Ye Sanye has no objection to calling Pan Dong’s words.

Section 194
As soon as he opened his mouth, he said to Pan Dongdao, "Ding Shiyi is in my hand."
Pan Dong didn’t know what was said over there, so Ye Sanye opened it and motioned for me to speak.
I said, "I’m fine. Is Yuan back?"
Pan Dong said over there, "There is still no news from the chief, but no matter what Ye Sanye needs, I can make a decision and promise that Sister-in-law is the most important thing. You tell Ye Sanye that the chief character knows that if he dares to touch you, he will wait for the chief to retaliate."
He told this to Ye Sanye specially.
Thinking that he pretended to be dizzy on purpose last night, maybe Ye Xiangyuan contacted him early and they were planning something. Now he is supporting me, and my heart can’t help but settle down a lot.
I, um, said, "Ye Sanye is still quite rational. He just wants something. It was given to me by the former Lu Xun eldest brother. I’ll put it in Ayuan safe. You can get it and send it to Ye Sanye, and then he will let me go …"
Before the words were finished, Ye Sanye robbed the mobile phone.
He cut off the words directly and gave a meaningful smile. "Safe, right?"
After that, he called his hand in front of me and gave instructions to them to go directly to Qinyuan to pry Ye Xiangyuan’s safe.
夜生活He’s going to steal something before Pan Dong.
I listened silently and didn’t stop him.
I put the safe in the bank and Lu Xun gave it to me. On the same day, I asked Pandong to do it. Pandong and I knew about it.
I just deliberately induced Ye Sanye, and he was sure enough. The safe Qinyuan probably thought he had something to steal and wanted to skip Pan Dong directly.
After talking to his hand, he proudly pointed at my nose. "The old horse will get his father’s legacy and his connections will be nothing!"
Of course I can’t throw cold water on him.
But when I saw his eyes staring at me with a wretched expression, I immediately became alert and said, "I know the password of the safe. I’ll open it for you when you bring it back."
His face suddenly became ferocious.
But soon he smiled again, which was particularly disgusting. "You will still fall into my hands before my nephew dies."
I can’t help but sneer at it when I hear it. "Are you so obsessed with me because I look like Li Yuyan? It’s a pity that Li Yuyan is distinguished. You can’t see it. You must regret it if you don’t succeed! "
Chapter 21 Pan Dong has arrived
Ye Sanye suddenly went into a rage with his eyes bulging. "Shut up!"
I guarded my stomach and stared at him warily.
Then I became suspicious. Did I accidentally say what he was thinking before he became angry?
Ye Sanye looks gloomy and seems to want to start work on me, but he may have thought that I was still cruel and vomited at me and left.
I’m a little surprised. It’s not like him. He’s not a loser. He won’t eat even if he loses verbally.
Maybe it’s because I pointed out something on my mind?
I think it’s not impossible for the kidnappers to exchange Li Yuyan for Gu Changyu.
But this is not the most important issue. Even if something really happens between him and Li Yuyan, it doesn’t matter to me. Now I should think about how to escape from here.
Pan Dong said that Ye Xiangyuan hasn’t returned to China, so where did Ye Xiangyuan go?
And what will Pandong do when he receives my message?
Is there a place in the safe that he knows? Will he come to rescue me?
In my heart, I believe that Ye Xiangyuan has quietly planned to catch Ye Sanye.
But he didn’t give me any signal, and I don’t know what I should do to protect myself first
Then I thought of Gu Changyu.
Has Ye Xiangyuan sent someone to save her?
I sat on the sofa and gently stroked my belly to tell myself not to think too much.
At noon, my bodyguard gave me some bread. Ye Sanye suddenly rushed in and slapped me in the face without saying anything. "You bitch, how dare you play me!"
This time, he made a 100% effort, and I was beaten and my sofa face may be swollen.
Burying my face in one hand and protecting my stomach, I felt that he must be in a state of anger now and quickly got up and hid behind the sofa.
Ye Sanye was so angry that he chased my feet and kicked me and roared, "Where’s the bitch safe!"
It seems that he didn’t find the safe in his hand. He came to his senses and knew that I had hidden what he was doing, which made him so angry.
I sneer at a "bank and you’d better not do it or you won’t get what you want"