Lu Zhan suddenly hates himself a little, so he is not white with Zihua, which may have caused trouble to Zihua.

I was thinking that Zihua quickly took out an Ipad from the room and sat down on the sofa again and put it on the coffee table.
"Nannan didn’t live here once a month. Things are very messy. I didn’t find this first, did I?" Zihua said.
Lu Zhan has leaned out of the body and suddenly thought of something and shrank back.
"Don’t watch it …"
"What are you afraid of? Is Tang Tang’s lspl undefeated God of War afraid to face his own failure? " Purple flower patted Lu Zhan shoulder with a smile.
When they meet in reality, Lu Zhan and Zi Hua sometimes have a double row of Lu Zhan in the same room. When they don’t play well, Zi Hua likes to pat him on the shoulder like this. It looks like slapping is really encouragement.
"No, I haven’t figured out how to face those netizens who chose me to play." Lu Zhan said with some serious expressions.
Although he has arrived at Chen Nannan’s home, the loss of the North American team still affects the mood of the landing exhibition. He is not afraid of failure-he has accepted the reality of failure frankly. He is afraid of disappointing fans.
It took millions of people to appear here as a player in the secondary league. The defeat of this game may make many people sad.
桑拿"Don’t think about it. I’ve opened it for you to see and leave a message for you!" Purple flower took Ipda to Lu Zhan’s eyes and waved and said
Chapter 62 China spray
The so-called three unique island women in East Asia, South Korea stick, China spray
The spraying force is exhausted. Before taking over the Ipad, Lu Zhan has made the worst plan. In case of being sprayed, you must pretend to be calm and leave it alone.
But when he saw the Ipad text, he froze.
There is a wifi purple flower in the room, and the news that the China Star team lost to the North American team was published on the page of Aiwan Game Network.
The headline of the news is "losing", but the whole article analyzes the gains and losses of the game.
Lu Zhan saw the journalists, and it was no accident that he came to Paris with them to write.
Maybe Zhiwei didn’t know much about lol skills and tactics when he held a press conference a few months ago, but this article is already very standard.
In this paper, it is analyzed that China team made a great mistake in the land exhibition, and the most stable point in the team is that one does not support his teammates, and the single is equal to the small achievement.
Compared with this, this is the main reason for the failure. There are too few heroes in the road, and these are secondary.
Lu Zhan read the whole article with strange feelings.
Knowledge analysis is very in place. Lu Zhan’s views coincide and directly speak to his heart.
These two games are really depressing. Priestess of Death tactical fixed him to brush his troops and let him play his own strength in other ways
He had done everything he had to do, but he lost the game because of a command error.
"I don’t want you to watch the news, I want you to watch the comments!" Purple flowers gather around Lu Zhan, and Lu Zhan exhales like a orchid.
Lu Zhan nodded. He just looked at the article and almost forgot.
When playing lspl, he didn’t pay much attention to the comments of netizens because of the secret training and competition. He heard the soldiers say that the spray was fierce and not to touch it.
This is the first time to pay special attention to these.
He held down the screen and pulled it to the side, and soon found that among thousands of comments, netizens had been divided into two groups.
The first wave is that the pessimists moved out of China lol team and lost over the years. The reality tells everyone that it is better to wait for the national football team to enter the World Cup than to expect the China team to win the championship.
The other group also supports China Star team to think that the temporary defeat is a temporary hope that the team will change after the group stage.
Two groups of critics argued endlessly, and the pessimists also gave reasons for the team’s defeat.
The target is directed at the team analyst’s two tactical design failures. Everyone can see that everyone is very unhappy about being targeted by tactics for two consecutive games.
There are four or five hundred of the two thousand comments aimed at analysts. Besides, many of them are too far from the auxiliary and too shallow for Xiao Shengqiang’s single hero pool.
Few people blame Lu Zhan-gen for brushing two soldiers. Although most people don’t have the detailed analysis ability like Zhiwei, they see that Lu Zhan saved the game again and again.
Bomber or Arianna, every time he needs a land show, he takes out his true story.
Brush soldiers to break the record, the dragon blew himself up, the assassin Arianna harvested the battlefield, and chose to stay with the demon Ji at the last moment …
Several scene comments were made, but no one accused him.
Most people say "he did his best"
"quite Wind! The undefeated god of war fought to the last minute, although it was defeated! "
"The first time I saw him before the game, he didn’t necessarily do it in lspl. Now it seems that it is a rhythm of dragging his legs!"
"If the last flower hadn’t hit grandma’s house, maybe Wind would have saved the game!"
"If you really have two games, go home. I hope Wind will let go and do it. We support you!"
There are very few people who spray Lu Zhan to play solo, regardless of teammates and so on, but praise Lu Zhan’s comments that the sea was quickly buried.
Watching Lu Zhan’s eyes suddenly wet.
He is a very strong man, and he has never cried in the face of major problems many times.
Whether he didn’t win the first prize in the Olympic Mathematical Contest or his brother Lu Hong was injured, he held back his tears.
But this time I almost cried.
He will face a lot of coldness and abuse, but this is not the case. Most people are unreasonable. They all know that Lu Zhan has done his best.
Perhaps it takes a failure to realize who really supports him. It is obvious that most of the millions who chose him to participate in the competition are still lenient with him and waiting for him to play after the competition.
No matter what he sees, the comments still make him feel warm.
"What’s the matter? Are you moved?" Purple flower to ask Lu Zhan ear
"Well … I still …" Lu Zhan didn’t know what to say at the moment.
"Idiots spray a lot, but they have to be practical. You have to lay a good job of yourself. Naturally, there are people who support you. Can you be depressed because of this failure?" Purple flower theory
"Well, I know." Lu Zhan nodded and Zihua said that it was exactly what he wanted to do now.
"Sometimes when I am tired of explaining that I am in a bad state or there are problems in the video, some people will say that I am a vase, but I always look back at their better state and better videos to impress them for a long time, so they naturally have nothing to say once or twice, and naturally there will be fewer people to spray."
Purple flower land exhibition ear continued.
Action to fight back …
After listening to the purple flower, Lu Zhan put the Ipad on the coffee table and clenched his right fist, feeling full of strength again.
There are still some stars who say that he is not. He can’t make everyone like his play, but he can take action in the game to shut those people up.
There are still two group matches, and he feels full of motivation again.
"Lu Zhan said, I really envy you, and I wish I had this kind of world competition stage, but when you are not here, it is very difficult for me to play lspl for several games, or it is too far away for me to draw with my opponent by Zhang Xi. Maybe I will have a chance to hold a world competition one day, and now you can compete here, which is the envy of people like me. Don’t be afraid of those who spray us who really support you. Everything will be fine."
"Star opponents are all odd singles in their respective leagues. So are you! You are also about to become a singular single! "
Speaking of the end, Zihua broke Lu Zhan’s face and let him face himself.
Say this purple flower smiling but serious.
Chapter 621 To be amazing
"Simon Night said that 10,000 top players are not as good as you in the number of line brush soldiers. Bjergsen is about to return to the world with SM. People are different and have not hit you! Lu Zhan, don’t underestimate yourself. It’s your first time to participate in the competition, but this doesn’t prevent you from creating wonders. There are still two opponents left, but I believe you! "
Zihua kept looking at Lu Zhan’s eyes when she spoke. There was no lawn in these eyes. The hesitation when she first met helped Lu Zhan find her confidence again after reading the comments.