She blinked and walked to the door without saying a word.

Yu Yu looked at the door face gradually, but he couldn’t return to God.
Uh, actually gone?
Yujia in the military compound
"Are all the Wu Aunt bone soup ready?" Yang Xi embrace wearing a red dress that fits the Christmas atmosphere. Yu Mo children’s kitchen door urged.
"Okay, okay, madam, wait a minute, and I’ll just put the porridge and side dishes." Aunt Wu came out with a thermos first and went back to work.
The old lady frowns on the sofa in the living room. "I don’t think it’s better to take the children there. There are too many viruses in this hospital. Don’t dye the children later."
"Mom took it for a while without me. She came back last night and sent it to the hospital in the morning. I haven’t seen the child yet," Yang Xi said with a smile.
She wanted to take the two children there, and maybe she would give up the idea of divorce if she saw that the children were always smiling.
Of course, she didn’t intend to let the old lady Yu know about the divorce before it became a big deal, otherwise the old lady’s bad temper was really unpredictable.
Old lady Yu asked again, "By the way, Lao Feng just called me and said that he had sent someone to the hospital to see what the result was?"
Yu Dongchen didn’t dare to tell the truth and Yang Xi glances and said vaguely, "The doctor said that it should be no problem to recover after the injury."
"Really?" The old lady Yu nodded happily. "That’s good. Although she said that she will no longer be a policeman, she can’t be short of arms and legs."
夜生活Yu Dongchen "…"
"Dongchen, please check again and don’t leave anything behind." The old lady looked at the suitcase and woke up.
Yudongchen nodded and examined it carefully.
I’ve brought my laundry and care, including my cell phone and brain.
After Great Aunt Wu came out with a lunch box, Yudongchen used to pick up her granddaughter and wrapped a small cotton blanket outside, and the party left in a mighty way.
The two children have often been taken out by three old people since the full moon, and now they are not afraid of being born by car.
Yu Dongchen held her beautiful granddaughter and let her look at the scenery outside the window.
Xiao Sheng Xiao opened a pair of big black-and-white eyes, and when he saw something, he called "Yi Yi Ya" and smiled and explained to her, no matter whether he could understand it or not, he was very patient.
Yang Xi didn’t resist giving him a white look. "My son and daughter-in-law are getting divorced. Why aren’t you in a hurry?"
Yu Dongchen looked at her with a so-called attitude. "If you don’t want to leave, you must be inseparable. What’s to worry about?"
Yang Xi looked at him. "But he’s dumb. I’m afraid he doesn’t know how to coax his wife. It’s strange to say that you Jinchuan, including Cheng Yan and Yu Ting, have a glib tongue. I’ll be better after I get married. I finally got out of the shadow of divorce that year …"
She sighed and said to her grandson in her arms, "Don’t talk to your dad after being desert, do you hear me?"
Xiaomo half squinted and absorbed in blowing bubbles with a lazy attitude.
A few years later, whenever Chang Huanyan was speechless by his own embarrassment, Yang Xi often thought of this scene
To the hospital.
Aunt Wu was with the lunch box driver, Lao Zhou, carrying a suitcase, and Yu Dongchen and Yang Xi were holding a child alone, but when they opened the door of Room 199, they found that Yu Yu was sitting on the bed alone.
"Er, where is Huanyan?" Yang Xi wondered.
How can you leave your son here alone?
Yu Yu didn’t have much reaction and said lightly, "She went upstairs and will come soon."
Yang Xi sighed and held the child in her arms.
Yu Yu looked at a pair of lovely children and wanted to reach out and hug Yang Xi but wouldn’t let him.
She knew that her son was hurt, so she let him have a look and then let Aunt Wu feed him first.
I secretly went out with my child in my arms and sent a text message to Chang Huanyan.
Chang Huanyan didn’t go to the 16th floor to find Song Xiaoshou, but spent a while in the small garden behind the hospital.
After receiving Yang Xi’s text message, she started to walk back halfway, but she received Song Xiao’s words.
"How did Huanyan talk to her brother-in-law?"
Chang Huanyan said, "He doesn’t agree."
"Well, since he doesn’t agree with you, don’t listen to me. Unless he tells you to leave and pay you a lot of support, you won’t leave him." Song Xiaoshou said.
Chang Huan Yan leng leng shouted a "little"
"What’s the matter?"
"What do you mean … what does he disagree with?" Chang Huan Yan asked
"What else can it be? You said it. You heard Han Dajie beg him to forgive him for running away from his marriage. It can be seen that the two have not yet talked about it. It is estimated that he is also wavering now."
Always frown with joy
"Men are like this, especially men like my brother-in-law. If you think about what he is doing, it is impossible to do risky things impulsively before you are 100% sure. After all, divorce has a great influence on him. It’s not good to go out. If you really divorce you, it’s not good for Han Dajie. Isn’t he a big loss!"
Chang Huanyan "You mean …"
"’eat in the bowl and look in the pot’ got it!" Song Xiaoshou analyzed it to her like an emotional master.
Chang Huanyan "…"
"Huan Yan I’m hungry" Song Xiaoshou suddenly cried.
Chang Huanyan thought that he was left unattended in a solitary ward and said, "I’ll buy you something you want to eat."