"But what if there is no white Ling Dage like Wan Yan Shouxu in a group of Taitai?" Song smoke-laden immediately asked again

"The big deal is that I will be the emperor myself!" Ling Feiyang said half-jokingly and seriously
Chapter 15 grassland attack
"Brother Ling, do you want to be an emperor?" Song smoke-laden and startled hurriedly asked
"I have no interest in being an emperor!" Ling Feiyang said, "But if these are all capable people, we can’t let the country be left unattended …"
"Brother Ling’s ambition is really not small!" Qu Hanyan sincerely praised, "But you don’t even want to be an emperor. What’s your goal in life?"
"My goal is to push down the best girl in the world, but this can’t be said …" Ling Feiyang thought about his mouth but said, "My goal is you!"
Qu Yan’s cheeks turned red in an instant. "Ling Dage, you already have an aunt. If you make fun of me again, I will ignore you …"
Ling Feiyang was thinking about whether this joke was a little too big when a large group of refugees suddenly came along.
When they saw these refugees, there were about 100 people, all of whom were blue in face, stiff in expression and low in strength. It seemed that they had not had enough to eat for many days. At first, a strong man was pushing a unicycle with canvas cover and didn’t know what was inside.
"Hey!" A little girl who seems to be four or five years old suddenly ran out of the refugee pile and rushed to the side of the unicycle to lift the canvas!
The bottom of the canvas turned out to be a dead man, his face shriveled and skinny, as if he had been starved to death alive!
"Dad, I’m hungry!" The little girl lay on the body and cried desperately.
That strong man can stop the car and say, "Why are you crying when your father is dead!" Then he came forward and tried to push the little girl away.
Song smoke-laden heart could not bear to take out some dry food from the baggage. The horse went over and squatted down to give it to the little girl.
The little girl took the dry food, looked up and smiled and said, "thank you, sister!" "
按摩Qu Yanyan felt something was wrong when she saw the little girl’s strange eyes. At this moment, a half-inch long leech suddenly flew out of the little girl’s hand and flashed down the corner of Qu Yanyan’s mouth!
At this time, the two people were very close to each other, and the leech seemed to have spirituality, so he suddenly got into the mouth of the song and then slipped down the esophagus!
Qu Hanyan felt a roll in her stomach and wanted to vomit, but she couldn’t spit it out. Ling Feiyang immediately came from Ma Yue and pushed the little girl away and asked Qu Hanyan, "How are you?"
"Just belly some uncomfortable now seems to have no feeling …" Song smoke-laden said.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ling Feiyang, your woman has been poisoned by our scenic grasshopper and wants to find another woman. This is an example!" The little girl suddenly burst out laughing and her voice changed. It sounded like a mature woman Ling Feiyang. After careful observation, she found that she was not a little girl but a female dwarf in her thirties!
"Is this female dwarf a cult of five evils?" Ling Feiyang immediately thought of this problem.
The cart strong man seems to be stunned by this matter, and the female dwarf next to him continues, "In order to carry out the blue hierarch’s order, I found you so many geniuses. Our hierarch said let me take you back to the scenic zone now! If you don’t come with me, this woman will die in a month! "
"You can’t be sent by Lan Yuzhu!" Ling Feiyang suddenly said
"What? Don’t you believe me? " Female dwarf curiously looked at ling float in the sky.
"Because Lan Yuzhu is not such a person!" Ling Feiyang said suddenly grabbed the female dwarf by the collar and picked her up!
Although Lan Yuzhu is provocative and decisive, she will certainly be jealous of Ling Feiyang’s woman, but she is by no means the kind of sinister and vicious person. Maybe others don’t know Lan Yuzhu, but Ling Feiyang has been with her for so many days, and she knows all about it from the inside out, and she was immediately exposed to the female dwarf’s lies.
"Take out the poison antidote quickly!" Ling float in the sky will female dwarf for half mouth and said
The female dwarf shouted, "Don’t you dare hurt me, Blue Leader will not spare you!"
"Are you sent by Monjero?" Ling Feiyang suddenly asked
Female gnome face a sleeve suddenly drilled a leech to ling float in the sky face flew past!
Ling Feiyang’s reaction speed is far faster than that of Qu Yanyan. Immediately, the leeches turned their heads and flew out from the side of their heads!
Female dwarf hands even waved all kinds of hidden weapons shot from the sleeve, but Ling Feiyang’s left hand was a flick of his hand, and these hidden weapons were shocked!
"Quick take out the antidote! Or I’ll kill you! " Ling Feiyang’s right hand grabbed her neck and threatened again
"There is no antidote to this leech method poison root. Let her die! Hahahaha! " Female dwarf is laughing.
Ling Fei whisking slightly strength female dwarf cried in pain when ling float in the sky suddenly heard a huge wind behind!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly see you later. The strong man pushed the unicycle together with the car. The dead man dashed towards him!
Ling Feiyang didn’t think that the strong man and the female dwarf were a group that suddenly attacked himself, but his body immediately flashed to the side!
The unicycle rushed past Ling Feiyang and suddenly felt that his legs were stuck by something and looked down to find that it was two hands!
These two hands stretched out from the wheelbarrow and turned out to be the "dead" hand! Hands tightly embrace ling Feiyang’s legs and five sharp nails are embedded in the flesh!
At the same time, the strong man drew a Miao Dao from his waist and descended on Ling Feiyang! Ling Fei Yang Li earned only to find that this "dead man" kept clinging to Ling Feiyang’s legs and could not escape!
Ling Feiyang hit the strong man with a palm and immediately flew out. However, the female dwarf suddenly rushed over from behind Ling Feiyang and stabbed a dagger into the middle of the back!
Ling Feiyang’s legs are trapped in the palm force and have not yet recovered. On the verge of being stabbed by the dagger, the song contains smoke and suddenly flies and slaps it on the female dwarf’s shoulder!
The female dwarf had to return to the sword and cut to the curved smoky arm. The curved smoky arm quickly retracted, and then he used the palm of the Excalibur to fight with the female dwarf. Ling Feiyang took the opportunity to use one yang to point out the "dead man" chest. The "dead man" snorted and fell to become a real dead man.
Ling Feiyang looked down and found that black blood was flowing out of his two trouser legs, only to know that this man had a poisonous fingernail. If it weren’t for his own lintel, I’m afraid the serpent’s blood would have been poisoned to death by now.
When the song contains smoke, the martial arts are greatly improved. The female dwarf root is no match for more than a dozen strokes. After the song contains smoke, the orchid blows the acupuncture point and the female dwarf immediately collapses to the ground.
However, at this time, more than 100 "refugees" pulled out their swords in their clothes and surrounded Ling Feiyang and Qu Yanyan!
Chapter 16 War Medicine Man
"Ling Feiyang, I want to kill you, my second brother and my third brother!" The first of these "refugees" holds a centipede-shaped soft whip in their hands, which is the eldest of the three elders of the ruling Sect! The two elders of the ruling Sect came to be cleaned by LanYuZhu, but he recognized that Ling Feiyang was LanYuZhu’s accomplice, and naturally he counted this account in Ling Feiyang’s body.
These "refugees" rushed up to Ling Feiyang in succession. After careful observation, Ling Feiyang found that these people were glassy-eyed and stiff, and they didn’t look like normal people!
Ling Feiyang saw a man raise Miao Dao in his heart and cut it toward himself. He suddenly grabbed the man’s wrist and wanted to take the sharp knife, but he didn’t sell it when he pulled it!
"Why is this person’s martial arts average so strong?" Ling Feiyang thought about seeing Miao Dao continue to split to himself and hurriedly clap his chest!
This person was immediately taken to fly out, but it seems that I don’t know the pain. I immediately got up from the ground and rushed to Ling Feiyang with Miao Dao!
At this time, several "refugees" have attacked Qu Yanyan, and Qu Yanyan dodged left and right, hiding for more than a dozen strokes. Suddenly, he pulled out his sword and stabbed one of them in the shoulder!
This person seems to have reached out and grabbed the sword blade in pain, pulled the smoky sabre and was robbed by him! Song smoke-laden suddenly noticed that the man’s shoulder wound did not shed a drop of blood!
"They are not living!" Song smoke-laden heart suddenly surges with extreme fear and cries out.
At the same time, Ling Feiyang has taken several "refugees" by surprise, but all these people have got up again and continued to attack Ling Feiyang. Suddenly, it occurred to Ling Feiyang that there is a horrible sorcery in the scenic area, which makes the dead people control drugs into "medicine people", so that their limbs can move again and their strength can be greatly increased. I don’t know the pain, but I can follow the orders of the performer to attack the enemy.
At this moment, Ling Feiyang and Qu Yanyan have been surrounded by these medicine people. Qu Yanyan’s sabre was seized with both hands to meet them. Just one hand knocked a medicine person down to another medicine person, but he jumped from behind her and hugged her slender waist!
Qu Yanzheng struggled. Two medicine men raised Miao Dao and stabbed Qu Yanzheng in the chest mercilessly!
At this critical moment, Ling Feiyang’s body leaped over several feet in a vertical direction, and he used a trick "Flying Dragon Day" to attack Qu Yanyan, the two medicine people, and flew out at the same time!
Seeing that the medicine man behind the song contains smoke still clings to Ling Feiyang, suddenly he slaps the song with smoke in his chest. The song contains smoke and has no feeling, but he passes through the song with smoke and slams the medicine man behind her and flies out!
Qu Hanyan took the opportunity to pick up his sword. Ling Feiyang knew that the roots of these medicines could not be killed. Suddenly he grabbed Qu Hanyan’s left hand and shouted, "Let’s rush out!"
Song smoke-laden chest was touched by Ling Feiyang just now, and he grabbed his face and revealed a bit of hongxia. He couldn’t help secretly looking at Ling Feiyang. A medicine man suddenly swung a knife at Qu smoke-laden and took a shot at Ling Feiyang’s left palm to shake the medicine man out!
Ling Feiyang saw that there were more than a dozen medicine people carrying knives, and suddenly the left foot point to the body had gone to the right front and passed through these medicine people’s blades, which turned out to be a step by step!
However, at once, dozens of medicine people stopped Ling Feiyang’s right hand and pulled the curved left palm containing smoke to knock down the medicine people who had attacked the crowd. At the same time, more than 200 medicine people in the Lingbo micro-step crowd poured in, but the weapons in their hands were cut to the corners of the two people.
The song contains smoke, and the body is like walking on clouds. The enemy crowd is floating around, feeling that a powerful big hand holds on to itself tightly. It turns out that some people are so excited that they seem to have forgotten that it is the enemy at present.
"If only he had been holding my hand like this …" Qu Yanyan thought to himself.
Ling Feiyang finally pulled the song with smoke and rushed out of the encirclement to the nearby little red horse. When the elders of the ruling sect saw that more than one hundred medicine people were trapped, Ling Feiyang immediately jumped up and caught up with Ling Feiyang’s back. Nine whips slammed into Ling Feiyang’s head!
Three months ago, in Tianlong Temple, this person fought with Ling Feiyang for more than twenty strokes before being defeated. He knew that it would take several strokes for him to entangle Ling Feiyang, and those medicine people would come to surround them again.
Although he had laid down his wishful thinking in his heart, he didn’t know that Ling Feiyang was not what he used to be. He didn’t even turn his head back to his right hand when he heard that the weapon in the back of his head was broken. His left hand was still holding a small hand containing smoke. It seemed that he had caught the nine whip tips with a wave of his hand at random!