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Zhongjing, don’t scare me. Tell me quickly. My heart almost jumped out of my throat, asshole doctor!

Wait a minute, wait a minute. He shook his head calmly and reached for my eyelids. Yo, it’s really hot and wideeyed.
I was forced to open my eyes by him.
Don’t wander around. He corrected my wrong tendency.
I can look straight ahead with a dark beard in my eyes.
He finally let go back half a step and pulled the Xiao Mu stool to sit.
Come on, big brother! I can’t help begging myself to belong.
He heaved a sigh of relief adult what’s your hurry? Of course, such a serious problem of computer virus should be carefully diagnosed and prevented.
Even so … you should take care of the patients when you diagnose. I had to wake him up. A doctor must pay attention to medical ethics.
He nodded. Adult’s lesson is to be remembered.
… I’m a little depressed and my heart is pounding. Can you tell me about my … illness now?
Adult’s obsession is still shallow and serious. He came to the diagnosis conclusion.
约茶It’s okay? !” I can’t believe that a slap in the face caused several hot waves in the water. Are you sure? !”
Sure, he leaned back slightly to avoid being caught in a fish pond. If it was serious, you would have been paralyzed on the spot, my Lord. You are still taking a bath!
I was choked by his words. Do you still think I’m not tragic enough?
My Lord, you are also a kungfu practitioner, and it is normal to get angry occasionally. Zhang Ji’s expression returned to normal. Don’t make such a fuss every time.
Make a fuss?
My life is so unworthy?
I was completely defeated by him. So, in your opinion, how to solve this problem?
It’s good to rest for two days. He patted his ass. If there are political affairs, I won’t disturb the adults to take a bath. Leave now.
He just gave me a leg lift and left.
Hey, hey, hey, I yelled at his back. I can’t even get dressed now!
Zhang Ji left without saying a word, Calm down!
I suddenly shivered all over.
31 ridiculous kindness
This time, I finally got a cold, a cold and a fever and stayed in bed for three days.
With my constitution, a cold is not bad in bed.
But in the face of this sudden illness, I have no resistance at all
I followed the doctor’s advice and lay quietly in my bedroom.
Cai Yan was afraid of infection and wouldn’t let Xiao Yue come to visit the sick. I heard my daughter crying outside the door.
But I won’t ask her to come in
The resistance of infants and young children is really poor. Although I don’t advocate early marriage and early childbearing, no one wants this little life to die prematurely after it is finally born.
So I looked at the beam structure and decorations on my back all day, and my eyes ached.
Take this rare opportunity to rest, I can finally think about that future experience in the past two years alone.
After thinking for two whole days, I came to a conclusion.
The world has returned to order, and I’m afraid it’s hard to make waves with my ability.
Does Wang Ba want blood and hate to return to dust?

Because this is, after all, a bitter enemy battle in the Spanish national derby.

The significance of the game, the level of skills and tactics and the level of competition determine that this is not an ordinary game.
Need the team to be more cautious.
Barcelona, on the other hand, completely exposed the weakness of head coach Rijkaard in the highlevel confrontation of the season.
The commander in the cold war is nothing new, the tactical setting is mediocre, and he is still taking the old road, relying on the individual play of the stars.
When Lionel Messi missed Ronaldinho due to injury, Barcelona’s skills and tactics didn’t look superb or distinctive.
In the fourth minute of the game, after Ronaldinho received the ball from Abidar, he planned to break through Ramos. From being blasted by Ronaldinho in a single game two seasons ago to improving his performance, Ramos’ progress is obvious to all.
On the contrary, Ronaldinho has slipped since the season, and his physical condition has also slipped due to the lack of restraint in his private life. It may not be a big problem for him to play his technical ability on the court, but he needs his physical condition to support some technical performances, which has dropped from superclass to firstclass
The most obvious difference is that he used to break through the explosive force so strong that he could crush his opponent and change direction continuously, which made him dizzy and handed his knee to him.
But now?
品茶Smallscale continuous change of direction has become rare, and explosive acceleration crushing is even more from talking about breaking through failure and complaining that the opponent is fouling.
Ramos accurately blocked the Ronaldinho Football Federation in the first confrontation with Ronaldinho!
Then Ramos didn’t control the ball, just stopped Ronaldinho and let Pepe control the ball.
It seems a little nervous to participate in the Spanish national derby Pepe for the first time. Eto’ o is not short from him, so he is anxious to clear the football foot!
This big foot clearance brought football back to Barcelona.
Toure tilted the ball to Harvey immediately after holding the ball in midfield.
Harvey looked in front of his eyes and then gave the ball to Ronaldinho.
It is through this brief development of offensive and defensive situation that we can see that Barcelona is still organizing offensive in Ronaldinho’s frontcourt core.
Rijkaard seems to lack confidence in defeating Bosco in tactical settings.
He pinned his hopes on Ronaldinho.
I hope that Ronaldinho, the third army of the brave champions, can burst out with amazing energy and defeat the Real Madrid defense line by himself.
However, after Ronaldinho was forced by Diarra in the horizontal dribble and failed to give the ball to Eto ‘o, the confidence of Real Madrid defenders increased, which needs to be continued.
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. ]
Qin Xiong was in the front position after the first game. He found that Toure’s defense was still very shocking and put his midfield septum in a state of isolation.
Qin Xiong quickly adjusted himself. In the 7 th minute of the game, he retreated to meet Guti and gave the ball to Qin Xiong after the ball interaction in midfield Robinho.
Qin Xiong, leaning against Toure, felt Toure’s strong personal confrontation, which forced Qin Xiongfa to control the ball freely while fighting.
So he took the initiative to take a step back. When Toure followed closely, Qin Xiong got rid of the ball to the left and turned around. After Toure moved one step to that side, he saw Qin Xiong pull the ball back in the opposite direction and then turned around from the other side.
Toure moved back and planned to rob him, just in time to see Qin Xiongchao’s cold eyes full of confidence, and at the same time, the football was tilted
Toure felt jumpy.
The football rolled towards him, and he consciously clamped his legs, but it was late. The football rolled past his legs, and Qin Xiong also made an emergency stop and passed him!
When Toure turned around to pursue, Qin Xiong quickly gave the ball to the front line and attacked Raul in Marcos Milito.
Raul didn’t dare to stick the ball and directly knock it back to Qin Xiong’s running route.
Stride to adjust the shooting posture. Qin Xiong greeted the ball and blasted a longrange shot!
The speed of the ball is amazing, almost invisible to the naked eye, but when it just flew into the restricted area, the football hit Marcos, lifted his left leg and refracted and flew directly to the stands.
Qin Xiong took a deep breath and then adjusted his breathing rhythm.
He once again looked at the Barcelona defense and had to say that Barcelona’s defense was also excellent, and he was rarely picky about choosing a position in the card position.
Block the best shot route as much as possible, which is also convenient for their bodies to stop.
Barcelona’s attack seems to be wellbehaved and lacks routine changes.
Harvey Iniesta wants Deco and Ronaldinho EtooRonaldinho’s tacit understanding to crack in the season.
This led to a great discount on Barcelona’s offensive quality.
Real Madrid need to create more unexpected changes in Barcelona’s defense in attack.
In the 11th minute of the game, Ronaldinho failed to break through Ramos in the frontcourt, and his foot ball was destroyed by Ramos and fell off the sideline.
After the sideline ball came out, Harvey handed the ball to Decodeco in the middle and made a longrange shot before he could see the better ball line.
The quality of the longrange shot is very low, which can be said to be ridiculous.
Rijkaard can see it on the sidelines. He is constantly looking forward to and praying that Ronaldinho Eto ‘odeco, these stars, can burst into unexpected energy!
But the effect presented in the game screen is always disappointing, and there is no sign of miracle!
Although Qin Xiong succeeded in breaking through Yaya Toure once, Real Madrid’s overall attack met with great sniper in Camp Nou.
Maybe Barcelona is too far behind in the standings. There is no doubt about its fighting spirit in this game.
They are very resistant to sniping in the center and back court.
Even Harvey Deco seems to have become an engineering player.
On the other hand, Real Madrid may be too eager to win 17 consecutive victories to tie the record of winning five major leagues set by Inter Milan last season, plus the double pressure attack of the Spanish national derby.
Many times, it’s confusing to plug the ball directly rashly.
In the 14th minute of the game, Milito broke Robinho’s direct ball to Qin Xiong, and Barcelona immediately launched an attack.
After receiving Deco’s ball from the right in the frontcourt, Iniesta tried to violently put him down at the landlord referee’s whistle to signal Heinze’s foul and showed the first yellow card of the game.
Deco finished the goal on the right in the frontcourt. His goal failed to pass Pepe’s head and was cleared out. The football landed at Harvey’s foot. Harvey’s direct longrange shot tested casillas.
San Cassie bravely saved the ball from the baseline, which really surprised Real Madrid people into a cold sweat.
The Nou Camp is so powerful that Barcelona fans still think Barcelona is suppressing Real Madrid!
In the 17th minute, Ramos’ backcourt oblique Guti was destroyed by Deco, and Harvey gave the ball to Ronaldinho before leading the ball from the side.
When Ramos is not in the best defensive position, Ronaldinho’s crosscutting of the ball is easier than when Diarra comes close to the goal, Ronaldinho changes direction and rubs the far corner of the goal around a position close to 30 yards.
It’s a pity that his footwork was not well controlled and he turned into a shot with a good angle.
Casillas held the ball in his arms with great pressure.
Camp Nou gave a sigh and then thundered. The team cheered and cheered during the past period.
Before the palm stopped, casillas rushed to the restricted area line and then threw the ball to the left of midfield.

Leng Jing Yan was busy and got together in the past. When I saw the pictures in the video, both faces were pale.

In the picture, a strange man in a black suit walks to the door of the hotel suite and knocks a few times, so he comes to open the door. He is wearing a hotel robe and his collar is still very open, and his makeup is exquisite. At first glance, he is also specially dressed up.
Then the camera zoomed out and saw that the two seemed to be talking all the time. Finally, the picture was frozen and the door was closed. It was self-evident.
The man is about 1.75 meters tall, although his face is mosaic, but from his height, he can clearly tell that he is not Han Shu, while Leng Yuqiu’s face is very clear and can be recognized at a glance.
"This video was taken back from the police when I went to the police station for bail last night," Han Zhengming said.
It means that the police will arrest people because of this evidence.
"…" Cold words and Xu Meizu suddenly didn’t know what to say. Last night, they all believed that it was impossible for this adopted daughter to do something so outrageous as aiding friends, but now even the video has this kind of thing, which is somewhat uncertain …
"Cold old lady used to be a big teacher Leng Yuqiu is now a big high flyers. You should know how serious the consequences will be if a female college student falls on the charge of aiding foreign relations, right? Plus this video, if it is really exposed by the police, Leng Yuqiu’s generation should be destroyed and your cold family will definitely not be able to get rid of it. "
"…" Xu Meizu eyes a fiercely "what do you mean?"
Didn’t she threaten him last night? How now it’s the other way around …
"I don’t want to investigate whether Leng Yuqiu has made aid, but please take care of Leng Yuqiu from today and let her stop harassing my son in D city or I will hand this video over to the police again."
Xu Meizu, with a pale face, Han Zheng Ming continued to say, "Old Lady Yu Leng, what you told me in your words last night is also a formal expression of my attitude today."
"Yes, it’s true that the biological mother of Xiaoxiao’s son is Gao Zhiqiu. Although she once had a husband and wife relationship with Shijun, it was more than twenty years ago after all. Who can live in this world without a past? Besides, they have been divorced for less than two years, and Leng Shijun and my daughter are officially divorced today. That is to say, your cold family has no in-laws with our Korean family. Leng Shijun has been married to several women. That’s your cold family’s business. It’s not like our Korean family. It’s Yu Jinchuan’s wife and Xiaoxiao ‘er is Yu Jinchuan’s own daughter. She and my son are now happily married and both are five years old. We can’t push our daughter-in-law and grandson out because of the so-called’ external image’. "
桑拿按摩  title=With these words, Zhong Yuhong has come from the floor, holding a face of ignorance and vacant wan wan.
"I’m done here. Please be kind to the old lady." See that Xu Meizu’s face has turned white. Han Zhengming no longer said much in the past, and picked up the granddaughter and walked toward the outside.
"…" Xu Meizu first one leng and then quickly chased after the past "Wan Wan, you can’t take Wan Wan away …"
Han Zhengming walked fast, and the three quickly left and walked into the ladder.
Xu Meizu wore slippers and ran to the door of the house. I don’t know if she was in a hurry. Her foot slipped. "Ouch!" One person had "slammed" and fell on the concrete floor.
She felt a terrible pain in the coccyx and looked up at the ladder door.
Building a line of four people quickly got into the car and roared off.
Zhong Yuhong looked back. "Honey, will it be okay if we just take Wan Wan away?"
"What can I do for you? The court decision is here." Han Zhengming held his granddaughter with a so-called face.
He’s already there. If Xu Meizu is really crazy, he won’t have anything to be polite if he doesn’t even want his adopted daughter’s honor and reputation.
He was very angry when he got the message last night, and even had an impulse to go home and ask if it was true. What are you keeping from them?
But after waiting for the bus for a long time, I don’t know what happened, but he suddenly figured it out
Section 341
Because no matter how angry he is, it won’t change anything. It’s been more than 20 years since the marriage more than 20 years ago. Now Han Shao and Xiao Xiaoer have also got married, and the attitude that Han Shao chose to hide is obvious, that is, he doesn’t want it.
Obviously, I just don’t want this kind of thing to affect his and Xiaoxiao’s life now.
He thought about it and gave Xu Meizu a message, promising to help bail Leng Yuqiu out, but she had to keep her mouth shut about it.
Xu Meizu agreed.
When he went to the police station to bail Leng Yuqiu out, he went home and talked to his son immediately.
The so-called video was not taken back from some policeman, but was given to him by Han Shu.
"Grandpa, where are we going?" Wan wan raised his little face and asked with curiosity.
"Wan Wan Grandpa and Grandma will take you back to D City to find your mother, ok?" Zhong Yuhong touched her granddaughter’s hair and said kindly.
After Wan Wan came to D city, Han Minzhi was going to the hospital for surgery, and Leng Yuqiu went to harass Han Shao Leng Shijun again and again, so she had to send her daughter back to A city. I didn’t expect this time …
Wan Wan blinked his eyes. "What about Dad?"
"Your father he …" Zhong Yuhong trembles.
"Dad will come to see Wan Wan and then live with his mother and grandparents in D city, okay?" Han Zhengming coaxed
Wan Wan wrinkled his little eyebrows, although not too white, but he thought that he could come to see her with his mother, and immediately nodded, "Good!"
D city airport on the other side
Leng Shijun and Leng Yuqiu just came from the taxi when they received a call from home.
"Shijun, where are you now? Come back quickly!" Lengjingyan hurriedly said
Leng Shijun froze. "What’s the matter?"
"The Han family just came home and said that the court ruled that you and Minzhi had divorced, so you took Wan Wan away from your mother and chased them. I just fell at the door and broke her bones. I just sent her to the hospital for surgery."
Leng Shijun "…"
Wu Hua fu Rui yuan Jing Zhai
"Eldest brother heard that real estate stocks have been slippery recently." On the first floor, Han Han took a sip of coffee in front of him with one hand.
Behind the desk, Jing Muchen leaned back and sneered, "When did fashion start to care about the real estate industry?"
"Eldest brother, you said that I didn’t care about you. I’ll help you one day if something goes wrong with Jingyang, right?" Han’s smirk is mainly Jing Muchen’s face is paralyzed like an iceberg all the year round. To tell the truth, he always wants to make a joke.
Jingmuchen coldly saw him at a glance and put the line of sight back in front of cool thin "are you full or idle? The horse is going to celebrate the New Year, so let’s go home with our wife and children. "
Han Dong put a glass of "Big Brother, I really have something else to come to see you today"
After that, he walked to the next chair and sat down with his black eyes shining. "Eldest brother, I plan to reissue the wedding with my wife in the new year. How do you want a beautiful flower girl to lend me your jiujiu? Just take the red carpet with Xiaobai for a while. How do you make golden couple an absolute kill …"
"no!" Jing Muchen refused.
Let his precious daughter make flower girl for him and go with his little fox? It’s uncomfortable to think about that picture
"Eldest brother, don’t lie. You see our brothers have your existing daughter, and the key is jiujiu. She also likes my son very much. We parents should support children’s preferences …"
JingMuChen impatiently interrupted him "stop! I’ll pretend you didn’t say you can go. "
"I don’t!" With a firm face, Han Shu almost cheated and said, "I won’t leave if you don’t promise me today."
Jingmuchen "…"
A minute later, the door was opened with a thud, and Jing Muchen came out with a black face and glanced at the living room. "Where did jiujiu go?"
Su Ruo got up from the sofa late and her face was full of incomprehension. "She went to her parents’ house with Yanyan to play. What happened to her husband?"
"Eldest brother" Han Shu chased out from behind. "If you don’t promise me, you’ll talk to your sister-in-law."
"…" Su Ruo blinked at night. "What about me? What do you want to see me for?"
"Sister-in-law!" Han Shu immediately leaned over. "Well, after the Chinese New Year, I want to make up the wedding with my wife, and I want to find jiujiu to be our flower girl, but eldest brother just won’t allow you to say that he is too much?"
Su Re took a late look at her husband and complained, "You’re really a bitch. Ignore him. It’s a good thing that you and Xiaoxiao are going to make up the wedding. Don’t worry, I will definitely take jiujiu to be a flower girl together, right?"
"Great, eldest sister-in-law, I knew you loved me the most." Han Wei picked his eyebrows at Jing Muchen.
"…" Su Re night shake off a goose bumps.
When I picked it up, Li Hanzhen sat on the sofa and talked with Su Re over coffee all night.
Jing Muchen accidentally came out of the room and couldn’t help asking, "Why don’t you go?"

All right, that’s all I want to say. Heaven and Q will play, and coach Xiao will play some Q team videos later. In the first game, we must win the beautiful game. Chen Ranxin let go of the file and said, Avenue.

They should be a immediately.
Then there are some videos. When some important clips are played, Lin Qi will choose to pause, and then point to the screen video and say, It needs to be noted here that they like to swim together, and their skills are also very good. At that time, they must have a good view in this position.
This sentence is addressed to Fat, who said, Don’t worry, Fat, I am a man who has practiced the magical powers of the eye!
What is the magical power of the Eye of Heaven? Xingyu Lin asked with a full face of doubt.
Is to do more, what is the eye magic, this all don’t know, play a ball ll fat big eyes glanced at Xingyu Lin, then explained.
Xingyu Lin almost spit out one mouthful blood. He gave a thumbsup and said, Well, you win!
Lin Qi stared: Listen to me carefully, these are all very important.
They immediately became serious for a few minutes, while Fat gently touched Lin Tian and whispered, How do I feel like I’m in class …
I’ll tell you that I’ve always felt this way … Lin Tian touched the bar with some funny expressions.
Great minds think alike!
At this time, Huang Yingying hammered Lin Tianli, jiao said: Stop that now, have a good meeting, the game is coming, why are you not nervous at all …
Don’t be nervous, I’ll kill the blasting field. Lin Tian showed off in an ostentatious manner. Then he rolled his eyes and whispered in Huang Yingying’s ear, Did you sleep well last night?
Huang Yingying was stunned, and then the color was slightly red, with a bit of shame, thinking: Is this a simple question or is there something in it?
Actually, Huang Yingying didn’t sleep very well yesterday. As usual, she always ran to Lin Tianshen’s bed, and she was already familiar with Lin Tianshen’s faint masculinity and powerful arms on her white neck.
But if the answer is not good, that bastard Lin Tian is estimated to show off in an ostentatious manner again.
See Huang Yingying thief didn’t answer, Lin day eyes across a few silk teasing, eyes are a little obscene.
After being looked at by such wretched eyes for a while, Huang Yingying looked even more ruddy. She said, How did you sleep?
桑拿会所Not so good Lin day seriously.
Hearing these three words, Huang Yingying felt sweet and thought, Sure enough, I can’t do it without you?
But then Lin Tian said, Fat is too big to sleep and snore … if only I could sleep alone.
Huang Yingying looked stiff and said, You deserve it, miss. You can sleep well.
So I envy you very much. Lin Tianxiao said, then blinked. He didn’t mean that in his heart, but he deliberately said a few words like that, provoking the topic, but he didn’t say it deeply. Lin Tian was like this.
Huang Yingying this xiao ni where will be rivals? I can feel ashamed secretly, but I feel that I have been molested, but I can’t go back.
After all, the girl is too thinskinned, and Lin Tian, who is thickskinned like a wall, can’t compare with ordinary people.
Lin Tian smiled, but said solemnly, I didn’t get used to sleeping last night.
Say that finish this sentence, Lin day again that kind of indecent expression.
Huang Yingying was stupefied, his face flushed and he thought, Is he implying something to me? But when she looked again, she found that Lin Tian talked to Fat again, and she didn’t know what to talk about again. Lin Tianxiao was always very happy.
This guy … Huang Yingying stamped his foot and stopped going to see Lin Tian.
The meeting lasted for a long time, followed by team training. Lin Qi packed her things and said to Chen Jiaojiao, Senior, you haven’t eaten either, have you? Let’s get something to eat in our building.
Chen Jiaojiao looked gentle and nodded. For others, Chen Jiaojiao was as cold as ice, but for Lin Qi, she showed a gentle expression and looked very beautiful.
Lin Tian and others stayed in the conference room.
There are many computers in the conference room, and several people brought the mouse, keyboard and other things to play a training match.
They have an appointment with a team in Group E for training.
I know your personal ability is very strong, but the game pays more attention to teamwork. Today, the main thing is to let you blend in with us and play with us, Meng Fan said to the fat mouth
Fat nodded: I am white.
That’s good, in fact, you and Lin Tian are our Z team newcomers. Now, the team has not cooperated well, and there is no focus, but you and Lin Tian are very strong. If you can, the team style will be the core of the road. Meng Fan said.
Lin Tianhe and Pang were both stunned. Then Lin Tiankou said, I used to be my core, but as a result, you have been stocking me.
Didn’t I help you too? Meng Fan said with a smile
That’s not help … Muttered Lin Tian, and the child’s temper showed.
Huang Yingying touched Lin Tian’s head: Don’t do this.
That’s it. Lin Tian grimaced.
Huang Yingying was amused by his touch, and then said, All right, all right, whatever. By the way, let me have dinner with you after training tonight.

"Fu Qianfan, your heart is really big enough. You dare to attend the wedding of your ex-boyfriend with a third party. Should I say that your heart is too big or that you have no brain?" Gao Zhiyuan really wants to be angry with Fu Qianfan and vomits blood. He always thinks that Fu Qianfan is stupid, but it is also a small matter that should be carried clearly before being cheated. He wants to bless Fu Qianfan as the first person. He really wants to see how long Fu Qianfan’s brain is.

If I hadn’t gone to Cheng Ming’s wedding with Lu Dandan, Fu Qianfan wouldn’t have been entangled in Cheng Ming, so many things wouldn’t have happened. All this is the result of Fu Qianfan’s stupidity.
Gao Zhiyuan thinks that Cheng Ming is not as clever as he is, but he is not stupid. It is only a matter of time before he meets Fu Qianfan again and finds you.
Knowing that Cheng Ming had been going to Fu Qianfan Company, Gao Zhiyuan was angry and regretted, and wanted to go back to that restaurant just now and beat Cheng Ming up.
Fu Qianfan is now like a child who has done something wrong, holding his head down and crying, and obediently listening to Gao Zhiyuan’s lecture. If Gao Zhiyuan can be happy after scolding her, she is also so-called, but Fu Qianfan still can’t help but whisper in her heart that her heart is not big at all, and she doesn’t want to go, and she doesn’t know that it will provoke Cheng Ming.
Looking at Fu Qianfan like this, Gao Zhiyuan can’t scold him, and he’s a little upset. Just now, I didn’t resist saying that Fu Qianfan has suffered today. It’s really quite pitiful that he looks like a puppy and wants to touch him lovingly.
Thinking that Gao Zhiyuan did the same, he raised his finger and gently wiped it along Fu Qianfan’s eyelids. Even if there were no tears, Fu Qianfan’s eyelids were already red. When he pressed the face, he seemed to feel that the eyelid was full of tears.
Because of Gao Zhiyuan’s touch, because of Gao Zhiyuan’s tenderness, because of Gao Zhiyuan’s love, Fu Qianfan’s bottom line of defense was also broken. Tears spilled like broken beads. At first, I sobbed gently, and I cried slowly. The more I cried, the more I lost control.
"What’s the matter? I didn’t say a few words to you? You didn’t cry just now. Why did you cry when I touched you?" Gao Zhiyuan wiped Fu Qianfan’s tears at a loss, but he couldn’t wipe them all. Gao Zhiyuan simply didn’t wipe them. He never met a woman crying and didn’t know how to deal with it. He wanted Fu Qianfan not to cry and didn’t know how to express himself. The more anxious he was, the more wrong he said.
"Boo hoo" Fu Qianfan looked at Gao Zhiyuan while crying and wanted to say "no, it’s not because of this" to Gao Zhiyuan, but he couldn’t say that his nose was blocked and his mouth seemed to stick, so he couldn’t say it and barely uttered a few syllables, and he would be drowned by crying.
Gao Zhiyuan sighed patiently, held Fu Qianfan to his leg, let Fu Qianfan press his head on his chest, and then circled Fu Qianfan’s waist with one hand and patted Fu Qianfan’s back with the other hand, without saying that Fu Qianfan should not cry, so he quietly held Fu Qianfan and Fu Qianfan wanted to cry, so he accompanied Fu Qianfan to make him suffer.
Women are really strange animals sometimes.
Fu Qianfan cried in Gao Zhiyuan’s arms, and her hands clung to Gao Zhiyuan’s shirt as if she let go, and tears and snot inevitably rubbed against Gao Zhiyuan’s body. Fu Qianfan couldn’t care how much she cried in Gao Zhiyuan’s arms.
Gao Zhiyuan felt his chest wet and didn’t look at it. He also knew what it was. He frowned a little nauseous because he couldn’t bear to push Fu Qianfan away. Who can Gao Zhiyuan recognize? Let him make Fu Qianfan cry? Let’s call it his debt.
Fu Qianfan cried for a long time, and her voice was hoarse. She still sobbed from time to time. A few tears stopped, but her eyes were completely red and her nose was red. It really became a rabbit.
Gao Zhiyuan looked at Fu Qianfan and felt distressed and wanted to laugh. He felt that Fu Qianfan was really cute after crying. "Is it better now? I’ll just talk about what you are crying. I don’t really blame you." Gao Zhiyuan felt that women are really strange sometimes. How can animal tears come when they say it?
Fu Qianfan sat up with Gao Zhiyuan’s hands and legs. Fu Qianfan finally saw Gao Zhiyuan’s face through tears. Gao Zhiyuan’s face was as big and hazy as a reflection in the water, but it still couldn’t cover up the delicate facial features as if every place was carved.
Because of the fascination, Fu Qianfan looked at Gao Zhiyuan for a while and didn’t respond. Gao Zhiyuan was waiting for her when Fu Qianfan cried silly and didn’t turn around. It was also a good moment for him to belong to Fu Qianfan so quietly.
When Fu Qianfan came to consciousness, her face turned red as soon as she whew. She just made a spoony in front of Gao Zhiyuan. Think again, it seems that she was still held by Gao Zhiyuan. When did she become so shameless and sit on a man’s leg? Oh, my God, help her. She must have been out of her mind just now.
Fu Qianfan bowed their heads and pushed Gao Zhiyuan "What’s the matter?" Gao Zhiyuan was surprised to ask if it was okay just now.
"I want to come and sit alone." Fu Qianfan almost put Ba on her chest, and she didn’t have the face to face Gao Zhiyuan. Gao Zhiyuan wouldn’t think she was a casual woman, would she? If it was because Cheng Ming made Gao Zhiyuan misunderstand her like this, she wouldn’t blame Gao Zhiyuan, and she would hate herself more.
Although I was reluctant to Gao Zhiyuan, I still reluctantly put Fu Qianfan on the side and sat down. Just now, I was clinging to his clothes, tears and snot, wiping his body, and now I want to come after crying. How could he forget Fu Qianfan, who is a kick down the ladder?
Gao Zhiyuan sat there. Fu Qianfan couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. Because she refused? Fu Qianfan Bai Zhiyuan was special to her. If she were someone else, she wouldn’t be so absent-minded. Because she believed in Gao Zhiyuan and relied on her, she would be so relieved. She would be fascinated and she would be out of control.
Fu Qianfan knows that she does not reject Gao Zhiyuan’s touch. On the contrary, she likes it very much, but if it is because of misunderstanding, she would rather get along with Gao Zhiyuan like a stranger.
Is she really a slave?
"Gao Zhiyuan, you haven’t answered my question" Fu Qianfan asked lonely. She had guessed from Gao Zhiyuan’s reaction, but she still wanted to hear Gao Zhiyuan tell the answer herself, so that she could be dead.
Answer what Gao Zhiyuan wondered what Fu Qianfan had asked him? He was silent for a while. Gao Zhiyuan looked at Fu Qianfan strangely. Should Fu Qianfan still struggle with that question? Is she stupid or stupid? Isn’t his performance obvious enough?
"Fu Qianfan, you are really big-hearted. You are really big-hearted. I really regret bringing you back from the restaurant."
Gao Zhiyuan stared at Fu Qianfan and ruthlessly said that the surface seemed to be angry with Fu Qianfan. In fact, Gao Zhiyuan was angry with himself. Is his mind so hard to guess?
Fu Qianfan opened his eyes wide. First, he was scared by Gao Zhiyuan. Second, he felt something was wrong. Gao Zhiyuan meant that he believed her, so he would bring her back from the restaurant. If he didn’t believe her, he wouldn’t even look at her. It is also likely to drive her out of the house. From the perspective of high ambition, it is really impossible.
Fu Qianfan was secretly glad to know that it was the result, but he didn’t dare to be too proud. Didn’t you see that Gao Zhiyuan was still angry? Keep a low profile. Don’t provoke Gao Zhiyuan again at this time.
"I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to understand." Fu Qianfan thinks it’s better to explain to Gao Zhiyuan for a while, and he can’t blame her. Who can understand Gao Zhiyuan’s mind?
"It’s best to get it." Gao Zhiyuan is still the arrogant one, but Fu Qianfan took the initiative to apologize to him, and he was still very popular.
When Fu Qianfan wants to go back to her room, Gao Zhiyuan doesn’t have a problem. Even when she leaves, she doesn’t forget to tell Fu Qianfan, "Be careful not to press her scalp when sleeping and don’t wash it with water these two days." Fu Qianfan went back to her room like a kannika nimtragol. Gao Zhiyuan is so considerate to her. Does Fu Qianfan feel that she is still not used to it?
After Fu Qianfan returned to the room, Gao Zhiyuan also went back to the room and changed his clothes before he came out again. Gao Zhiyuan went to the kitchen without a hall to stay.
Although I ate something just now, I’m still a little hungry. The key is that Gao Zhiyuan thinks that Fu Qianfan certainly didn’t eat when he was in the restaurant. Now Fu Qianfan still hurts Gao Zhiyuan and thinks that he can’t let a patient cook and eat as much as he can.
Open the refrigerator and look at the red, yellow, green and vegetable. Gao Zhiyuan wants to quit again. Isn’t it difficult for him? Think about cooking noodles. Open the cupboard and take a bag of noodles from the inside. This is still going back to the supermarket with Fu Qianfan. The packaging has been opened, but it has not been cooked much, and there are still many left.
Fu Qianfan is afraid that one day Gao Zhiyuan will come to cook noodles again, and the bread he bought specially is dry. Fu Qianfan thinks that even if Gao Zhiyuan is stupid, it is impossible to throw it out of the pot.
Gao Zhiyuan took four round cakes out of the bag and thought it should be enough for two people to eat. Then he took two eggs and two vegetables from the refrigerator. When Gao Zhiyuan took the vegetables, he hesitated for a long time and didn’t know which one would be easier to handle. Finally, he chose Haiqing, which looked the most pleasing to the eye.
Are you sure you’re not fooling me?
Cooking noodles Gao Zhiyuan can still be cooked a little badly, but it’s not a problem to cook the eggs. Gao Zhiyuan has a headache. See you later. Fu Qianfan knocked on it and then opened it, but he couldn’t open it with a little effort. There was no way for Gao Zhiyuan to take it from the refrigerator again. It was no problem to knock it open this time, but it was burnt when it was put into the pot.
In this way, we have tried it back and forth several times. Two loose fried eggs with a little charred are finished, and the vegetables are simply washed, directly thrown into the pot and fished out, and then the bowls are directly salted.
Gao Zhiyuan put two bowls of noodles neatly on the table, and the more he looked at them, the more proud he became. His cooking was still ok, and it would not be a problem to practice cooking a delicious dinner.
After putting the noodles away, Gao Zhiyuan went to call Fu Qianfan. Fu Qianfan didn’t know that Gao Zhiyuan cooked noodles. Gao Zhiyuan called for delivery, and her stomach was really hungry.
When I came to the kitchen, I felt something was wrong when I looked at the table with two bowls of Fu Qianfan. When I approached, I saw the charred fried egg Fu Qianfan, which was white.
Although it doesn’t look good, Fu Qianfan thinks that there is nothing better than Gao Zhiyuan’s hard work. It must have taken a lot of effort to cook these two bowls of noodles. Fu Qianfan thinks that it is incredible that Gao Zhiyuan should cook noodles for her himself.
Fu Qianfan tasted a chopstick of noodles first, which was soft and still edible, but the taste was a little light. The fried egg was a little hard and still fragrant. Fu Qianfan knew at a glance that it was not cooked completely, but it was very good to make this sample, and it was not too bad to swallow. Fu Qianfan really felt good.
Gao Zhiyuan watched Fu Qianfan eat for a while and had no opinion. The taste must be unmistakable. He knew how bad his cooking could be, so he followed him with a chopsticks in a good mood.
Noodles can’t be swallowed in the mouth, and it’s hard to spit them out. Gao Zhiyuan can look at Fu Qianfan deeply. Can this be eaten? Fu Qianfan didn’t respond to Gao Zhiyuan’s complaint, but his eyes encouraged Gao Zhiyuan to eat the noodles. Gao Zhiyuan finally swallowed the noodles, but he just didn’t want to have a second bite.
"It’s good to add some soy sauce." Fu Qianfan took some soy sauce and sprinkled two bowls of noodles. "Now you can try it, but it’s a little burnt, but there’s still no problem eating it. Try it quickly." Fu Qianfan urged again
"Are you sure you’re not fooling me?" Gao Zhiyuan picked up another chopstick with difficulty. He was afraid of getting cold feet, but he stuffed it in his mouth or it was rotten. It tasted better with a little soy sauce.
"Don’t you think this is soy sauce?" Gao Zhiyuan vomited that soy sauce covered the taste of noodles, but the taste was still poor.
Fu Qian who secretly turned a supercilious look is it necessary to get to the bottom of it?
"Wouldn’t it be nice to eat? It’s a pity that you didn’t eat after cooking for a long time." Fu Qianfan tried to persuade him. "And I really think it’s ok."
Gao Zhiyuan won’t believe Fu Qianfan’s words, but he didn’t say much. He continued to eat in the face of Fu Qianfan’s cherishing his cooking. Gao Zhiyuan felt very happy that there was still a place in his heart that became soft and didn’t know what it was. It just felt very good.
It is rare to leave early.
After eating noodles, Fu Qianfan wanted to tidy up and was stopped by Gao Zhiyuan. "You go back to your room to rest and I’ll get it." Then he robbed Fu Qianfan of his bowl.
Fu Qianfan looks at Gao Zhiyuan’s back and feels warm in her heart. How can this man be so good? If Gao Zhiyuan is like this every day, she will definitely indulge in it, and now she is not sure that she is really not obsessed with Gao Zhiyuan. If there is nothing, her heart will feel.
Because Cheng Mingfu Qianfan is a little afraid to go to class, I don’t know when Cheng Ming will run out to block her again, and now it’s not just Cheng Ming who has to guard against Lu Dandan. How can she live so tired?
品茶论坛The only thing that can make Fu Qianfan feel comfortable is that her colleagues in the company don’t seem to have anything unusual about her. Fu Qianfan thinks that Cheng Ming’s troubles that day should not be opened to others. Fu Qianfan doesn’t want to care about it, and things will fade one day. She’s not a rich star. Who will care about a famous pawn?
After observing for a few days, Fu Qianfan really didn’t see Cheng Ming and Lu Dandan appear near her company again. Fu Qianfan didn’t know if it was because of this incident that Cheng Ming was busy fighting with Lu Dandan and ignored her. Although it was not very kind to think so, Fu Qianfan really hoped that Cheng Ming and Lu Dandan would always fight and never come to find her sometimes.
In Gao Zhiyuan, Fu Qianfan didn’t trust Cheng Ming to talk to Lu Dandan. At that time, Gao Zhiyuan wanted to save her so as to scare Cheng Ming. Gao Zhiyuan was not a gangster. But Fu Qianfan also hoped that Cheng Ming and Lu Dandan would converge because of Gao Zhiyuan’s words. Don’t bother her when she is young.

In a few seconds, he picked up the desk phone and dialed a number.

The words were quickly connected to the noisy music and the cold and bright voice "ink white?" Call me something? "
"When will you return to China?" Han Mobai asked
"How do you miss your brother?" The cold head disgusting said
Because Han Mobai is six years younger than him, but he is more stable and sophisticated than him. Sometimes two people go out together. Some people are very good at Han Mobai. He leads …
In addition, the conditions outside Han Mo are almost perfect, but they are not close to women. It gives people the feeling that they don’t eat people’s fireworks and lead to cold weather. They always play jokes on him and often ask women to go home and play blind dates with him …
Although every time later, Han Mobai ended up watching TV, he still enjoyed it … Lengli felt that he must have a serious sadistic tendency to cough and cough.
Eye Han Mo Bai still didn’t have much reaction but said, "There is one thing that needs your help to clarify."
"What is it?" Cold and curious
After all, it’s hard to get a genius to ask for help.
Han Mobai said, "Want to know?"
"Yes, say something quickly?" Cold urge
"If you want to know, you will know when you come back …" Say that finish, Han Mobai hangs up directly.
Sometimes the phrase "curiosity kills the cat" is quite accurate, especially to let someone go.
Han Qi and Yu Xiaozheng, a wedding photography club in the city center, are taking photos under the guidance of photographers.
It’s already very hot in July, except when they first came here early in the morning, they took a few photos outdoors, and the rest were taken in the room.
At this time, Han Shao was wearing a black and dark gold flower, while Gao Xiaoxiao was wearing a lake-green high-split cheongsam hairstyle, which was also made into the style of the Republic of China. She also wore a Han Jia bracelet. At first glance, the perfect score of handsome men and beautiful women was really like Jin Yan and Leng Qingqiu in the drama "Golden Powder Family"
Just took a few photos. Yan Bo came in in a hurry with Han Shu’s mobile phone and shouted, "Han always has something for you."
"Just say I’m busy." Han Shao impatiently waved his hand and rarely took his wife out to take beautiful wedding photos. I really didn’t want to be bothered by work at all.
Fortunately, Han Mo Bai Gang has won several orders with his excellent ability not long after he entered the company, which is why the company is in awe of this small boss and dare not slack off.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t feel at ease and give everything to his son …
Yan Bo Nai walked silently to the other end and said politely, "Hello, we are always busy in Korea. Look …"
"Give him the message" The man in the receiver is low, cold and full of oppression.
It’s already cold in the studio. Yan Bo felt cold in his back when listening to the sound at the moment. He continued, "Our manager Han really has something very important to do now. Do you think I can convey it to you?"
"…" The words first paused for a while and then "Tell him I’m Jing Muchen"
"Jing mu …" Yan Gang Po said two words to an abrupt end immediately.
It was Jing Muchen!
桑拿会所Such a big shot, naturally, dare not offend him. Holding the microphone, he once again went to Korea’s side to "Korea’s total Korea’s total …"
Han Shu looked impatient and turned his head. "What’s the matter?"
"Manager Han" Yan Bo is sad. "It seems that manager Jingyang Tuanjing called and has something very important to find you."
"Big Brother calling?" Yu Xiao frowned and urged, "Since my husband is the eldest brother, there must be something for you. You should go and answer it. I’ll have a rest by the way."
After taking photos for a long time, my face was stiff with laughter. I don’t want to talk about matching someone’s height of one meter and five meters. She is wearing high heels with a height of one meter … It is really necessary to have a rest.
Han Han nodded and held Yu Xiao to one side and sat on the sofa. This just took the mobile phone slowly.
Real … If he can, he really doesn’t want to answer this. Because he doesn’t guess, he knows that Jing Muchen hardly takes the initiative to find him, and there will be no good thing, mostly with his little daughter-in-law.
Sure enough, I just shouted "Big Brother" at the other end of the words and roared up. "How did you discipline your son for so many years? Or is there no tube at all? How many times have I told you not to come near my house, jiujiu? You’re ignoring my words, aren’t you? Also, when my daughter was under ten years old, she dared to abduct and be a boyfriend and girlfriend, and she went camping, which was simply a lust for sex! How did you promise me before you said it yourself? ……”
After listening to it for a while, Han Han immediately took the microphone away until he touched Jing Muchen and finished speaking, and then he got it back again. "Oh, what did you say just now? I didn’t hear you say it again."
Jingmuchen gas directly puma 1 national scold.
Yu Xiao looked at the appearance and her husband couldn’t help smiling over his mouth.
It may be because Han Shao’s character is cynical and he always likes Jing Muchen, but Han Shao still likes to stimulate Jing Muchen and likes to pluck the hair from the tiger’s mouth from time to time because he has chosen Jing Anjiu as his daughter-in-law …
Maybe this means "love each other and kill each other"?
"Big Brother, I really didn’t lie to you. The studio is closed and the tone is turned on. This signal is really bad." Han Shao suddenly said, "Big Brother, you haven’t been to the studio for a long time, right?"
Jingmuchen was too lazy to care about it and said directly, "You remember that from today on, you are not allowed to come to jiujiu again. Once you find out, I will only ask you."
"Eldest brother, I also want to watch, but I can’t." Han Shu sighed. "He has moved out. It’s really hard to manage when he’s old, so I have the heart."
"I don’t care about these. Anyway, if I want him to find jiujiu again, I will only ask you," said Jing Muchen.
"Eldest brother, you can’t do this. Your jiujiu likes my little white …"

"inaudible" huangfuda slightly raised his eyebrows.

ShuiYunJin face a black suddenly Yang "I like bastard Huangfuda"
Huangfuda corners of the mouth slightly hook proudly picked his eyebrows as jade hand to smooth a strand of scattered hair behind her ear and gently spoil her eyes.
Shuiyunjin thought about this man, who was so arrogant that he was surrounded by people. However, he ignored the thought of what the expressions of those people around him would be like. She closed her eyes and didn’t want to look up, so her reputation was destroyed.
The imperial garden was quiet for a long time before I heard Huangfu Yun’s surprise. "You, you, you really don’t care about anything. It’s indecent."
"Don’t watch" Huangfuda interrupted him.
"How can we not watch it with so many people together?" Huangfuyun felt that this scene deeply stimulated him. He was still young, okay?
桑拿论坛"A little good study saves a shame" ChuChengXuan seemed very calm and smiling.
LingXiaoYao pale eyes bottom in addition to deep and don’t see any emotion.
A little later, Huangfu Yun said a sentence that was absolutely stunning. He snorted, "The little master must be better than you."
Shuiyunjin couldn’t help laughing again. "It seems that it’s time for the seven emperors to choose a concubine."
"Someone has already missed him or asked the emperor to marry him now." ChuChengXuan booed.
"Sure enough, the lively scenery here in the imperial garden is unique." Suddenly, a low and bright sound suddenly overwhelmed this calm.
Shui Yun-jin raised an eyebrow and saw that he was talking to a middle-aged man in his early thirties. He was tall and burly in a luxurious brocade robe, but he was handsome, and his eyebrows were not angry, so he knew that he was in a high position.
His left hand side is the expression Huangfuheng. At this time, his gloomy eyes are looking at himself. On the other side, it is Jiang Yu who prayed him to change his bloodthirsty and sharp smile that day, as warm as the spring breeze, Yan Junyi and white.
Three people followed by a few HuangFuHang close to report the emperor a line of people coming towards this side vastly.
"He is the royal Wang Tianhong in charge of the northern Jin army." Huangfuda bowed her head and looked down at Shuiyunjin’s ear.
I will change Nanling country to Nanliang country, and I will change it one after another.
Wonderful is coming. So-and-so is coming:
Chapter 72 Each with her own gizzard
Shuiyunjin is the royal king of the Northern Jin Dynasty. As soon as she appeared in her mind, she said that the Northern Jin Dynasty was too seriously ill to join the DPRK for a long time. The Northern Jin Emperor was fatuous and said that all the political affairs in the DPRK were under the control of the royal king. He had a life-and-death role in the Northern Jin Dynasty. This person is definitely not a simple role. He also came to ask for marriage.
"Unexpectedly, the royal report is here. It’s a sight for sore eyes." Several people listened to ChuChengXuanYang laughed without opening their mouths.
"Chu Shi" Tianhong glanced at Chu Chengxuan and turned his attention to Huangfuda. His eyebrows were slightly dark. "I haven’t congratulated the king of the county for preparing a small gift and sending it to your house as a gift."
"Royal report welcome" Huangfudi light way
For Huangfuda, Tianhong didn’t show much emotion. I came to Changyong because I wanted to see the face of the royal brother in Beijing, Lan Wangfu, not to mention the unusual status. I thought that the old prince of Lan Wangfu was all-powerful in the battlefield, and Megatron didn’t know about it. Although he died young, he came out of the battlefield as a teenager. Although he was a little weak in this life, Lan Wangfu was in charge of Changyong, which is not to be feared.
And huangfuda, the king of the county, is the freshest and hottest, and then the dispute starts again. Wangfu is duty-bound to sit in the frontier, so this person must be huangfuda. He must pay more attention.
"I don’t know who is the charming person in the arms of the king of the county." Zhong Jiangyu Qi suddenly smiled and spoke. He picked his eyebrows and looked at Shuiyunjin with a thick smile. If he didn’t read the girl in Huangfuda’s arms correctly, it was the day when the woman in the carriage didn’t say that she looked like a light, so the courage would not be underestimated.
"My wife" Huangfuda picked her eyebrows and glanced at Jiang Yuqi.
As we all know, the whole heaven and man don’t know that Huangfuda has married. There will be no one else at this palace banquet except his wife. There is no lack of ulterior motives for Jiang Yuqi to come out.
"The princess of the county is familiar with it as if she had seen it somewhere." Jiang Yu looked at Shuiyun Park with a smile.
Shuiyunjin smiled at him, and his face was pale. He always felt that Jiang Yu’s smiling face was a bit bad, and she was not familiar with him. That smile made people feel very fake.
"I think the king looks unfamiliar."
Jiang Yu qi laughed in a low voice. "The princess of the county is very red. It must be the sun."
Shui Yunjin’s face is red, and she knows that her face is red, even her lips should be red and swollen. Jiang Yu Qi deliberately pointed out that she saw the scene just now, but it’s no big deal. "It’s hot and the king has come a long way, but I haven’t seen the wind and the sun all the way. It must be a pleasant journey."
Jiang Yu qi is smiling in a low voice, implying that he was chased by people all the way. How can he not hear it? But such a woman is really impressive. "It’s a great honor to finally see the name of the princess of the county for a long time. It’s a blessing that the king of the county can be accompanied by this beautiful woman."
"It is indeed a blessing." Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunjin’s eyes as gentle as water.
Chu Chengxuan and others all know that there are multiple Jiang Yu Qi and Tianhong in Shuiyun’s eyes, but they are still not as shocked as at the moment. What people are here at this time? They are tall, but they never thought about how important a woman is. Their identity is by no means exclusive to any woman.

Although he doesn’t expect his daughter to do great things, Yin Mengting’s sample is …

Yin Anran didn’t speak, but quietly listened to Yin Dongjin.
Accompanying Yin Dongjin finished the lunch, she gave a few words to let Yin Dongjin have a good nap before leaving Yin Shi.
She went to the mall after coming out of Yin’s house.
Today, she made an appointment with Qingshuang for Qingshuang’s birthday, and they made an appointment to celebrate together.
This gift is indispensable.
Later, after having a dinner together, they went to the Royal Family.
Gu Qingshuang, a former colleague of the Royal Family, bought her a birthday cake together with a group of colleagues. After singing and cutting the cake together, they dispersed to the booth, leaving her and Gu Qingshuang alone.
Come, they don’t want wine to drink, but Gu Qingshuang is coming, and they want wine.
After a few drinks, Gu Qingshuang was a little drunk and talked to Yin Anran. It was these words that made Yin Anran listen, but it was a pain in his heart that hurt Qing Shuang.
She must look at Qing Shuang Qing Shuang. She loves Xiao Xiao, right?
"Green cream, don’t drink when you are drunk."
Gu Qingshuang shook his head. "Little Dye today is my birthday. To tell you the truth, I really want him to accompany me, but … I know how extravagant I think so. He will accompany me, but he won’t come with me until he doesn’t need to accompany Miss Wen sometimes. Little Dye I envy you so much. I envy you so much."
Suddenly Gu Qingshuang’s cell phone rang and Yin Anran took it out for her and handed it to her. "Qingshuang, you answer the words."
Gu Qingshuang glanced at it and put aside the "no answer"
Yin Anran also took one look at it. It’s Bo Xiao!
"Green frost is a thin night. Are you sure you don’t answer it?" She asked.
品茶论坛Gu Qingshuang obviously didn’t want to pick up Yin Anran and ignored it, but the words rang several times and the other party seemed to be bound to hit her.
Ten calls in a row
Finally Yin Anran picked it up for her.
"Hello, Bo Xiao, this is Yin Anran."
"Is she with you?"
"Well we royal you …"
Yin Anran just said the location and hung up before he finished his sentence!
About ten minutes later, Xiao Xiao appeared in front of them.
This speed! It’s too fast!
Gu Qingshuang was slightly drunk. She looked up at the man in front of her and ignored the man with a supercilious look.
Bo Xiao’s face is calm. Did this woman just whiten him with her eyes? !
"The green frost is coming."
"Who is the thin night? What’s the matter with me when he comes? "
Where can a woman ignore her like this and drag her up? Gu Qingshuang can struggle to "let me go!"
"Bo Xiao, slow down, you will hurt the green cream." Yin Anran hurriedly got up.
Bo Xiao gave her a look. "I took her away."
Said the Gu Qingshuang tasikmalaya directly held up and strode out of the royal.
Yin An dyed a person in situ leng for a long time did not return to absolute being!
Gu Qingshuang, the birthday girl, has left her. It’s naturally meaningless to stay. She planned to go to wash her hands and left. When she got up with her bag, she found that she had left a gift for Qingshuang. She smiled and put it in her bag and turned to wash her hands.
As soon as she left the toilet to wash her hands and passed a bag, the door opened and Yin Mengting came out of the dark bag. When Yin Mengting saw Yin Anran, her face changed.
Yin Anran glanced at it lightly and said nothing and walked straight forward.
Compared with Yin Anran, Yin Mengting is not so calm!
She came to play with her friends and got a word from someone who helped her, but in that bag just now, she told that person that it was Feng Lu’s business!
Yin Anran suddenly appeared. Did she hear anything? ! If she does, then she’s …
Think of this Yin Mengting not calm!