Zhao Peng tackles the ball from the side and tries to stop it.

As a result, instead of shoveling the ball, Ryoichi Maeda fell to the ground and rolled for two or three times, clutching his feet and being shoveled by Zhao Peng.
Zhao Peng broke the rules when Ryoichi Maeda was about to rush into the forbidden area to shoot.
桑拿Players from both sides immediately rushed to Japan, and the players were naturally angry, saying that Zhao Peng’s shovel was a serious foul and should be severely punished.
Players including Lu Wenbin and China said that Zhao Penggen’s failure to tackle Ryoichi Maeda Ryoichi Maeda was a dive.
It’s just one of our own. Lu Wenbin and other China players all know that Zhao Peng must have fouled this time to see if he will win the card.
Anyway, Zhao Peng’s goal was to tackle the ball, not to deliberately tackle people. Ryoichi Maeda was not injured and his teammates helped him up.
Including Lu Wenbin, China team players get a yellow card at most, and everyone can’t get a card if they want to fight for it.
However, the referee from Singapore separated the players from both sides of the quarrel and directly showed Zhao Peng a red card to send him off.
Everyone in the China team was shocked. Captain Lu Wenbin was the first to shout at the referee, saying that Zhao Peng’s move was definitely not a red card.
Other players from China team also gathered around to put pressure on the referee, and China fans also shouted "black whistle"
However, the Singaporean referee insisted on his own opinion and finally put his hand into his pocket and threatened Lu Wenbin and others that he would play if they were not entangled.
Zhao Peng himself came over to persuade his teammates to open one by one, and then played a game. After 24 minutes of opening, China will face the situation of one less man and one less central defender.
However, the Singapore referee has made a decision change.
Chinese Singaporeans should be of the same origin. I don’t know that all aspects of politics and economy like to be with China. Sometimes I feel that I hate China more than Japan and the United States.
The Japanese team got a chance to score a goal in the frontcourt with good position and distance.
This ball is naturally punished by Tian Guiyou, the Japanese team’s favorite ball master.
Tian Guiyou didn’t have a wave. This time, he kicked the ball into the corner of China’s goal. Ceng Cheng couldn’t watch the ball go into the net.
Japan tied the score, with the score of 11, while China will face one less player when it takes over.
Had to come to the back position, Zheng Zhi could continue to retreat to the central defender position, leaving Zhao Xuri alone in the back position.
Lu Wenbin, the front waist, can also retreat appropriately to help Zhao Xuri defend the midfield, which is further away from the Japanese team’s forbidden area.
However, it is impossible for China to play three defenders without a method, and there must be problems in the defense of the forbidden area like a central defender, and Zhao Xuri’s lower back cannot face the overall impact of the Japanese team.
A good Zheng Zhishen is the problem that a central defender comes from a capable player and makes a guest appearance as a central defender.
Lu Wenbin has also increased his defensive ability to the full, and there is also a point that can greatly help China’s midfield defense.
However, Zheng Zhi and Lu Wenbin’s withdrawal from the China team at the same time will definitely be greatly affected.
But it’s all useless. Who let Zhao Peng tackle a foul irrationally? Who let China meet a Singaporean referee and then play one less game?
Chapter 52 Difficult game
After the war, China’s offensive and defensive ends were indeed greatly affected by the loss of one person.
Although Lu Wenbin is strong, he also crushed the Japanese team with a group of ordinary teammates.
Of course, due to scruples about Lu Wenbin’s counterattack speed, the Japanese team did not dare to despise the lack of one-man battle, and the China team did not dare to attack the central area on a large scale.
Both sides kept switching between attack and defense, but they all played carefully and never scored again.
It was not until the 39th minute that China scored its second goal.
After Dewey steals the ball in the backcourt, he spikes Lu Wenbin, passes the Japanese midfielder and goes to the flank.
After the winger catches the ball in the sea, the winger breaks through the cross Gao Lin Middle Road to follow up the big forbidden area and pushes the ball into the net before the opponent’s defender clears.
China’s Indian striker Gao Lin finally scored and China once again took the lead of 21.
One less man against China and the lead, so that a few China fans in the stands suddenly cheered.
Unfortunately, China’s lead was not maintained until the half-time.
Due to the lack of a midfielder, there are problems in the thickness and width of defense in China’s midfield and backcourt.
In the 44th minute, Kagawa Shinji scored a goal in the middle of the field and directly penetrated the defense line of China team. Ryoichi Maeda, the single striker of Japan team, succeeded in offside, and China team received the goal at the top of the arc in the forbidden area.
Ryoichi Maeda took two steps forward, adjusted one, and then grabbed back the shot before Zheng Zhi destroyed it. He made a far corner and kicked the ball into the China goal from the armpit of Ceng Cheng.
At the end of the half-time, the Japanese team equalized the score again, and tens of thousands of fans in the Tokyo National Arena broke out with warm applause and cheers.
China and Japan entered the halftime with 22 points.
When leaving, the China team members were much more tired than the Japanese team, including Lu Wenbin.
After all, without one player, the China team members are bound to run more than usual to make up for the disadvantage of one player.
Especially Lu Wenbin, if he didn’t often retreat to join the defense to help Zhao Xuri, China might have lost the ball.
However, it is precisely because of Lu Wenbin that China team has retained the opportunity and confidence to win.
Even if there is one less player, Lu Wenbin’s Japanese team has never dared to attack China team, and the players have maintained their confidence in winning the final victory.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides exchanged sides and fought again.
In the 51 ST minute, Lu Wenbin took the ball and counterattacked two people. After that, yuto nagatomo, a former teammate, extended his foot from the side to destroy the ball and didn’t fight back.
In the 59th minute, the Japanese team attacked the China team’s forbidden area, and Ryoichi Maeda got a good shot. Unfortunately, his shot was slightly off the post.
It was not until the 63rd minute that China finally scored the third goal before Japan.
This time, full-back Zhang Linpeng suddenly inserted Lu Wenbin’s split ball forward, and then the flank broke through the bottom. Lu Wenbin followed up with Gao Lin and attracted the attention of most defenders in the Japanese Forbidden Zone.
However, Lu Wenbin and Gao Lin failed to reach the ball. Both of them failed to touch the ball, but they succeeded in attracting the attention of most Japanese defenders and goalkeeper eiji kawashima in the forbidden area, creating an opportunity for Hao Junmin.
On the other side of the road, Hao Junmin was inserted into the forbidden area. A diving header headed the ball into the goal of the Japanese team.
Attracted by Lu Wenbin and Gao Lin, eiji kawashima took a slow step to save and watched the ball get into the net.
With one player less, China once again took the lead by 32 points, and both players and fans celebrated warmly.
However, with the passage of time, the China team members have become more and more mentally exhausted after scoring this goal.
The Japanese team is a strong Asian team, and the China team is less than one player, and everyone consumes more physical energy.
In the 72nd minute, Shinji Kagawa banned the long-range shooting outside the area, that is, he dodged Dewey’s body and refracted into the net because of fatigue.
This ball is a way for Dewey’s own goal to refract into the net and Ceng Cheng to save in the opposite direction.
The Japanese team stubbornly equalized the score again, with a score of 33.
This constant backwardness and even willpower make the Japanese team very excited from players to fans, and their morale is very high.
On the other hand, China’s continuous lead and constant equalisation have dealt a bit of a blow to morale.
At that time, the Japanese team actually began to press the China team to attack at half-time.
Seeing this, in the 76th minute, Gao Hongbo took the lead in making substitution adjustments, replacing exhausted central defender Dewey and midfielder Zhao Xuri with Feng Xiaoting and Qin Sheng.
The two men just kept running vigorously, which made up for the shortage of people and stabilized the China team’s defense line.
China naturally want to win after stabilizing the defense line, especially if Lu Wenbin can’t beat the Asian team in his first game, which is simply unacceptable.
Even if there is one less person.
Just in the first minute, a neat tackle from Qin Sheng broke Tian Guiyou and gave the ball to Yu Hai.