But now I know those bosses,His eyes are also wide.。

I know that I want to make money with myself.,Don’t have any rich and great expensive。
So he decided to set up an security company to make money.,Free to make a dart,But for free for free,After three days, I will return directly.。
Chapter 1144 no longer retains
I want to not return to your team,Then it is to leave or talk about the price of the bodyguard.。
“Row,As long as you promise to help,Two years,I am in the past two years, I am purely brush in the village.。”
“Hey-hey,I am so busy with you.,And I have another condition。”
For Xu Tianci, did not start,This kind of thing that has been running,Li Hui’s heart is not happy.。
The reason for promise each other,It is also looking at Xu Laifu’s face.。
“What conditions?”
Xu Tianci naturally knows that Li Ping is not likely to be such a simple condition.,After all, it is not a day and two days.,Many things do he know。
If you want to make Li’s cheap, it is almost impossible.。
In fact, as long as Li speaks cheap,So, he earned him.。
“Very simple,I have to choose ten security people.,How about it?”
“rest assured,This is also very busy.,Otherwise, you have trained who don’t give you to find a job.?
I like this, I solved the employment problem.。”
Xu Tianci thought about it.,Indeed。
“it is good,We opened the day after tomorrow,Can you rush??”
Li Hui also didn’t expect the other party to open so anxious.,This is definitely there are other things,But he doesn’t know.。
But think carefully,These things are not much related to him.,He just went to help!。
It is also nod to agree.。
The third day of the third day,Li Hui Feng has already felt Rao Shang City.。
And Xu Tiancai is already busy。
What is the first time to open the security company is also challenged.,The same seems to be an indispensable regulation on the rivers and lakes in the South River.。
“He Big Brother,Do you really have a lot of people who come to find??”
“Um,After all, there is one more to open security.,Less earnings less,No one wants to make new power,Unless the new forces have absolute strength。”
Xu Tianfei does not know that this choice is or wrong,But he feels that it should be failed.。
When the bodyguard is a month, he feels the peak.,But he can’t be a bodyguard for a lifetime.。
And Li Hui cultivated him as an security manager,He also likes it very much.,After all, although he is a smile and enemy.,But a lot of things, I can’t go to the ridge.。
For these, he feels that Li Ping should also know。
8:28,His security company started listing,Then the drums,Firecracker。
Tang Can I want to tease Xu Tianci to play.,But I will see this time with Xu Tian.,She felt Xu Tianci’s indefinite to a man。
Every time I have something to come forward.,And the other party can restrain the fantasy to her.。
Once two people are drunk,She took the initiative to kiss each other.,Then it is a Tianlei rope。
Just when you want to make the last step,She decisively refused。
According to her at the time,If the other party is impulsive,She may be half-pushed。
But it is a moment that she refused.,For the convenience of stop all actions。
This also made her have a new understanding of Xu Tian.。
“Go and talk soon.,Don’t be in this。”
Seeing more people around you,Tang Can also knows almost。

An oversight let go of the demon,Makes Li Tianzhen extremely unhappy,Since the black unicorn’s judgment is accurate,There is no need to waste time here,He simply accepted the puppet,Then carefully explain the black unicorn,So he left with Zhong Miura,Mobei,It will be the gathering place of the blood gods and demons。

Chapter nine hundred and seventy one Go to Mobei
Just after Li Tianzhu and Zhong Sanpo left Wumingshan,Old man Dong also started arranging a large-scale evacuation,****、Special Forces,And all logistics support units are withdrawn,The underground palace of Wuming Mountain has been completely destroyed,The suppressed demon has fled,Nothing but the cracks in the underground space,So there is no need to waste a lot of manpower。
The key is,Old man Dong got Li Tianzhi’s promise,Only the black unicorn can guard the space rift here,As a wild animal,Has a natural restraint effect on the undead army rushing out of the rift,Old man Dong has no doubt,So the withdrawal is very simple,The other two fissures are in urgent need of manpower。
In the end, a combat team of less than ten people was left to cooperate and communicate.,And the black unicorn hides in the mountains,Didn’t meet this team,It has a unique means of directly contacting Li Tianzhi。
In a small building under Fenghuangling Mountain,Old man Dong called an emergency meeting,Except for Gu Changfeng who couldn’t get out of the scene,All the backbone forces have participated,The first is to report the simple situation of the bloody case of Liuyunguan,Try to eliminate the impact as much as possible。
Secondly,Analyzed the grim situation at the moment,Although there is no emphasis on revealing the typical bloodthirsty murderous kind of blood,Also did not appear similar to‘Mark of the End’’S word,But the main meaning has been very thorough,The purpose is to let everyone have a clear understanding,Be prepared,In the future battle,What kind of enemy will everyone face。
Affected by Li Tianzhi,Old man Dong’s thinking has become more pragmatic and open-minded,Of course he doesn’t want his subordinates、Brothers inexplicably bleed and sacrifice。
Sounds a bit sad,actually not,This is to face the enemy on a very formal level、Face the crisis,Actually put out fire everywhere、The action of small troubles has risen to the height of unified deployment at the national level,In fact, higher levels are already quietly mobilizing on a large scale。
Old man Dong just made an advance,He will be busy in the future,It’s hard to have this opportunity again,He needs to pay attention to the blood line,Personally participate when necessary,Also involves international cooperation,The territory is vast,Only three gaps in space were found,Still so busy,And the latest news,A small country in South America unfortunately has a space gap,Very weird and cruel alien black worms broke into human society,Devour all living things that can be seen,Flooding,The country is instantly at a critical juncture of life and death,influenced by,Neighboring countries have closed their borders,But where can I live?
The trend of large-scale invasion of alien organisms is beginning to emerge,No longer a region、A country thing,Is a crisis facing all mankind,The long road to defend our homeland has just begun。
After the meeting,Xu Yin, the great cultivator who has been standing next to Old Man Dong, quietly left Phoenix Ridge,His destination is also Xiaoqinggou in Mobei,Old man Dong can’t get out,Xu Yin’s mission is to be his eyes,Staring at the coming storm on the Mobei Wasteland。
Zhong Sanpu is the Taishan Beidou of the spiritual world,Unparalleled status,There are also a group of hidden masters who can’t even invite Old Dong,Jong Miura must come forward,So he must not have an accident,Old man Dong doesn’t doubt Li Tianzhen’s ability,But the horror of the blood family made him cautious,Besides,Do not know why,He also has an unspeakable anxiety and panic。
Autumn season,It’s already very cold on the Mongolian grasslands,But the desert principle of Mobei is farther north of the grassland,The Xiaoqinggou area is actually near the border,The dark cyan clouds press the sky very low,The outline of the mountains faintly appeared in the northwest of the endless wasteland,On the horizon is like a squiggly gray line,Yuanyao echoes the rolling clouds。
“In front is the Buried Mountain Range,For thousands of miles,Not high mountain,But wins。”

This time Hua Yun paid great attention to the way,I just listened to but didn’t talk at several office meetings,Fully give Jincheng the greatest autonomy。After the meeting, he took the trouble to tell Jincheng his suggestions and the problems that need to be paid attention to and solved in the next meeting.。

Jincheng has been painful and happy for a few days,Of course he hopes Hua Yun will chat with him every day,It doesn’t matter what you talk about,Best talk like this forever。But sometimes alone,I still feel bad,With Hua Yun’s participation, he realized that many of his previous work ideas had problems,Not even practical,This made him feel a deep sense of loss。
Hua Yun’s work efficiency and energy are also amazing,While adjusting Fukuyama Corporation,She arranged intensive visits,From the deputy county head in charge of construction to the county construction committee、public security bureau、Transportation Bureau、The Environmental Protection Bureau and even the Propaganda Department of the county party committee visited one by one。
The purpose of the visit is very simple,One is to promote Pantech,I hope that the competent authorities at all levels will pay attention to and care for the Fushan Commercial Street reconstruction project,After all,It is a municipal project,This is important。If even municipal engineering has a lot of problems,I believe that everyone’s face will not look good。
The second is to show an upright attitude,Pantech has the ability to make quality projects,More importantly, Pantech will never withdraw from the project due to temporary difficulties,This is also a hint to the opponent。
The way Hua Yun chose to visit was also very direct,Working hours during the day,Uninvited,Go directly to the door,But never do anything in the clouds and mist。From Hua Yun’s point of view,Any questions are placed on the table not only for everyone’s convenience,And it has its unique effects,That is the invisible and intangible psychological pressure。
Jin Cheng was exhausted by Hua Yun for days,And the two had a serious disagreement on the way of visiting,In the eyes of Jincheng,Hua Yun’s approach completely deviates from some conventional rules,Be straightforward,Unspoken rules。The consequence of this tossing is to let others alienate you,Talk about caring and paying attention。
Hua Yun is not ignorant of this,But she has a deeper purpose,Is to force out the opponent in this way,Let the opponent jump。Because besides,She can’t think of a better way。
Of course, supervisors at all levels are not so good to see,The regional director of a private enterprise is still a flat-headed citizen.,Public servants are very busy,See if you want?If you want to engage in petition,Naturally there will be a petition department to receive you。
But Hua Yun is not discouraged,Twice if not once,Not twice,Then make time to come again。She has a lot of confidence,One is to report on the progress of the project,The second is the current difficulties faced by the appeal project。
Hua Yun’s toss has caused a small wave in the county government,The most uncomfortable is the Environmental Protection Agency and the Public Security Bureau,Pantech,They know,And the issues involved are the most direct,Can’t hide,Then see you。
The environmental protection bureau received Hua Yun from the bureau office director Huang,Both sides are seated,After a few words of greeting,Hua Yun made it clear,When will the application for dumping construction waste at designated locations be approved,The delay of the muck truck will seriously affect the subsequent construction。
Director Huang is naturally prepared,I was surprised and said I didn’t know,But I will pay serious attention to this issue。Then declare,Will find out the cause as soon as possible,Report to the director to go through the approval process。Then talk about the concern for the commercial street project,Finally, praise Hua Yun for her beauty and youthfulness,The whole half an hour is basically nonsense,The critical approval time was not mentioned。
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Food poisoning
The Public Security Bureau is serious here、More serious,After all, Hua Yun represents the victim,And Jincheng visited several times in the early stage to ask about the case,Relatively familiar。
The person in charge of receiving is Captain Zhou Nan, who is responsible for the investigation of the criminal police team.,He briefly introduced the characteristics and progress of the case within the scope permitted by the policy:

“What’s not easy,As long as Sanye Xia doesn’t come out to stop,Let’s excavate,Whether it’s a graveyard or a flat ground,Old grave,Nothing to be afraid of”Chen Erniu continued Zhao Hong’s words。

Xia Jian shook his head,Hehe smiled and said:“you’re so dumb!Burial ground,Bone forest,Can’t be thrown into the wilderness!There must be a solution to this matter,Don’t invite Sanye Xia out,Dead bones dug out,You handle,how about it?”
“Hey hey!I can’t do this,Please let us all go tonight!“Chen Erniu shaking hands,A nervous look。His look,Amused all the people sitting there。
Xia Sanye saw that several leaders of the village committee came,And gave him a gift,The old man is dumb eating dumplings。I saw him who was lying down,Close your eyes,**Scolded:“Xia Zecheng’s son,You made me angry。You want to plan the Xia family’s ancestral grave,Wouldn’t it be my life??“
“Grandpa Three,This is not my life,If the whole village has no water to eat,Everyone will kill me“Xia Jian sits on the edge of the Kang,Hehe said with a smile。
Xia Sanye’s daughter-in-law is in her fifties,Heard from the villagers,Even if she is the most educated in this generation,I saw her laughing and saying:“dad,You can’t die,Good days are yet to come,It depends on whether you want to live it。Xia Jian did a good job,We have to take care of the overall situation,What does a cemetery count?,Rare for it,The whole village will not eat water?“
“You look,Water pouring in glass,It’s all mud after drinking,You say it’s disgusting or not disgusting“Xia Sanye’s daughter-in-law continued,She returned the cup to everyone。
Sanye Xia opened his eyes,Sat up slowly,He shook his head and said:“The graveyard of the Xia family has a history of hundreds of years,then**Time,Wang Degui’s father wanted to level this grave,As a result, the Xia family all rebelled,In which fight,Also killed or injured,Grandpa Xia Jian,Was killed in this fight“
“what?“Xia Jian stood up in surprise,The atmosphere in the house suddenly changed。
No wonder their Xia family and Wang family have always been at odds,It turns out that there were enemies in history,To divert water,His dad sent him to beat him,It turns out that the knot is here。
“It’s all past,This fight,The royal family also had casualties,This is historical reason,Our descendants cannot do this,Tangled for a lifetime。Since you have to dig,Then dig it!But you have to listen to me“Xia Jian continued。
Xia Jian never thought,The ancestors will have such a deep hatred,He was completely stunned,Even Xia Sanye made a request,He didn’t reflect。
“Row,You speak!We do exactly that“Zhao Hong saw where Xia Jian was sitting stupidly,She hurriedly agreed。
Xia Sanye took a breath and said:“I want to ask Mr. Yin Yang to recite the sutras,And take out the dead bones,Re-coffined,These expenses are paid by your village committee,otherwise,No discussion about this“

Zhou Niwu’s meaning is obvious,It is the turn of the corner telling the season.,Your mother will harary!

So I will give me a toss.!
really,Ji Xiuchun has some hesitation。
But that hesitial is just like a Dynasty.,I will become a bubble and then you can disappear.。
Zhou Ye has not come yet, and continues his next step.,As a result, Ji Xiun’s mouth has begun to be in the word.:“I want to go home。”
I go
This person is really embarrassing。
Zhou Ye smiled:“You can go home,But to sign the treatment of the treatment,And I can clearly tell you,As you are like this,If the thyroid diffuse toxic blood is further deteriorated,When you come over, it is very likely that you are heart failure or atrial fibrillation.。”
Speech,Zhou Ye went out of the tablet on the house。
Originally because it is too fast,Then bring it up.,I didn’t expect to have a big usage now.。
Zhou Ye opened the tablet,Then find cases from Ji Xiun,Click to go in and decline the interface,Soon found an auxiliary inspection。
This time point,In the morning, there are still many exams that have already come out.。
Zhou Ye directly opened the indicator of thyroid function,Then point to the data above:“lookT3、T4、FT3andFT4All increase,TSHdecline,You have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism。”
Besides,Zhou Yewei’s thin finger and quickly slide the screen to the interface of the inspection report,Then I found my heart!,Directly open the inspection list。
A complete heart super picture is presented.,this isBSuper picture,Zhou Ye I pointed to the heart of the spring heart super single single:“Do you know why you always have myopathy??Just because of your hyperthyroidism,You see your heart is not asymmetrical.,Is this a big one?,Will be bigger in the future,One day, the heart is a big lost function.,Decline,Your heart will not jump。”
Zhou Ye deliberately said that it is very important,I hope that Ji Xiunchun can be lost.。
However, in the spring of the spring, the word is still the word.:“I want to go home,I don’t feel uncomfortable next time.。”
next time?
How did this person don’t listen? Zhou Yewu is a bit anger.:“Next time, if you have an urgency,The heart is insufficient.,You are fainting.,Do you have a chance to treat??Your mouth sounds say it is for children.,Then you are in this hospital, don’t run.。”
“Otherwise, your child may have no mother.。”
When I said, I was very serious about the eyes of Ji Xiun.,But at this moment, the vicissitudes of this vicissitudes will not dare to look at it at all.!
Because she is guilty。
She feels that every word in Zhou Ye said is right.。
“but I”Ji Xiuchun suddenly became red and swollen.,Tired eyes flow out of crystal tears。
I rely on。
This is still crying.。
Zhou Ye just wants to tell the opposite woman is now dangerous now.,Because each check is made from Ji Xiun, it is moderately condition.,If you don’t stay in hospital, I have a good treatment.,A hospital,No one dares to ensure what will happen next second!
“Wife,We have a good treatment,It’s good to make money.。”
“But I want my son.。”
“Then I took my son to the hospital.”
Zhou Ye watched two people remembered their parents。
What is the case when they are sick when they are sick?,Thinking that there is still a child in your home needs to take care of it.,So the body that drags tired and sick and continues to work,I don’t know how tired。
Zhou Ye wondered。
In the end, Ji Xiuchun promised to continue to be hospitalized.,Also took the child,Zhou Ye also opened for children,Anti-human genetic in terms of thyroid function。
Fortunately, children are healthy。
This makes Ji Xiuchun a little heart.。
And Wenyu’s anti-thyroid drug can continue to be able to use it.,And two weeks to treat,Qi Xiunchun recovery is very good,The eyes have returned to normal people.。
NS463chapter Encounter
On the second day, I will move to the First People’s Hospital of Tianfeng.,Dormitory building in the First People’s Hospital of Tianfeng,The distance from the work is shorter.。

“Kakaka”The monster behind him screamed harshly,The fishy wind and odor suddenly stirred the dense air in the dense forest,Li Tianchou suddenly felt the tremendous pressure behind him,No need to look back,The monster has been close to the back of his head like a shadow。

Li Tianchou secretly cried out,This thing is really hard to deal with,Although he is huge,But the speed and agility are not inferior to those small predators,I’m afraid it’s far beyond the strength and defense。He played twelve points cautiously and fully responded,Slightly inattentive,May become a belly wrapper for monsters。
When the opponent is close,Li Tianchou’s fast running body suddenly threw forward like a fall,Very embarrassed to crawl,But very fast,Using the hands and feet together, draw a weird arc to the left。
The giant claws of the monster,The huge body stopped like a bulldozer,The crocodile-like mouth opens up and down to make a strange noise,Looks very angry。
Ha ha,This thing still has weaknesses,Although it’s just a little flaw under inertia,It also made Li Tianchou more confident,He continues the weird curve,The body quickly swept back,Go straight to the thickest tree。
Low center of gravity in Li Tianchou、Nearly flying by the ground,The left paw that the monster suddenly stretched out did nothing,But its lower limbs rotate at a strange angle,The whole body quickly narrowed the distance with the prey。
Li Tianchou’s scalp tingling,It’s hard to imagine the other party’s under such thick fur,Still have such flexibility,He straightened his body quickly without daring to neglect,Accelerate with all your feet,Shout like a run-up,One foot has been firmly pedaled on the trunk。
“Hula!”The monster is another attack like a giant spirit palm,The tip of the claw almost rubbed Li Tianchou’s temple,The pungent fishy smell mixed with the wind is disgusting。
Li Tianchou uses his inertial feet to pedal alternately,The body twists suddenly in mid-air,In the eye,At the same time,Suddenly handed out the hatchet like a fire stick。
“Puff”Bang,The hatchet was inserted into the right eye of the beast about to jump,Directly into two-thirds。
“Click……Ga……”The painful monster hissed,Furiously swinging his giant claws,A bang swept Li Tianchou who couldn’t hide,He is like a kite with a broken string,Planted diagonally to the right side of the big tree。
I don’t know how many branches of vegetation were broken,Li Tianchou fell heavily on the ground,Shocked eyes staring at gold stars,Upside down,Can’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood。
He noticed that his right arm was broken,And the right rib was also severely injured,It’s just that there is no time to take care of,Judging from the gully of the fall,This height does not cause obstacles to the monster at all。
Just when Li Tianchou was struggling to sit up and pull out his pistol,The huge figure of the monster fell from the sky like the top of the mountain,The remaining strange eye looked extremely bright and hideous in the dark。
“Bang bang bang……”While Li Tianchou tried his best to retreat,Without hesitation, fire several shots at the eye beads like a flashlight。
“Bang”The sound of,The monster’s body weighed heavily in the place where Li Tianchou had stayed before,Rebounded quickly,Crash into the position where the prey just avoided,A muffled bang,The monster was bounced back,There seems to be a rock wall,Just a little bit above Li Tianchou’s body。
The badly hit monster is crazy,Relying on the sense of smell and the impression before blindness, he pounced on Li Tianchou again,Bang,Stronger than before,It’s a pity that I was still empty。
Li Tianchou, like a gourd, threw away his pistol,Try to keep your body half kneeling to find the fighter。He knows very well,The monster gets crazy,And the more I get to the edge of dying struggle,Just one*Empty,Most of the bullets hit the opponent’s left eye,Plus the depth of the hatchet pierced into the right eye,He doesn’t believe that this behemoth can last long。

Xia Jianren hasn’t reached the door of Yang Ying’s office,Yang Ying’s female secretary has greeted me,She said with a sweet smile:“Mr. Xia!please follow me”

As the office of the group chairman,Naturally a lot bigger。And the layout inside can be said to have everything。But Xia Jianyi entered the cloud,Just swept with my eyes。He doesn’t want to look like Grandma Liu is in Guanyuan。
“President Xia!Please sit here”Yang Yingyi saw Xia Jian coming,He quickly got up from behind the desk,Hello Xia Jian, walk towards the coffee table。
I have experienced more occasions like this,So Xia Jian doesn’t care,He sat on the sofa very generously,Then smiled and said:“Mr. Yang’s office building is really bold”
“Ha ha!generalization。This is a facade,any drinks?”Yang Ying wears a professional skirt,Appears dignified and generous。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“casual!I can drink anything”
Yang Ying nodded,And said to the female secretary:“Make two cups of Longjing tea,New tea”The female secretary responded,Then retired。
“Manager Yang!You said on the phone that you want to visit us?But I have to explain in advance,It’s winter now,Where are we so cold,The temperature should be below zero every morning and evening。I don’t know if you can live it”Xia Jian laughed and said。
In fact, Xia Jian is worried about more than this。North now,Look around,A piece of desolation,Hard to see a touch of green。Especially the suburbs,This situation is most prominent。
Yang Yingyi listen,Hehe smiled and said:“Mr. Xia is too worried!I’m not made of paper,Can still be afraid of this?Moreover,I won’t wait to come out at noon,Must come out sooner or later?”Yang Ying said,Smile at Xia Jian。
In this woman’s smile,Has multiple meanings。Xia Jian hurriedly looked away,He really didn’t dare to face Yang Ying。
At this time, the female secretary brought two cups of tea,Xia Jian quickly reached out and caught it。
Xia Jian carrying tea,Smell gently in the nostrils,Then smiled slightly,Only then took a sip slowly。The action is a bit elegant,He did it completely。
“The situation is like this,I’m going to investigate,Just a personal wish。Not planning to bring other inspectors there,Bring only one secretary”Yang Ying took a sip of tea,Said with a smile。

Not waiting for Cai Xiangdong to finish,Lian Changheng and Ding Haijun looked at each other,Nodded all together:That’s right,The root must be here!

Except for this reason,He couldn’t think of any reason to make Chen Geng so angry and dissatisfied。
Then report to Chen Geng about the articles he saw criticizing their boss,Is this weird?
Although the two have never read those articles criticizing Chen Geng,I don’t know which media published these articles,But China in this era,All newspapers、The media are national,Even a city-owned newspaper,That also belongs to the country,I can think of it with the soleplate。
As for why Chen Geng would know,Don’t forget that Chen Geng had two negotiating teams in China and FAW、Negotiations for cooperation with Magic City,Some of Chen Geng’s two negotiating teams can read Chinese、Understand domestic newspapers,In the eyes of Chen Geng’s men,They saw articles criticizing Chen Geng in these newspapers,It represents the official attitude of China,Of course you have to report these things to your boss,Maybe fax it back to the U.S.。
As for Chen Geng,He has made so many investments in China、Provided such a strong support to the country when it needed external support most,It happened that some domestic media made irresponsible remarks、Gesticulate,It would be a hell of him if he could be fine。
Thought of here,Lian Changheng threw a bitter punch on the table,Road with red eyes:“Such an important thing,Why didn’t you say it earlier?!”
Cai Xiangdong doesn’t know what to say,Feel wronged:How do I know this will have such a bad effect?
“Forget it,This is not to blame Xiao Cai,He didn’t expect Chen Geng to know the things published in these newspapers……right,Xiao Cai?But you can’t be so careless in your future work,Do you know how passive this incident has brought us?”Ding Haijun said,And winked at Cai Xiangdong:“and also,Lao Lian,I’m afraid we don’t know where the problem is,Now that I know where the problem is,Prescribe the right medicine、Just find a solution。”
Cai Xiangdong is not stupid,Of course I know what I should say,Apologize to Lian Changheng:“Yes,leadership,It’s all my fault,Didn’t realize the seriousness of this matter。”
Although Lian Changheng is humming,Didn’t say anything,Just waved impatiently。
I saw my boss beckoning me out,Where does Cai Xiangdong dare to hesitate??Oil the soles of the feet immediately、Good luck。
“What you said is light,”Cai Xiangdong is gone,Lian Changheng just grunted:“It’s people in our system who scold people,You say explain?How to explain to Chen Geng?Even explained,People will believe?”
He’s not really angry with his secretary,But angry with those bastards in the country:You bastards,Do you know that I worked hard、How hard is it to get a rich overseas Chinese who is rich in the motherland??But you guys are fine,Not only does not help,Instead, he desperately demolished Lao Tzu’s platform behind the scenes,Is there anyone like you?
If it’s not now abroad,,He went straight to find those bastards and had all his heart。
Listening to Lian Changheng talking about this,Comrade Ding couldn’t help but frowned:Yes,This is the problem。
The media criticizing Chen Geng,Definitely not CCTV、《Illuminati》、《People》、《Half moon talk》Central mouthpiece,Not even the provincial government media,At most local、The mass media,Such as XX Morning News,Publish such an article,It may not necessarily have any opinion on Chen Geng,Mostly for eyeballs。
But the problem is,Even if it’s the local people like XX Morning Post、Off-market media,In the eyes of Chen Geng’s American employees, that also represents the official attitude of China.。
Where’s Chen Geng,After knowing this,What would he think in his heart?Do you think that the country has the mind to shed its grind and kill the donkey?

I haven’t waited for this person to finish,A group of police suddenly broke in。

Watching the policemen who suddenly broke in,Oscar·The last fluke in Chapman’s heart disappeared without a trace,The whole person was completely paralyzed:He understands,Over!
Without giving any notice,The Detroit Police Department suddenly raided the North American Auto Workers Association headquarters,This is legal?
Theoretically,This is indeed illegal,Normal procedure is not like this。The official who gave the order may even be removed,But the Detroit police did it anyway,This shows what,This shows that Chen Geng must secretly give a promise that the Detroit police cannot refuse,This promise is so big that the relevant executives will not hesitate to lose their jobs。
As for whether future lawsuits can be won,For example, it’s like Simpson’s wife murder case,Even if the police provided the prosecutor with clear evidence of corruption at the top of the North American Auto Workers Association,Also because the procedure obtained from this evidence is illegal and cannot be adopted……
Think about this too much,Chen Geng is not afraid of the evidence,As long as there is evidence,He can hire the best lawyers,So that these executives of the North American Auto Workers Association can’t stand up completely!
and,Even if it’s a step back,These evidences cannot be used,So what?,The police can publish these evidences through the media,Let all the members of the North American Auto Workers Association see what their union leaders look like,At that time, Chen Geng can fully promote the re-election within the North American Auto Workers Association.,These guys still have to get out……In short,There are always more ways。
Chen Geng took action on the North American Auto Workers Association!
Richest man today、 AMCCar owner、Representative of the American Dream、Fernandez who will be the new mayor of Detroit·Mr. Chen,Real-name report to the Detroit Police Department for corruption at the top of the North American Auto Workers Association、Request the Detroit Police Department to investigate the situation and submit it to the prosecutor,The Detroit police received the report and the evidence provided by Chen Geng on the night,Made a surprise attack on the headquarters of the North American Auto Workers Association、In this sudden attack,The police got a lot of news about the evidence of corruption and profit transfer from the top and middle-level leaders of the North American Auto Workers Association,Detonated the entire United States in an instant,The media across the United States flocked to Detroit like crazy,Just to be able to send back relevant reports as soon as possible。
at the same time,There are too many big people who can’t sleep。
Everyone was not only shocked by Chen Geng’s harsh methods,More because they used to take money from the North American Auto Workers Association,Of course when I took money before,it’s good now,The Detroit police raided the North American Auto Workers Association as Chen Geng wanted,Will there be evidence that I took money from the North American Auto Workers Association??
under these circumstances,The phones of the Detroit Police Department and Chen Geng kept ringing,Those big people who are scared want to know what Chen Geng means,the most important is:You won’t be ready to yin me?
“rest assured,Tom,This time,Only to let the senior executives of the North American Auto Workers Association get out,”To a certain state legislator on the phone,Chen Geng said seriously:“You know,I have a clear principle,Just don’t mess with me,I won’t mess with you,Some idiots of the North American Auto Workers Association,I want to stick my paw into my territory,Of course I want to chop off the paw。”
“Really?”Tom is relieved,Tentatively:“Fernandez,You know,I have a seaside villa in California,But I haven’t had much time……”
“Just right,Taking advantage of the last time before taking office,I am going to California to relax,Can you lend me your house for a few days?”Without waiting for Tom to finish,Chen Gengjiu:“rest assured,I give rent。”
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
Richest man today、 AMCCar owner、Representative of the American Dream、Fernandez who will be the new mayor of Detroit·Mr. Chen,Real-name report to the Detroit Police Department for corruption at the top of the North American Auto Workers Association、Request the Detroit Police Department to investigate the situation and submit it to the prosecutor,The Detroit police received the report and the evidence provided by Chen Geng on the night,Made a surprise attack on the headquarters of the North American Auto Workers Association、In this sudden attack,The police got a lot of news about the evidence of corruption and profit transfer from the top and middle-level leaders of the North American Auto Workers Association,Detonated the entire United States in an instant,The media across the United States flocked to Detroit like crazy,Just to be able to send back relevant reports as soon as possible。

This is for Gao Xiaofang,What kind of blow is this??

Although Qin Feng didn’t experience anything like this,But just thinking about it, he knows how difficult it is。
“I……”Various complex emotions in Gao Xiaofang,He didn’t think that he would be appreciated the only time,I was still appreciated by one of my enemies。
The subversion of fate makes Gao Xiaofang really want to cry。
Even though he knows he can’t cry,Because once you bow your head in front of Qin Feng,I really can’t hold my head up。
But Qin Feng’s next sentence made Gao Xiaofang want to cry:“No need to say anything,I just want to ask you,Do you want to do a career?I have doubts about your character,But your work ability is recognized by me。”
Gao Xiaofang feels he can’t get around,He looked at Qin Feng in surprise and asked:“what do you mean?”
“I mean very simple,Are you interested in mastering this school,Develop this school into,Famous school in the country,At that time the school will provide you with a house and a car,Materially, you don’t need to worry too much。”
You also know that Qingshui Village now has such capital,But can you be worthy of me?
Jiang Yan is already Qin Feng’s girlfriend,Jiang Yan will definitely have a more important position in the future,So Qin Feng also wants to support Gao Xiaofang。
Still that sentence,Qin Feng is also a person who cares about old love,Gao Xiaofang didn’t leave when this place was most difficult,He naturally cannot disappoint Gao Xiaofang。
“Is not,You tell me again?”Gao Xiaofang’s wine taste also went away in an instant,His body is shaking,He went so hard to drill camp,Want to leave everywhere,Is it just to have a house and a car?。
But now he has discovered his dream,It’s so simple at this moment。
“I said,If you can take on the responsibility of the principal,Having a house and a car is just a moment of effort,You have served the school for ten years,This car and house belong to you。”
seriously,I didn’t recognize your character before,But I agree with your professional ethics,So this is what I said。
Qin Feng thought of the scene he saw before,There is also some warmth in his heart,In the previous few days,There are many things in the village。
But Gao Xiaofang did not abandon himself as he thought,Vent their hostility to those students unscrupulously,Instead, it’s all kinds of patient persuasion。
And what Qin Feng could not think of was,There are students with family difficulties,This Gao Xiaofang actually paid for the kid to eat。
Not much money,Not many people even notice,But that’s what makes it even more precious。