a smile,See how Sedum is safe and sound now,It’s not like the look of a tragic battle,Nezha Conjecture,It should be Jingtian,So I can end it easily。
“Nezha group members look at me high,I also want to try,Results for the first attempt,Was cut to pieces by that boy,Then I didn’t continue to try。”
“After all, fate is yours,Can’t take risks,I can only use the life-saving jade talisman given by Xu Xian to solve the crazy boy。”
“This time I can really see what is cause and effect,What is sluggish luck,Then I went straight back to the world I was in,It’s impossible for me to go to the city of heaven。”
Jingtian said with a smile,He has never seen so many people in trouble,therefore,He was scared away,Maybe if he hesitates for a while,There will be other accidents,Then he has no choice,I can only find a backer for help。
“Sedum’s group members are persuaded?Absolutely persuaded?”
“Sedum, don’t persuade you,Take out your domineering son of a thousand world luck,Swept away,Overwhelming City of Heaven,Then start a live broadcast,Let me wait to see the heroic figure of King Sedum。”
Nezha said with a smile,It’s rare to see Sedum so bluntly,He feels very novel,In his impression,This is the first time I have seen Jingtian so scared。
really,People can’t look,Unmatchable sea water,And Sedum is the son of luck in a thousand worlds,So embarrassed,Really good?I’m afraid I didn’t want to laugh him to death?
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Six Monkey King’s mission
“Nezha group members laughed,I’m just Mingzhe to protect myself,Knowing that the city lord of the heavens is entangled in cause and effect,I won’t stay in the quagmire。”
Jingtian said with a smile,He has a plain personality,A stable life is most important,Provoke right and wrong for no reason,But not his style。

Xiang Chen looked back at Zheng Ziling,Zheng Ziling also stared at Xiang Chen,The first time my eyes looked like an eagle and a wolf。

“Although we often win the academic contest,But we have not won ten years in a row,Next hot news,Are you carrying it??”
Zheng Ziling refused the time for timely treatment,Compared to body pain,What he has to endure mentally may be more severe。
Finished talking,Regardless of Xiang Chen’s response,I smiled first,I am a rich second generation,What’s the matter?“National affairs”。Beckoning people around to take oneself away,Zheng Ziling thought it might be OK to sleep on the hospital bed,It’s just that all the pressure is thrown on the person behind,Somewhat not very authentic,But these have nothing to do with me now!
“Maybe I can do miracles!”
Xiang Chen looked at Zheng Ziling’s back,Smiled and said,Just in exchange for Zheng Ziling to raise her hand and see herself,I looked back and didn’t get it。
The palm of the host on the ring is already covered with sweat,Fortunately, Xiang Chen finally stepped onto the ring。
Under the introduction of the host,The referee checks the protective gear of both sides。
“Go for it!”
When I checked the protective gear for Xiang Chen,The referee whispered。
“Made so many excuses,Wore such parts,To fight,Not tired?”
Xiang Chen muttered in a voice that only the referee can hear。
“tired!But this is legal!”
Patted Xiangchen’s protective gear,No problem,Then the referee stopped talking to Xiang Chen。
After the referee signaled to start,Xiang Chen suddenly felt that the surrounding voices were weakened a lot。
Staring ahead,The muscular blond boy has already raised his fist and hit him。
Raised his hand and grabbed the boy’s fist,Then push forward,The foreign boy took a few steps backwards。
An instant,Cheers around。In the cheers around,The foreign boy who didn’t remember Xiang Chen’s name was full of puzzlement and anger,I want to punch Xiangchen again,But people were stunned,After that,Cheers also weakened。

“With your current mental power frequency,Not enough to increase control authority。Now enter the life potential scan mode,Please wait。”

After this sentence,The sweet voice never reacted anymore。
Lu Menglin had to wait patiently,I think I don’t know what scanning mode is taking up my 30 seconds,If you run out and haven’t scanned it,Then lose a lot!
now,Breeze gusts around,Shaky tree shadow,The howling of beasts in the distance,Virtual scene simulation is extremely real。
Just when Lu Menglin’s heart counted down to thirty seconds,The voice of the shipboard intelligence finally rang again。
“Scan far into,Life potentialelevel,Causalityalevel,Up to standard,Allow access to low management authority。”
Subsequently,Lu Menglin heard only a ding sound,The picture before me has changed again。
A huge hemispherical crystal porthole appeared in the front,Outside the window is the vast starry sky,From time to time there are burning meteors passing by,Magnificent scenery。
“Do you exercise low management authority?”Sweet electronic synthesis sound channel in the ear。
“of course!”Lu Menglin nodded,I was even a little excited。
“Low management authority,Can activate one gene bank warehouse,Does it start?”Electronically synthesized sound。
Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,He doesn’t know what the so-called gene bank warehouse is,But if it ends just like this,Doesn’t seem right。
“Wait a minute,Can i ask a few questions first?”Lu Menglin Yang said。

The weird thoughts of this magician,The giants in the city of God did not feel strange,Take it for granted。

and,The priest Lei Ji, who has the Guangming Dragon Temple, supports Wu Hao,Don’t worry about integrity issues。
I believe that in the near future,Each family will successively receive the magic works completed by Master Wu Hao。
of course,To protect Master Wuhao,Not only the six princes sent the three black blood masters,But those giants who invest in masters,Basically they sent elite family warriors to accompany。
but,The kind of bitter cold border,Presumably there is no danger too high,For the wonderful performance of Master Wu Hao in the seed competition,Many people still talk about it。
When Wu Hao brought this luxurious army from God City to Hongliu City,Of course it caused a sensation in the city。
Hongliu City Lord Mu and Beigongya, the Lord of the Beigong Clan, went out of the city to greet,Along with them are the famous celebrities in Hongliu City,When they saw this team from God City,I was so surprised that my jaw was about to fall。
“Oh my god!Are those all black blood guards??”
“Black Blood Guard,It’s really a black blood guard!Over a hundred invincible black blood cavalry,At least thousands of riders came!”
“Is it really Mr. Wu Hao here??Don’t be the previous City Lord Liu who doesn’t talk about credibility,Come to shovel Hongliucheng?”
“Look,Brother Wuhao is with Chengzhu Liu!The two of them came together!”
Don’t look at the morale of the Black Blood Cavalry in the God City,Be looked down upon,Came to a border place like Hongliucheng,The news of these people is blocked,In their eyes,The Black Blood Cavalry Guard is still the best army in the world,At the border and the dark race,Killed dimly,Corpses everywhere。
In the hearts of the people of Hongliu City,The Black Blood Cavalry is an invincible army,It is a symbol of the military might of God City。
And when they learned,Master Wuhao is now the highest leader of this powerful army,And this army will be permanently stationed in Hongliu City,They have a sense of security from the heart。
The commercial development of Hongliucheng during this period is very good,Because of the three chapters of the original golden covenant,Make Hongliucheng’s tax particularly low,Business activities are very active,Has become a business center for the entire northern border,The life of the military and civilians in the city has naturally risen,Getting richer。
And Mr. Mu is the Lord of Hongliu City,But dare not have any selfishness,Because he knows,Everything about myself is given by Wu Hao brothers,I’m just Wu Hao’s agent on the face。

Liu Chunlan was still full of emotions,After hearing Lin Feng teasing himself like this,I immediately blushed my face。

but,But Liu Chunlan couldn’t find any suitable words to refute her husband。
Regarding my previous attitude towards Xiao Fan,Liu Chunlan is really very, very regretful now。
Think about Xiao Fan’s ability now,Liu Chunlan is really even now,The whole person is also afraid。
Such a strong person,Back then,How can he endure his attitude towards him like that?。
to be frank,When Liu Chunlan saw Xiao Fan’s change so great at the beginning,She really worried that Xiao Fan would come to her to settle the bill!
but,Over time,Xiao Fan’s attitude towards her,It’s always been that way,I don’t want to blame her at all。
and so,Little by little,Liu Chunlan has never considered this issue at all。
And then,Liu Chunlan seems to have forgotten her previous attitude towards Xiao Fan,Slowly I became accustomed to the existence of such a son-in-law。
but,just now,Liu Chunlan’s husband mentioned this issue again in front of her。
Liu Chunlan suddenly thought of this question again。
And Lin Feng?
I seem to be aware of what I just said,Seems a bit too much。
after all,Liu Chunlan’s attitude towards Xiao Fan now,It is no different from yourself。
And I just mentioned the unhappy thing before。

“no need!”Xiao Fan walked into the company without looking back。

Chapter Seventy Three Accompany me to the bar
Shangguanyan looked at Xiao Fan and left without looking back,Also confused。
When I realized that I was so mercilessly thrown at the door by Xiao Fan,Yelled immediately:“Not Xiao Fan,What do you mean?”
Xiao Fan has already left without a trace,Naturally, I didn’t hear Shang Guanyan’s dissatisfaction。
Stomped his feet vigorously,After a cold snort,Shangguanyan also left the Lin Group angrily。
The scene in front of me was taken by the security guard at the company gate.,He didn’t expect that the beautiful police flower would take the initiative to find Xiao Fan,I never thought that Xiao Fan would treat that beautiful police flower with such a cold attitude。
Is Xiao Fan’s market already so good??
Thinking that Xiao Fan is also a security guard,Although it’s the security minister,But it’s also a security guard,At this moment, the security guard’s heart admires Xiao Fan even more.。
The security can do Xiao Fan’s job,It’s worth it!
Xiao Fan just sat down in the office,We ushered in another beauty。
Watching Qiao Anan,Xiao Fan asked:“How did you come?”
Qiao An’an cast a wink at Xiao Fan,Then teased:“This girl missed you,Come here to see you,what happened,do you have any opinion?”
Xiao Fan listened to Qiao An’an,Black lines suddenly appeared on my face,This Joe Anan,Again!
Xiao Fan looked helplessly at Qiao An’an,Don’t speak。
Qiao Anan sat down on the reception sofa,Said:“All right,Kidding you!Look scared you。”
“Let’s talk about it now,What the hell are you looking for me?”Xiao Fan asked。
Raise Erlang’s Legs,Picking nails,Said casually:“Suddenly wanted to drink,I want to come over and ask if you have time?”