Because this is, after all, a bitter enemy battle in the Spanish national derby.

The significance of the game, the level of skills and tactics and the level of competition determine that this is not an ordinary game.
Need the team to be more cautious.
Barcelona, on the other hand, completely exposed the weakness of head coach Rijkaard in the highlevel confrontation of the season.
The commander in the cold war is nothing new, the tactical setting is mediocre, and he is still taking the old road, relying on the individual play of the stars.
When Lionel Messi missed Ronaldinho due to injury, Barcelona’s skills and tactics didn’t look superb or distinctive.
In the fourth minute of the game, after Ronaldinho received the ball from Abidar, he planned to break through Ramos. From being blasted by Ronaldinho in a single game two seasons ago to improving his performance, Ramos’ progress is obvious to all.
On the contrary, Ronaldinho has slipped since the season, and his physical condition has also slipped due to the lack of restraint in his private life. It may not be a big problem for him to play his technical ability on the court, but he needs his physical condition to support some technical performances, which has dropped from superclass to firstclass
The most obvious difference is that he used to break through the explosive force so strong that he could crush his opponent and change direction continuously, which made him dizzy and handed his knee to him.
But now?
品茶Smallscale continuous change of direction has become rare, and explosive acceleration crushing is even more from talking about breaking through failure and complaining that the opponent is fouling.
Ramos accurately blocked the Ronaldinho Football Federation in the first confrontation with Ronaldinho!
Then Ramos didn’t control the ball, just stopped Ronaldinho and let Pepe control the ball.
It seems a little nervous to participate in the Spanish national derby Pepe for the first time. Eto’ o is not short from him, so he is anxious to clear the football foot!
This big foot clearance brought football back to Barcelona.
Toure tilted the ball to Harvey immediately after holding the ball in midfield.
Harvey looked in front of his eyes and then gave the ball to Ronaldinho.
It is through this brief development of offensive and defensive situation that we can see that Barcelona is still organizing offensive in Ronaldinho’s frontcourt core.
Rijkaard seems to lack confidence in defeating Bosco in tactical settings.
He pinned his hopes on Ronaldinho.
I hope that Ronaldinho, the third army of the brave champions, can burst out with amazing energy and defeat the Real Madrid defense line by himself.
However, after Ronaldinho was forced by Diarra in the horizontal dribble and failed to give the ball to Eto ‘o, the confidence of Real Madrid defenders increased, which needs to be continued.
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. ]
Qin Xiong was in the front position after the first game. He found that Toure’s defense was still very shocking and put his midfield septum in a state of isolation.
Qin Xiong quickly adjusted himself. In the 7 th minute of the game, he retreated to meet Guti and gave the ball to Qin Xiong after the ball interaction in midfield Robinho.
Qin Xiong, leaning against Toure, felt Toure’s strong personal confrontation, which forced Qin Xiongfa to control the ball freely while fighting.
So he took the initiative to take a step back. When Toure followed closely, Qin Xiong got rid of the ball to the left and turned around. After Toure moved one step to that side, he saw Qin Xiong pull the ball back in the opposite direction and then turned around from the other side.
Toure moved back and planned to rob him, just in time to see Qin Xiongchao’s cold eyes full of confidence, and at the same time, the football was tilted
Toure felt jumpy.
The football rolled towards him, and he consciously clamped his legs, but it was late. The football rolled past his legs, and Qin Xiong also made an emergency stop and passed him!
When Toure turned around to pursue, Qin Xiong quickly gave the ball to the front line and attacked Raul in Marcos Milito.
Raul didn’t dare to stick the ball and directly knock it back to Qin Xiong’s running route.
Stride to adjust the shooting posture. Qin Xiong greeted the ball and blasted a longrange shot!
The speed of the ball is amazing, almost invisible to the naked eye, but when it just flew into the restricted area, the football hit Marcos, lifted his left leg and refracted and flew directly to the stands.
Qin Xiong took a deep breath and then adjusted his breathing rhythm.
He once again looked at the Barcelona defense and had to say that Barcelona’s defense was also excellent, and he was rarely picky about choosing a position in the card position.
Block the best shot route as much as possible, which is also convenient for their bodies to stop.
Barcelona’s attack seems to be wellbehaved and lacks routine changes.
Harvey Iniesta wants Deco and Ronaldinho EtooRonaldinho’s tacit understanding to crack in the season.
This led to a great discount on Barcelona’s offensive quality.
Real Madrid need to create more unexpected changes in Barcelona’s defense in attack.
In the 11th minute of the game, Ronaldinho failed to break through Ramos in the frontcourt, and his foot ball was destroyed by Ramos and fell off the sideline.
After the sideline ball came out, Harvey handed the ball to Decodeco in the middle and made a longrange shot before he could see the better ball line.
The quality of the longrange shot is very low, which can be said to be ridiculous.
Rijkaard can see it on the sidelines. He is constantly looking forward to and praying that Ronaldinho Eto ‘odeco, these stars, can burst into unexpected energy!
But the effect presented in the game screen is always disappointing, and there is no sign of miracle!
Although Qin Xiong succeeded in breaking through Yaya Toure once, Real Madrid’s overall attack met with great sniper in Camp Nou.
Maybe Barcelona is too far behind in the standings. There is no doubt about its fighting spirit in this game.
They are very resistant to sniping in the center and back court.
Even Harvey Deco seems to have become an engineering player.
On the other hand, Real Madrid may be too eager to win 17 consecutive victories to tie the record of winning five major leagues set by Inter Milan last season, plus the double pressure attack of the Spanish national derby.
Many times, it’s confusing to plug the ball directly rashly.
In the 14th minute of the game, Milito broke Robinho’s direct ball to Qin Xiong, and Barcelona immediately launched an attack.
After receiving Deco’s ball from the right in the frontcourt, Iniesta tried to violently put him down at the landlord referee’s whistle to signal Heinze’s foul and showed the first yellow card of the game.
Deco finished the goal on the right in the frontcourt. His goal failed to pass Pepe’s head and was cleared out. The football landed at Harvey’s foot. Harvey’s direct longrange shot tested casillas.
San Cassie bravely saved the ball from the baseline, which really surprised Real Madrid people into a cold sweat.
The Nou Camp is so powerful that Barcelona fans still think Barcelona is suppressing Real Madrid!
In the 17th minute, Ramos’ backcourt oblique Guti was destroyed by Deco, and Harvey gave the ball to Ronaldinho before leading the ball from the side.
When Ramos is not in the best defensive position, Ronaldinho’s crosscutting of the ball is easier than when Diarra comes close to the goal, Ronaldinho changes direction and rubs the far corner of the goal around a position close to 30 yards.
It’s a pity that his footwork was not well controlled and he turned into a shot with a good angle.
Casillas held the ball in his arms with great pressure.
Camp Nou gave a sigh and then thundered. The team cheered and cheered during the past period.
Before the palm stopped, casillas rushed to the restricted area line and then threw the ball to the left of midfield.