Rogue Han Jin Huan’s face is slightly red and he will take the door with him at a glance.

Wait, Han Jie, don’t get me wrong. Maybe you misunderstood me just now. I mean, let me give you a physical examination. This is Mei Jie telling me. Feiyang stretched out his foot and blocked the door and gently explained.
Korea do huan hesitated for a hard stare at flying again this just opened the door with a frown and let the flying came in.
Han Jie, let’s have a bed. Flying into the room said with a smile.
Are you flying on purpose? Han Jin Huan suppressed his anger for a long time and immediately sent it out toward the sky and roared.
Han Jie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I’m not very good at talking, said Feiyang injustice.
Han Jin Huan couldn’t wait to tear the bastard in front of him, but he was able to hold back and resent the bed and sit crosslegged and float in the sky. Only then did he pack up his grievance expression and his eyes flashed a smug look. He took off his shoes and sat opposite Han Jin Huan, and the two of them clasped their fingers like Yanjing. Han Jin Huan’s bed was running on Sunday.
桑拿论坛Han Jie, your body has recovered well and you feel healthier than Yanjing. You want us to practice like this to believe that before long, you will be able to grow by leaps and bounds. Feiyang and Han Jin Huan took back their hands after several Sunday operations and said with a smile.
Let’s call it a day, Han Jin Huan said lightly.
Well, after today is almost over, I will come to help you have a Sunday operation every day. This is a nonsuccess elder sister, and they all can’t enjoy the treatment. Feiyang nodded and smiled.
Well, you can get out of here, said Han Jin Huan lightly.
Han Jie is not so rude, right? Flying at Han Jin Huan’s face looked startled and said.
Don’t go, I’m going to sleep. Han Jin Huan said softly again.
Then let’s sleep together Feiyang leaned in and asked with a smile.
Roll! Han Jin Huan pushed away the flying pillow and smashed it at him to drive him out of his bedroom, took the door and pulled it aside to be asleep.
Fly in the sky outside his eyebrows slightly wry smile know Han Jin huan got up early today and didn’t bother her again. She turned around and took out her mobile phone and called Hu Mei.
Hey, what can I do for you? Hu Mei quickly picked up the words and asked with a smile.
Mei Jie Han Jie, I have already taken it, said Feiyang lightly.
Oh, have you treated her? How is her physical condition? If it’s not clear, the wrist watch can be used for testing. If the testing method says yes, Hu Mei nodded and asked softly.
I have treated her. Sister Han is in good health. I believe her strength will rise soon. Feiyang replied.
That’s good. Is that why you called? Hu Mei asked with a sigh of relief.
It’s not that Han Jie and I have anything. Feiyang shook his head and asked softly. After all, all the people in the tiger group seem to have their own and left themselves and Korea to enjoy themselves. I’m afraid it’s a bit decent to be in the tiger group for so long. I’m afraid I visited Gaos thought at night two days ago, so I always feel a little uncomfortable when I’m idle and flying.
You put your mind at ease and put your strength up first. I have prepared a lot of things for you. It is estimated that you will be busy until years ago. Hu Mei replied with a smile.
Oh, well, Feiyang nodded and exchanged a few commonplaces with Hu Mei, and then hung up. It seems that the urgent task now is to raise the strength of Korea’s best.
After a period of flying, I have to practice Sunday running with Korea every day. In addition to these, flying back to Korea arranged some martial arts practice. This martial arts teacher is naturally flying.
Although from time to time, I was flying in the training to eat some tofu, but the strength rose to Korea as soon as possible, and the whole department endured it. It was hate that Bai Feiyang’s training strength rose steadily for half a month, and finally he answered that it was up to standard.
However, this standard must be tested in Yanjing and confirmed by Chu Xueqing before it can really count, so the two men flew to Yanjing for testing again.
Chapter 362 And Han Jin Huan will Yanjing
At 7 o’clock in the evening, Hu Mei personally drove the car to pick up Feiyang and Han Jin Huan, and Chu Xueqing knew that Feiyang and Han Jin Huan were coming to Yanjing and found Hu Mei to come to the airport with her to pick up Feiyang and Han Jin Huan. When they left the airport and looked around to pick them up, Chu Xueqing had already seen the two people leaning out of the window and waved to them and shouted, Sister Feiyang Huan is here.
It’s dangerous to sit well in the snow and shine Hu Mei gently scolded while driving.
It’s okay, sister Mei, I’ll pay attention. Chuxueqing turned around and said with a smile, and continued to wave hello to Feiyang and Han Jin Huan.
Fly in the sky and Korea do huan also soon found that will be half a body out of the window constantly waved to yourself ChuXueQing smiled and walked quickly towards her.
Snow shine is so dangerous Han Jin Huan came over and looked at ChuXueQing frown and said.
I see, how do you scold me like Mei Jie? Chuxueqing wronged pursed mouth and said.
Scold you are worried about you. Feiyang encouraged with a smile and then opened the back seat door and had a good time with Korea.
How long will you and Huan sister stay in Yanjing this time? Feiyang and Han Jin Huan asked Chu Xueqing a car.
I don’t know this. It’s better for you to ask Mei Jie this question. Feiyang said with a light smile that he came to test with Han Jin Huan. By the way, when Hu Mei will leave here depends on when Hu Mei will give it to himself.
Sister Mei Chu Xueqing will look forward to looking at Hu Mei.
Three days Hu Mei’s expression said the number of days.
Ah, it’s so short, ChuXueqing said with some unhappiness.
Three days is long enough. I was going to let the two of them leave immediately after you finished the test there, Hu Mei said with eyebrows raised.
Oh this ChuXueQing have no words.
See ChuXueQing quiet to hu mei corners of the mouth with a smile radian started the car toward the CIA nine old office building, since the face asked the tiger group to move back to yanjing, hu mei and tiger group several people didn’t live in nine new office buildings, but to tidy up the original nine old office buildings and live in it, which got the support of zhao Lao, and it’s hard to say what to say. Anyway, it’s Yanjing, so they can go.
The four returned to Laojiu, and then the car walked towards the research center, where they met Zhao Laosi drinking tea at the door and said hello to Zhao Laosi.
Come back Zhao Lao nodded and looked at Feiyang with a smile and asked with a smile.
Is this time when I come back, I will give Han Jie a formal test to enter the tiger group? Feiyang replied with a smile.
Oh, Korean girl test Zhao Lao was slightly surprised and then looked at Korea with a smile and nodded, Korean girl looks great, good, good.
Zhao Lao is ridiculous. Han Jin Huan laughed modestly.
The old man never praises the Korean girl so quickly. Have you made such a big progress and have a small double major? Zhao Lao looked at Korea and laughed.
I didn’t have anything to do with him, Zhao Lao. Don’t make fun of me, Han Jin Huan replied with a red face.
Oh, it’s such a big progress without a double major. If you double major, it will be great. Boss Zhao said with a smile.
Zhao old say yes float in the sky to nod a way
Zhao Lao said Han Jin’s shame is overwhelming.